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Suzie Shrubb

Oboe Tutor

Suzie Shrubb is a musician working as a performer, director, educator and composer. She performs internationally on oboe and cor anglais as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. She can be heard on film soundtracks and albums including recently released Moving in the Dark by Dizraeli and the Small Gods and Ben Hopkins award winning film 37 Uses for a Dead Sheep. Most recently Suzie made a guest appearance on cor anglais with punk legends The Membranes.

She was Musical Director for Rajni Shah Projects Glorious working with the Barbican, Wunderbar Festival, Un Pas De Trop in Belgium and Live at LICA to bring the show to life. Suzie can be heard playing piano and singing on the Glorious album. For many years she also directed and composed the music for Harmonic Convergence and NEWS: the opening night carnival of the Chichester Festivities an event involving hundreds of musicians.

Suzie views the cosmos musically and composes pieces aiming to explore what objects discovered by and processes described by the scientific method might sound like or how they might become or indeed be music. Her piece a tintinnabulation of cosmic scintillation which uses pulsars as a generative starting point was performed as part of The Universe Explained with The Edges ensemble. Suzie is also interested how biological processes will manifest themselves in sound. She is currently collaborating wih Rajni Shah on Songbox which explores how to enables others to compose.

As well as solo and chamber recitals, Suzie’s future busy performing schedule includes Bach’s Oboe Concerto in F Major and premiering a work looking at relationships between geometry and music by composer Lee Westwood.