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Biomedical research presented to world leading academic audience

Two of our postgraduate students shared the results of their biomedical research with leading academics in their field at a conference in London.

Carla Gallagher and James Gavin, who both study in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, presented some of their research at ‘The Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance’, a joint meeting organised by the Physiological Society, the British Pharmacological Society and Wiley-Blackwell, and supported by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

As the UK hosted last year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, there are a number of major scientific conferences relating to sport, exercise and health. Carla and James presented their research findings at one of the most prestigious event to be held so far as it attracted world-leading academics to learn about the latest developments in our understanding on many aspects of acute and chronic effects of exercise.

Carla presented a poster on the comparison of predicted and measured maximal heart rates during exercise in an environment with low oxygen, while James had a poster on whether people will measure similar running speeds at different blood lactate values when there are repeated tests. The work presented may have implications for the prescription of exercise intensities of training for coaches and athletes.

The students were joined by Dr Stephen Myers, Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Research Methods, and Dr Mark Willems, Reader in Exercise Physiology, both supervisors of their projects.

Dr Willems said: “There are not many opportunities where you can present your work among peers in such a focused and high-quality conference close to home. We applaud the students for the standard of their work.”