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Dr Hannah M. Strømmen

Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies | 01243 816275

Dr Hannah M. Strømmen is Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies. She works in critical theory and  reception history of the Bible.

Her research examines the ways in which biblical texts form and inform culture, religion and politics.

She has written on the role of the Bible in contemporary literature, on Jacques Derrida and the Bible, as well as political uses of the Bible in the public sphere.


Dr. Strømmen has presented her research at biblical studies conferences as well as interdisciplinary conferences in the UK, the US, Europe and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

She is on the editorial board of the journals Biblical Interpretation and The Bible and Critical Theory, and on the Review Board of Critical Research on Religion.

She is a member of the Society for Biblical Literature and the European Association of Biblical Studies.


Dr. Strømmen completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow.

The thesis explored Jacques Derrida’s work on the human/animal distinction in relation to the Bible.

Responding to claims that the Bible has been to blame for anthropocentrism, she conveys a more complex and rich biblical legacy for conceptions of ‘human’, ‘animal’ and ‘divine’.

The monograph is due for publication in 2017.

She is currently editing a Special Issue for the journal Literature and Theology on animals and religion.

A new project underway examines the relationship between contemporary far-right ideology and the Bible. 

PHD Supervision

Dr. Strømmen is open to research proposals focusing on:

  • Cultural histories of the Bible
  • Bible and politics / Bible and public theology
  • Jacques Derrida, critical theory and the Bible
  • Literary reception history of the Bible
  • Bible and animal studies

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