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Tim Pope

Associate Lecturer

Tim Pope is a working film director and across a 30-year, cross-genre career has directed a Hollywood feature, short films, TV, documentaries, live concerts and commercials.

He is perhaps best known for his pop promo work, in particular with The Cure, for whom he has made over 30 clips.

Other iconic work has been for artists such as David Bowie, Queen, Neil Young, Iggy Pop, The Kaiser Chiefs, Amanda Palmer and Fatboy Slim.

His work is known internationally and he has received many awards, including from MTV and the Brits, and a prestigious MVA 2006 lifetime award given by his contemporaries for work that has changed the industry.

Current projects include the filming of the 2018 comeback concerts of The The for a cinema documentary, a cinema documentary of The Cure to celebrate their 40th year, and his first feature film in 20 years, ‘Drone.’