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Strength and Conditioning Services

Paul Wallis and Jason Lake
What services do we offer?

For individuals:

  • You will have a full initial consultation to assess your needs
  • Any interventions that follow the initial consultation will be individually tailored to your needs
  • Follow up sessions will ensure that our interventions are effective

For groups

  • A full needs analysis can be carried out
  • The group session will be tailored towards the groups needs and will focus on different elements of athlete/club strength and conditioning requirements
  • Follow up sessions will ensure that our interventions are effective 

Unsure as to whether the services we provide are appropriate for you? Fill in this form and the appropriate member of our team will be in contact.

What are the benefits?

For everyone:

You will get the chance to work with a qualified and experienced strength and conditioning practitioner.

Why should you do it?
  • If you are interested in maximising your potential we can help you achieve this
  • We can identify specific elements of your strength and conditioning requirements, including:
    • Which part of the force-velocity relationship you need to work on to maximise performance
    • Maximum strength
    • Maximum speed – sprint performance
    • Acceleration
    • Power
    • Change of direction ability
  • We can help you identify how to avoid injury by implementing prehab exercises on an individual or group basis

Our results package will illustrate specific aspects of typical strength and conditioning requirements that will help maximise your performance and will typically include:

  • A individualised force-velocity profile
  • One repetition maximum strength
  • Sprint performance over 5, 10, 20 and 30 m
  • Load-power profile
  • Speed and agility profile
What to expect from your first visit:

You may be contacted in advance to provide information for parking if required

Please allow time to park as campus may be busy

You need to make your way to the Tudor Hale Centre for Sport 

If you are under 16 please bring a parent or guardian with you to the session

Check in at the Tudor Hale Centre for Sport reception where you will be shown to the strength and conditioning laboratory.

We will then ask you some questions and perform a series of physical assessments to create an athlete profile, which will be used to develop your intervention

You will need to bring your normal training kit to the session.

What do you get?

There are a variety of techniques that we might use depending upon your needs. These may include:

  • Mobility/stretching exercise
  • Pre-hab exercise
  • Periodised training programmes that can include:
    • Heavy resistance exercise
    • Power training
      • Derivatives of the Olympic weightlifts
      • Loaded jumping/throwing
    • Speed- and agility-specific programming
  • Goal and performance setting
How much?

Although we have some flexibility in our rates the general costs are provided below. If they do not suit your needs please call us to discuss other options. We also have lower rates if you wish to work with a trainee.

For your initial assessment we charge £50 (approximately 1 hour)

For follow-up sessions we charge £45 (1 hour)

When booking a block of six sessions you will get one free session (£175)

For group workshops we charge £65 (1 hour)