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Chichester Centre of Applied Sport & Exercise Sciences (CCASES)

Mission Statement: 'CCASES will undertake disciplinary and interdisciplinary research activities in Sport, Exercise, Physical Activity and Sports Medicine.'

In the Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF 2014), CCASES submitted 19 staff and established 12th position out of 51 regarding research power in the unit of assessment Sport and Exercise Sciences, Leisure and Tourism.

The Chichester Centre of Applied Sport & Exercise Science (CCASES) was established in 2010 and provides the structure and support for staff for fundamental and applied research activity within the Institute of Sport at the University of Chichester.

CCASES will:

  • will provide the environment in the Institute of Sport for staff and students to undertake collaborative thematic research
  • will organize a yearly research seminar programme
  • will organize a biannual research conference
  • will promote external research collaborations and external research applications

REF 2014

Our REF 2014 results (4* - world leading, 3* - internationally excellent, 2* - recognized internationally) were:              

Outputs 11.1% (4*) 36.5% (3*) 47.6% (2*)
Impact  53.3% (4*)  36.7% (3*)  
Environment   37.5% (3*) 62.5% (2*)


Our impact case studies in REF 2014 were:

Research themes

CCASES has currently 7 research themes. Click on the themes for aim, members and publications.

  1. Coaching, Leadership and Teaching Practice
  2. Ergogenic Aids and Exercise
  3. Performing in Extreme Environments and Physically Demanding Occupations
  4. Physical Activity Interventions
  5. Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Exercise Inclusion
  6. Skill Acquisition and Technique in Human Performance (under construction)
  7. Sports Medicine, Injury and Rehabilitation