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People & Well-being in the Everyday Research Centre (POWER)

The POWER Centre is a research centre based in the department of Psychology & Counselling at the University of Chichester. We specialise in the provision of rigorous evidence-based solutions to help facilitate organisations, and people within those organisations, to reach their full potential both at work and in their wider lives.

Director: Dr Antonina Pereira

Deputy Director: Dr Roy Spina

The POWER centre holds five qualified Psychologists, with expertise in Workplace, Cognitive, Transitional, Social and Health Psychology, and four Counsellors/Psychotherapists specialising in Humanistic Counselling, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Arts Therapy.

The POWER Centre team use evidence-based approaches to research, identify, predict and resolve work-related problems that clients need help with, delivering bespoke interventions designed specifically in response to an individual organisation’s requirement or need.


Our mission is to be known for creating and developing high quality evidence-based understanding, competencies, and interventions to improve everyday well-being across three main areas, health promotion, social, emotional and cognitive efficacy, and culture and work influences.


To be nationally and internationally recognized in the three main areas (in relation to everyday well-being)

To develop and maintain internal and external funding for research and intervention development.

To maximise the impact of our research, scholarship, and interventions.

To develop a fully functional infrastructure for research excellence in everyday well-being at Bishop Otter campus


To achieve our aims, we seek to:

Maintain and improve the nature and quality of the research infrastructure and facilities at Bishop Otter Campus (physical, staff, cultural).

Maintain and enhance the continued growth and recruitment of a well-supported research community of staff and students with excellent research and professional backgrounds.

Further develop a creative and practically effective research culture centred on well -being within the University.

Integrate research with the other arms of the University mission by contributing to the university’s graduate and undergraduate program by involving students in research projects through voluntary and paid research assistantships and other work arrangements.

Explore and generate knowledge pushing the boundaries of what is known about individual differences in everyday well-being.

To produce and disseminate high quality research that will meet or exceed the University expectations from the 2020 vision.

Develop practical interventions that promote self-managed everyday well-being

If you would like to contact us, please email Dr Roy Spina at