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Environmental Training

Heat Acclimation (1.5 hour) – from £50 per session

Recommended for: Recreational through to Elite Level Athletes preparing for events in hot and humid climates.

What to Expect?

Exercise in the heat poses a significant challenge to your body's ability to control its internal temperature due to the high rates of metabolic heat production and heat gain from the environment. Heat Acclimation has been to optimise performance in hot and humid conditions.

Heat acclimation is achieved via a process known as Controlled Hyperthermia. Whilst this may sound like a complex process, it simply means we aim to control your body's internal temperature over a period time to elicit adaptations which mean you will be better able to maintain your internal body temperature during prolonged exercise in the heat.

We do this via repeated sessions (approx. 5 to 10) of heat exposure that aim to elevate your core body temperature. Optimal heat acclimation occurs when your internal body temperature remains above 38.5°C but below 39.5°C for between 60 and 100 minutes.

Each heat acclimation session in our environmental chamber will be supervised by one of our exercise physiologists and will include the following:

  • 60 to 90 minute exercise (Running/Cycling/Rowing) in the Heat (>35°C).
  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Continuous Rectal Temperature Monitoring.
  • Pre-Exercise Urine Hydration Status Assessment.
  • Estimation of Sweat Rate and Fluid Consumption Rate (change in body mass).

Group Heat Acclimation sessions are available. Prices are available on request.

Altitude Training (1.5 hour) – from £50 per session

Recommended for: Recreational through to Elite Athletes, Mountain Trekkers

What to Expect?

Altitude training is vital to optimise performance at altitude, but may also be useful to enhance sea level endurance performance.

In our altitude chamber, we are able to simulate altitude up to 6000m to let you experience what it is like to exercise at altitude or to impose an additional training stimulus.

During your altitude training session you can choose to exercise on a treadmill or cycle ergometer under supervision from one of our exercise physiologists.

Group Altitude Training sessions are available. Prices are available on request.