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Dr Stavroula Varella

Senior Lecturer in English | 44 (0) 1243 816165


BA (Linguistics) and PhD, University of Sussex

Module responsibility:

ENL100 - Language: Form and Function

ENL105 - Language: Variety and Change

ENL200 - Language and Authority

ENL207 - Language into Literature

ENL345 - Professional Writing: Strategies and Contexts



Varella, S. ‘The nativization of loanwords in the Greek dialect of Cyprus, with special reference to their phonology and semantics’. University of Sussex Thesis, 2004.


Varella, S. Language contact and the lexicon in the history of Cypriot Greek. Contemporary Studies in Descriptive Linguistics.  Vol. 7. Peter Lang AG. Oxford/Bern/Frankfurt/New York. 2006.

Varella, S. (ed.) Languages and Cultures in Contact and Contrast: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. ATINER. Athens 2011.

Varella, S. Medical Meanings: Historical and Social Aspects. In preparation.


Varella, S. ‘Lexical relations in a cross-linguistic context’, Babel: International Journal of Translation. Vol. 52. 2006.

Varella, S. ‘From colonisation to globalisation: The impact of English on Greek, with particular reference to the dialect of Cyprus’, Odisea: Journal of English Studies. Vol. 6. 2006.

Varella, S. ‘From diglossia to multilingualism: A case study’, World Englishes. Forthcoming.

Varella, S. ‘Metaphor and the semantic integration of loanwords’, Languages in Contrast. Forthcoming.

Conference Papers:

Varella, S. ‘Perceptions of otherness in the Greek culture: a diachronic overview’. II International Conference on Languages and Cultures of the World: Language and Socio-Cultural Integration. Granada 2006.

Varella, S. ‘English in Cyprus: The legacy of a colonial past or the impact of a globalised present?’. International Conference ‘Languages and cultures in contact - then and now’. Częstochowa 2009.

Varella, S. ‘Academia in the periphery: Greece and Cyprus’. Mediterranean Language Policy and Language Planning. Nicosia 2009.

Varella, S. ‘Language Contact and Figurative Language’. CRAL-2009: Figurative Language Learning and Figurative Language Use: Theory and Applications. Logroño 2009.

Millard, D., Howard, Y., McSweeney, P., Arrebola, M., Borthwick, K. and Varella, S. ‘Phantom Tasks and Invisible Rubric: The Challenges of Remixing Learning Objects in the Wild’. 4th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning. Nice 2009.

Varella, S., ‘Terminology, Etymology, and Figurative Language’. 4th International ATINER Conference on Languages and Linguistics. Athens 2011.

Varella, S. ‘Naming and referring: Doctors’ and patients’ use of medical vocabulary’. 13th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology’. Leeuwarden 2012.

Varella, S. ‘Words for illness: Medical terminology in context’. 10th Communication, Medicine and Ethics Conference. Trondheim 2012.

Varella, S. ‘Terminology, Etymology and Figurative Language’. 9th Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference. Lancaster 2012.

Varella, S. ‘Etymology, Figures of Speech and Lexical Creativity’. The Stockholm 2012 Metaphor Festival. Stockholm 2012.

Invited Talks:

Varella, S. ‘Language Contact and Figurative Language’. Research Seminar. The Bristol Centre for Linguistics at the University of the West of England. Bristol 2010.

Other contributions:

Varella, S. Book Review of Howard Jackson’s, ‘Key terms in Linguistics’. BAAL News. 2010.

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