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Jade Moulden

Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership

Name: Jade Moulden
Country: UK
Role: National Development Manager
Organisation: Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership

I am the Strategic Lead for Business Development for the Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership. I work within a team of twenty as part of the senior management team which comprises of our CEO, COO, one other strategic lead and myself. I manage two departments with five direct reports and two additional indirect.

My biggest career highlight is seeing the progress of my organisation from a fledging start up into the fast growing and successful enterprise that it is now with an ever increasing market share and stronghold in the industry. A significant achievement of my own is having been the pivotal role in establishing the potential of the organisation between 2009 and 2013 and resultantly achieving significantly enhanced government investment enabling us to now move forward and start to realise some of this potential.

My work values are strong (sometimes a little too immoveable) and centred around vision and achieving the end goal. I value hard-work and dedication to achieving organisational objectives and display these values in my work ethic and delivery. I believe that there is often a lot of ‘noise’ and wasted resource within organisations which is often caused as a result of lack of training and direction and sometimes an inability to make strategy focussed decisions at a managerial level.

My leadership strengths are decisiveness, organisational change, innovation, leading by example, planning, self-management, clarity, conciseness, influencing, negotiating and relationship building.

In a work environment I am passionate about success. My organisation, my team and myself doing the right things and creating the right environment for us to work together to achieve success. Success can come in many shapes and forms and can vary between individuals.