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Acting Class 2024

Click on the headshots of our BA (Hons) Acting 2024 graduates to see their Spotlight profiles.

Please join us for their Showcase in the Showroom on Friday 31st May 2024 at 4pm!

Akvile Gradauskaite

Anya Kirkhope

Bhumika Poojary

Callum Shurey Shears

Eleanor McCormick

Ella Bullock

Erin Nothnagel

Harrison Lee

Isabella Aldridge

Ismail Khan

Jessica Terry

Jocelyn Dawn

Joshua Wenstrom

Kamahri May

Kayla Yurt

Lois Burrell

Lydia Moll

Martha-Rose McKeown

Niamh Hall

Olaf Turon

Patrik Tarin

Patrik Tarin

Anna James Turner

Reece Attwood

Remi Downing

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