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Professor Jane Bacon

Professor Emerita

Jane Bacon, is Emerita Professor in Dance and Somatic Practices

Specialisms: practice as research in dance and performance, self as creative source, documentation and ethnography, Jungian and post-Jungian approaches to working with creative practice, Authentic Movement and other somatic practices

Jane Bacon joined Chichester in April 2012 to head up research in Dance and Theatre. Prior to this she was Head of Department and Research Leader, Performance Studies at the University of Northampton (2007-2012). She is part of the Arts and Humanities Peer Review College and has been on numerous AHRC panels as member and chair. She taught at the University of Northampton from 1995 -2012 as part of the team that wrote and implemented the first ever Performance Studies degree in the UK. She is a Focusing Trainer and a Jungian Analyst. She is an Authentic Movement practitioner teaching on the Faculty of Janet Adler's Circles of Four programme (

Her main research interests are: practice as research in dance and performance particularly the processes of 'articulation' of both theory and practice. Her own creative practice is interdisciplinary, drawing on 'self' as a creative source for performance making and her work as a Jungian Analyst/psychotherapist, Authentic Movement teacher and Focusing trainer deeply inform her research into creative practice.

The most recent performance/installation 'skript' was premiered at NottDance Festival 2013 and then toured the Midlands. There is a related article about 'skript' and processes for the articulation of creative practice in Choreographic Practices Journal (Intellect),,id=170/. Previous performance/exhibition 'Walking/Sitting/Practice' has been shown at the University of Plymouth (2010), University of Northampton (2011) and Beetroot Tree Gallery, Derbyshire (2011) and Leamington Spa Gallery (2011). There is an online article relating to this exhibition at

She is Director of The Choreographic Lab (with Prof Vida Midgelow), an arts Council funded, artists research environment which works with professional practitioners to develop modes of articulation of the creative process. The Lab have worked with Guy Dartnell (Improbable Theatre, Oogly Boogly), Gill Clarke, Sara Giddens (Bodies in Flight), Yvon Bonenfant, Claudia Kappenberg, Rebecca Skelton and others.

She is also Editor of Choreographic Practices  (with Prof Vida Midgelow), Intellect (,id=170/), on the editorial board of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities (Intellect); Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy (Routledge); Dance and Somatic Practices (Intellect).

Recent publications:

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Recent practice-as-research:

Skript, a micro-installation (with Vida Midgelow)

NottDance Festival, March 2013

Lakeside Arts, March, June and July, 2013

Drill Hall, Lincoln, June 2013

Middlesex University, May, 2013

University of Chichester, June 2013 

Psyche’s Witness and Sitting/Walking/Practice: exhibition

Enchantment and Disenchantment: The Psyche in Transformation: London Regional Conference, International Association of Jungian Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 15-16 July, 2011

University of Northampton, Feb, 2011

Beetroot Tree Gallery, Derbyshire, Jan, 2011

On the Edge: Psyche in Ethics, Art and Nature International Conference, International Association of Jungian Studies and Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies, Ithica, New York: Cornell University, Aug. 2010

Sitting Practice: invited film showing/exhibition

Beetroot Tree Gallery, Derbyshire, Oct, 2009

Leamington Spa Gallery, May, 2010

Research Exchange Land and Water Research Group: University of Plymouth (Dec 2009) and the University of Northampton (Jan, 2010)

Myths and Stories by Her, multi-media installation, PARIP DVD and catalogue entry, London:Palgrave, 2009

The Choreographic Lab ( evidence of current Arts Council funded project involving 10 international, national and regional interdisciplinary choreographers and practitioners, 2004-2007

Myths and Stories by Her, multi-media installation, PARIP DVD, London:Palgrave, University of Bristol, 2009

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