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Dr Ann Schreiner

Associate Lecturer in Politics

Dr Ann Schreiner, BA Hons, MA (London), PhD (Southampton)

Ann Schreiner is an Associate Lecturer in Contemporary History. She holds a BA (Hons) in History with Media Studies (Chichester Institute, 1996), an MA in United States Studies (IUSS, University of London, 1998), and a PhD in Contemporary British Political History (Southampton,  2009).

“I am employed at the University of Chichester as an Associate Lecturer, and teach courses on Contemporary History. In parallel with my work here, I have also taught as an Associate Lecturer for The Open University. This has given me increased experience in the use of e-learning and other such teaching strategies.

My main research area is in contemporary British political history and international relations. I am specifically interested in the principles that motivate and inform international relations, such as the way in which political ideology influences foreign policy making. My doctoral thesis examined the British Labour Party’s response to the break-up of Yugoslavia during the 1990s. The wars of secession in the Balkans were a complex period in recent international relations. In short, most countries and international institutions stumbled their way to finding a resolution to conflict. In examining the responses of one particular political party, I was able to demonstrate the extent to which ideology informed its response.

My current research is focused on the different ways that British Governments have used ‘intervention’ as a foreign policy tool in the post Cold War world. In addition to this, and related to work carried out within my doctoral thesis, I am interested in the way that imagery of the Second World War is used to illustrate contemporary parliamentary debates on issues relating to foreign policy and international relations.”

Recent publications

Humanitarian Intervention, the Labour Party and the Press: the Break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s’ in Paul Corthorn and Jon Davis (eds.) The British Labour Party and the Wider World (London: I.B. Tauris, 2007)

Teaching (undergraduate)

  • Level 4: Contemporary Europe 1914-2000
  • Level 5: ‘From the ‘Angry Young Men’ to ‘Cool Britannia’: a historical analysis of British cultural activity since 1945
  • Level 5: Fascist Ideology in Europe 1870 –1945

Recent Conference Papers (2011-2000)

  • Panel convenor (Fresh Perspectives on Britain in World War Two, Imperial College, London 2011)
  • ‘British left wing media responses to the break-up of Yugoslavia 1991-2000: anticipating foreign policy divisions of the Labour Party’ (The British Labour Movement and the Wider World conference, Anglia Polytechnic University, 2004)