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Study Abroad and Erasmus+

Would you like to spend part of your degree abroad, visiting exciting destinations and experiencing new cultures? At Chichester there are opportunities in many of our subject areas to spend time abroad whilst studying for your degree.

We offer students the opportunity to go on exchange either under the Erasmus Programme (we hold an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) to countries that are members of the European Union, or as an International Exchange Student to countries outside of the European Union.

Student View:

“My Erasmus exchange was the BEST thing I ever did, I went to Dans och Cirkushogskölan (the University of Dance and Circus) in Stockholm, Sweden from January-June. Not only did I get to live in another country for six months and experience a whole new culture, I also made loads of new friends from all around the world and can now visit them whenever I want! I gained so much invaluable knowledge for my studies and would do it all over again in an instant."

Becky Walker

BA (Hons) dance

10 reasons to take advantage of the study-abroad opportunities at the University of Chichester:

1. You get to travel whilst earning credits towards your degree.

2. It will look excellent on your CV and improve your employability.

3. You get to see the world and experience a different culture.

4.You gain in self confidence.

5. You may be able to get funding. The Erasmus programme will give you a grant if you choose to take part in an exchange to a country that is part of the European Union. If you choose to study abroad for a whole year under the Erasmus Programme, you do not pay fees in either your home or host county and therefore benefit from a fee-free year. For all other international exchanges, you will pay fees to your home institution only as you would usually.

6. You will have the chance to make friends from all over the world.

7. You will become more independent.

8. You will have the opportunity to gain language skills.

9.You will benefit from a different perspective on the subject you study.

10. You will be better prepared for an ever-increasingly globalised world.

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