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Danielle Lockwood

Associate Lecturer in Modern History

Danielle Lockwood BA (Hons), MA

Following a career in the film industry in Britain and in South Africa, Danielle returned to formal education as a mature student, completing a BA in History at the University of Chichester for which she received a First Class. This was followed by a Masters in Jewish History and Culture at The Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations at the University of Southampton, for which she received a Scholarship from The Ian Karten Studentship and a Distinction. As a cultural historian, one of the areas Danielle is researching is the impact of British-based Jews on the British entertainment industry, and how their Jewish identity has informed their careers. Consequently her MA dissertation was on South African Oscar winning writer Sir Ronald Harwood entitled “’Without the Past I Could not Have Been the Writer I am’ Jewish Identity and the Holocaust in the Life and Work of Ronald Harwood”. Danielle will be returning to Parkes for her doctorate, which focuses on the impact of British-based South African Jewry on British Culture and Entertainment.  This subject draws on her own South African and  ‘Litvak’ heritage, and knowledge and understanding of South African culture.

Throughout her career Danielle remained committed to exploring and understanding  film as a historical source, and particularly how a film can enhance our understanding of a society at a particular moment in  time.  She believes a film can be of huge potential to the Cultural historian, and it is the war film in particular that she finds most fascinating. The module  Danielle will be teaching; ‘Hollywood/Paris and the Making of National Imaginations and Identities’  uses film and the Holocaust, the Vietnam war and Vichy France to examine American and French national identities.


With Dr James Jordan. “Without the Past I could not have been the writer I am. Ronald Harwood: Actor, Writer, Archive?”

Cape Town