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Tess Flood

PhD Student- Occupational Performance Research Group

Tess is a PhD Student within the Occupational Performance Research group; her research focuses on sex differences and the influence of menstrual cycle and hormonal contraceptives on exertional heat illness during uncompensable heat stress. Before starting her PhD, Tess was a research assistant within the Occupational Performance Research Group. 

Tess completed her Master’s degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology at St Mary’s University, Twickenham before moving to Chichester. Tess has a large amount of applied experience within applied sport, exercise and occupational physiology and has presented her research at international conferences and published in peer review journals.



University of Chichester (PhD): October 2018- 2021

St Mary’s University (MSc): 2014- 2016

University of Brighton (BSc): 2011- 2014


Physiological Society


Journal articles

Flood, T. R., Montanari, S., Wicks, M., Blanchard, J., Sharpe, H., Taylor, L., ... & Lee, B. J. (2020). Addition of pectin-alginate to a carbohydrate beverage does not maintain gastrointestinal barrier function during exercise in hot-humid conditions better than carbohydrate ingestion alone. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, (ja).

Vine, C. A., Coakley, S. L., Blacker, S. D., Doherty, J., Hale, B. J., Walker, E. F., ... & Jackson, S. (2020). Accuracy of Metabolic Cost Predictive Equations During Military Load Carriage. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

Hiles, A. M., Flood, T. R., Lee, B. J., Wheeler, L. E., Costello, R., Walker, E. F., ... & Willems, M. E. (2020). Dietary supplementation with New Zealand blackcurrant extract enhances fat oxidation during submaximal exercise in the heat. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

Flood, T. R. (2018). Menthol use for performance in hot environments. Current sports medicine reports, 17(4), 135-139.

Flood, T. R., Waldron, M., & Jeffries, O. (2017). Oral l-menthol reduces thermal sensation, increases work-rate and extends time to exhaustion, in the heat at a fixed rating of perceived exertion. European journal of applied physiology, 117(7), 1501-1512.


Peer reviewed presentations (selected)

T. Flood, E. F. Walker, S. Blacker, S. Myers, H. Sharp, S. Montanari, S. McGuire, B. J. Lee The effect of exercise mode on exercise induced gastrointestinal damage during exercise performed at a fixed rate of metabolic heat production. Extreme Environmental Physiology (University of Portsmouth, UK) (2019) Proc Physiol Soc 44, C52

Lee, B., Floor T., Hiles, A., Walker, E., Wheeler, L., Ashdown, K., Willems, M., Kuennon, M New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Increases Circulating Hsp32 And Hsp90α But DoesnʼT Affect Circulating Hsp72. Presented at ACSM 2019. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise

Flood, T., Thompson, J.E.S., Blacker, S.D., and Myers, S.D. (2018) Validity and Reliability of Heart Rate Measured from Four Wrist Worn Activity Monitors. Presented at the 23rd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, Dublin, Ireland.

Flood, T., Waldron M, Jeffries, O Effect of L (-) Menthol on exercise at a Fixed RPE in the heat. ACSM, Denver Colorado 2017


Tess has research interests in the following areas:


  • Female Physiology
  • Environmental Physiology
  • Occupational Physiology
  • Biochemistry