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Katrina Hinde

Research Fellow

Katrina is a Research Fellow with the Occupational Performance Research Group at the University of Chichester. Prior to this, she worked within military research at Army Headquarters, Andover and for the Royal British Legion at the Battle Back Centre. She has also worked as an environmental physiology researcher and lecturer at Leeds Beckett University. Katrina graduated from Leeds Beckett University (formally Leeds Metropolitan University) with a BA (Hons) in Physical Education in 2011, gained an MSc (dist.) in Sport and Exercise Physiology in 2013 and her PhD in Exercise Physiology in 2018. Her PhD research focused on the physiological, biomechanical and subjective responses to load carriage in extreme environments. Katrina is an outdoor enthusiast and worked as an outdoor instructor after finishing University in 2011.


2014-2018 Leeds Beckett University, PhD Exercise Physiology

2012-2013 Leeds Beckett University, MSc, Sport and Exercise Physiology

2008-2011 Leeds Metropolitan University, BA (Hons) Physical Education


Journal articles

  • Hinde, K., Lloyd, R., Low, C., and Cooke, C. (2018, in press) Interaction between environmental temperature, hypoxia and load carriage on respiratory muscle fatigue. Aerospace, Medicine and Human Performance.
  • Hinde, K., Lloyd, R., Low, C., and Cooke, C. (2017) The effect of temperature, gradient, and load carriage on oxygen consumption, posture, and gait characteristics. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 117 (3), pp.417-430.


Peer reviewed presentations (selected)

  • Hinde, K., Lloyd, R., Low, C., and Cooke, C. (2016) Comparing the effect of load carriage on energy expenditure and heart rate in hypoxia with normoxia. In: Usaj, A., Kupper, T., Tannheimer, M. and Ulmer, H.V. 8th European Hypoxia Symposium. Ljubljana: NATO Mountain Warefare Centre of Excellence, p.10.
  • Hinde, K., Lloyd, R. and Cooke, C. (2015) Effects of increasing cold exposure on the oxygen uptake of walking unloaded and loaded. Extreme Physiology and Medicine, 4 (Suppl 1), pp. A56.


Katrina has research interests in the following areas:

  • Extreme environments (hypoxia, cold, heat)
  • Load carriage
  • Applied and occupational physiology