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Explore the fundamental aspects of contemporary marketing

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Understand the key concepts in modern marketing

Prepare for your career in marketing

Our Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) accredited BA (Hons) Marketing course combines academic theory with commercial application giving insight into the role marketing plays in growing organisations and audiences, whilst teaching the practical skills needed for career success.

Work with real-world clients

With a strong emphasis on preparing our students for contemporary marketing roles we offer the opportunity to work with clients and apply your skills and knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Explore the fundamental aspects of contemporary marketing

You will explore the psychology of consumer behaviour, learn how to create and manage a successful brand and design creative campaigns. With modules covering innovation in digital marketing and the use of social media, our graduates are well prepared for a career in the modern marketing environment.

Students will finish their degree with an in-depth understanding of global strategic marketing ready to pursue a career in any industry that they choose.


Our BA (Hons) Marketing degree is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). This means you can earn a professionally recognised qualification alongside your degree and be exempt from some CIM module exams on the Certificate in Professional Marketing.

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On this course you will:

  • Complete live projects with real clients and organisations.
  • Learn from industry experienced lecturers and guest speakers.
  • Complete a 20-week part-time placement within an organisation, gaining vital work experience in a marketing role.
  • Develop a range of valuable intellectual and practical skills essential to success in a modern marketing environment.
  • Have the option to complete a 1-year placement either in the UK or abroad.

The Course

Learn the principles of marketing and work with real clients from year one

Year One

In your first year you will study the modern marketing mix to give you a solid overview of marketing and develop your skills in solving marketing problems. Alongside a broad range of business subjects, you will also be introduced to consumer psychology, understanding consumer attitudes, beliefs and motivations.

Year Two

In your second year, you will learn essential digital marketing techniques and how to create successful social media campaigns. You will also explore to world of branding and marketing communications.

You will also begin to focus on your own employability and career preparation, with modules aimed at developing your professional experience and skills ready for the workplace.

Year Three

In your third year you will study marketing strategy and learn the skills required to work in a global marketing environment. You will also examine key contemporary marketing issues, preparing you for your future career in any industry that you choose.

All third-year students will complete a 20-week part-time placement within an organisation.

This list is indicative and subject to change.

Select a year

Marketing Principles and Practice

This introductory module explores the role of marketing in the modern business environment.

You will discover the core tools and concepts of marketing and investigate the marketing principles of the extended services mix, buyer behaviour, segmentation, and market research.

You will explore business aspects such as contemporary society, digital innovations, and disruptive business models.


You will be assessed through a business report.


This is a CMI and CIM accredited module.

Management and Organisations

You will explore business management theories, the role and position of a manager, and your ability to manage others.

You are encouraged to develop your self-awareness as a potential manager and investigate issues like:

  • the history of management
  • structures
  • functions
  • culture
  • sustainability
  • and innovation of an organisation.

You will also explore:

  • aspects of business psychology
  • how people are motivated and behave
  • theories of leadership and conflict management that can be used in effective management.

You will be assessed through a report on management topics of interest.

Introduction to Sustainability

In today’s global environment, there is a strong focus on environmental factors such as climate change, reducing carbon emissions and negative impacts on biodiversity.  However, there are also wider ethical issues such as inequality, equality and diversity and ethical business governance that come under the umbrella of sustainability.  Today’s students will need to understand these issues and how different organisations (private, public and voluntary) can improve their sustainability and work collaboratively in responding to sustainable challenges and opportunities.

Consumer Psychology

This module will equip you with the fundamentals of consumer behaviour. You will critically appreciate the importance of psychology in decision making and the field of marketing. You will analyse and evaluate individual aspects of consumer behaviour and social and group aspects of consumer behaviour.

Entrepreneurial and Innovative Mindset

In today’s competitive business environment, graduates require strong employability skills and a resilient attitude.

This module aims to develop these skillsets by working with a real client in creating ideas, implementing one of them and assessing how they can be more innovative.

You will deepen your knowledge of being entrepreneurial and applying an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ to solve a real-life case study with a client.

You will usually work in small groups to develop an ‘innovative’ solution to an identified problem or opportunity.


You will be assessed through a group presentation to the client and an individual report on how the entrepreneur can be more innovative.


This is a CMI and CIM accredited module.

Technology in Business

This module is designed to introduce you to the use of technology, primarily information systems, and how organisations adapt and leverage digital technology solutions to gain a competitive advantage. The course will begin with an introduction to information systems and fundamental concepts, ideas and critical components including the importance of data.

Introductory Law for Managers

This module will introduce you to law in the commercial world.

You will gain a sufficient understanding of the law as a manager and be able to recognise the existence and effects of the law in commercial activities and the key legislation organisations need to follow operationally and with customers.

You will explore when professional legal assistance is required in business.


You will be assessed through an online examination and 1 hour in-class test.

Academic & Professional Skills 1

This module will support your transition into a university undergraduate degree programme. You will focus on developing academic and professional skills and be encouraged to reflect on and plan you own personal development. You are provided with a range of topics to help you develop and you can choose those most beneficial to you.

Digital Marketing

Marketing using digital media and mobile technologies is now an integral component of organisations’ marketing strategies. This module will provide you with a critical appreciation of digital marketing, through the integration of emergent media and mobile technologies, with offline communications. You will be introduced to current and relevant examples of marketing initiatives using digital media and you will create a digital marketing campaign.

Marketing Communications 

Marketing communications provides a core activity for organisations of all sizes whether commercial, government, charities, education, not-for-profit or third sector organisations.

This module will examine how marketers can be heard in an increasingly noisy environment and how they can stand out from the competition and engage customers in a meaningful way to create successful relationships. You will learn about the creative process and have the opportunity to develop practical skills in producing marketing collateral.

Data Driven Decision Making

The aim of this module is to introduce you to the concept of data and market research for decision making.

Social Media Marketing

This module introduces you to social media from a business and professional perspective.

It is framed within the context of the marketing mix but explores the trend with this tactical aspect and more current ideas around the concept of digital consumers and engaging brand experiences.

You will explore the history, development and future of social media as well as looking at tools to manage roles, teams, and campaigns.


This module will introduce you to the topic of branding, the role of branding within marketing and advertising strategy and the concepts and principles of brand management. We examine why some brands stand the test of time and what makes brands able to charge more money for their goods and services. Relevant elements of consumer psychology will be explored with particular emphasis on luxury branding.

Finance for Managers

This module will provide an introduction to key financial concepts and tools necessary for evaluating business performance.

Professional Graduate

This practical module develops your critical understanding of the concept of professionalism and how it relates to being a graduate in the workplace.

You will plan your own development towards your graduate recruitment and if you chose a one-year internship (professional placement), you will focus on applying and preparing for this placement.

The module emphasises the importance of developing your own employability and encourages continuous reflection on personal and professional development (PDP).


You will be assessed through two assignments, a mock job/placement interview and reflective report with PDP action plan.


This is a CMI accredited module.

Strategic Marketing Management in a Global Environment 

The module looks at the role of marketing in strategy and how marketing contributes to organisational success. It will provide you with a detailed knowledge of theoretical and practical perspectives of marketing strategy in order to develop an appropriate strategic marketing plan.

You will examine the core strategic considerations when operating in a contemporary global environment.

Contemporary Issues in Marketing 

You will have the opportunity to select, research and critically assess a range of contemporary marketing issues. Examples of such issues might include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality, augmented virtuality
  • Transformational marketing
  • Data driven marketing and social media algorithms.
  • The power of influence
  • User generated content
  • Visual search
  • Privacy, ethics and social media

Research Project

The module has a crucial role within the programme of study in that it provides you with the opportunity to research an area of particular interest within an appropriate business, public sector or third sector context. The module is designed to make a major contribution to your professional and intellectual development.

Professional Practice

This double module aims to provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in an organisation, or for an organisation for 2 days a week for 20 weeks.

You will typically be conducting your Research Project in parallel with this module.

The primary aim of the module is to enable you, within the context of your work placement, to focus on areas of personal development to enhance your employability skills for chosen career aspirations and gain both practical and research skills for a deeper knowledge of your subject field.

Teaching and Assessment

Feel the support of our expert teaching staff


On our BA (Hons) Marketing course, you will learn through a variety of lectures, seminars and interactive workshops in which you will join a close and supportive environment and develop a wide range of skills such as confidence, business acumen, teamwork, communication, initiative, and resilience.

Much of the course is taught through practical tasks which apply theory and involve problem solving, developing ideas, and implementing them.

Our teaching staff are commercially experienced academics who are highly skilled and passionate about marketing and supporting your professional development journey.


Our assessments are more aligned with an authentic workplace, where most of your assignments involve working on live client projects individually or collaboratively.

Assessments will also include creating business reports, presentations, and portfolios that develop your critical thinking skills and a solution-focused approach which is vital in the workplace. Some of your work may be more practical, for example posters, websites, blogs, and social media.


BA (Hons) Marketing
"I love that my lecturers are all experienced professionals willing to share their experiences and enhance my learning and understanding of the work of marketing and digital technologies."


Discover a close student community, excellent facilities, and unique opportunities


BA (Hons) Marketing
"As far as I know, the University of Chichester is the only one that has such a sense of community. Everyone knows everyone, everyone is friends with everyone. I’ve never felt like I’ve had this many close friends before and I get to see them every day. I’m ridiculously lucky and I believe it’s because I chose to come here."


BA (Hons) Marketing
"I chose the University of Chichester because of how the classes are set up. I knew if I had to sit in a massive lecture hall with 200+ other students, my learning would have been very limited compared to classes of 20-30 students. My degree enhanced my employability through group work and adapting to new situations."

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Work Placements

Gain practical experience within the industry

Agency Life

In your final year, you can take our ‘Agency Life’ module, which moves away from a traditional written dissertation and gives you the option to take a more business relevant piece of work that emulates the fast-paced, real=world environment of a marketing agency.

You will set up your own agency and work for a company to solve a marketing problem for them. This could cover anything from website testing to marketing research, branding design to social media.

This is a great opportunity to separate yourself from the field of other graduates as you’ll come out with not only a degree, but invaluable real-world work experience as well.

Placement information

Work placements give you valuable work experience to add to your CV and help to prepare you for the workplace after you graduate.

During work placements you will develop your employability and enterprise skills, so you are ready to thrive in the digital marketing world after you leave university. You could even secure employment after you graduate with your placement employer.

Industrial Placements

There are two main types of placement on this course. You may complete a year-long industrial placement between your second and third years of study, and the 20-week placement during your final year is compulsory for all students. Some students will complete both placement options.

Most students secure placements in London and the South East but you could travel overseas. Past students have worked in Bahrain, India, Singapore and Australia.

Many placement students continue to work for the companies they completed placements with after they graduate. Some students are even offered full time jobs before their results are published.

Industrial Placement Year

This one-year placement option takes place after your second year of study. You will have a paid position with a company and be an employee as well as a registered student. The company will introduce you to the workplace and provide a valuable learning experience to support and develop your understanding of business practice.

20 Week Work Placement

During your final year you will complete a 20-week work placement. This placement is part time, usually unpaid, and will be assessed as a double module for your degree. Your assessment will focus on employability and personal development.

You will focus on a management project during your placement. This project usually concerned with investigating management issues within the placement organisation.

Placement Office

The Business School has a dedicated placement office who will with you and relevant businesses to help you find your best placement match. We ensure that placements are at an appropriate level and suitable for your degree.

You are ultimately responsible for finding your own placement, but you can take advantage of the team’s business relationships and opportunities advertised by the placement office. Some businesses reach out to the office to re-advertise their placements each year.

Past students completed placements at companies including:

  • Brandwatch
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Toyota Motorcars
  • TUI


BA (Hons) Marketing
"I developed my strategic and communications skills that learned while at Chichester and got to experience working in a marketing agency on some exciting luxury brands."

Graduate Success

Join our community of successful alumni

Study Abroad

Explore the opportunity to study part of your course abroad

As a student at the University of Chichester, you can explore opportunities to study abroad during your course.

Students who have undertaken this in the past have found it to be an amazing experience to broaden their horizons, a great opportunity to meet new people, undertake further travelling and to immerse themselves within a new culture.

You will be fully supported throughout the process to help find the right destination institution for you and your course. We can take you through everything that you will need to consider, from visas to financial support, to help ensure that you can get the best out of your time studying abroad.



Business School student who studied abroad in Finland for for a year
I would recommend to everyone to study abroad for a year. I’ve met so many wonderful people from all over the world who are now great friends that I will visit even now my year abroad has ended. Some highlights of my time here were visiting Santa in Lapland, spending a weekend in a traditional Finnish cottage in the lake region, having an outdoor BBQ in the middle of winter and going to many saunas. For those concerned about the financial aspect, there are additional student loans and grants, as well as more support options for lower income households. I have learned a lot about Finland, such as the beautiful nature, history and traditional food. I've also learned lots about myself and improved my skills in confidence and independence, and now I see the world from another perspective.


Begin your journey as a marketing professional

BA (Hons) Marketing graduates are highly employable. Past students have been successful in agency work and client roles.

Potential future careers include:

  • In-house marketing
  • Agency marketing
  • Brand management
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Customer management
  • International marketing
  • Digital marketing

CIM Professional Qualifications

After your degree we encourage you to continue your learning with the industry’s professional body: The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). When you graduate you will automatically qualify for exemption on one module on the PG Certificate or Diploma levels of the CIM professional marketing qualifications.

Further Study

You may decide to continue your studies to postgraduate level.

University of Chichester alumni who have completed a full undergraduate degree at the University will receive a 15% discount on their postgraduate fees.

The Business School has a diverse range of postgraduate courses including:

  • MSc Digital Marketing
  • MSc Neuromarketing
  • MBA
  • PGCE
  • MPhil/PhD Research

Course Costs

Course Fees 2024/25

UK fee
International fee

For further details about fees, please see our Tuition Fee page.

For further details about international scholarships, please see our Scholarships page.

To find out about any additional costs on this course, please see our Additional Costs page.

Entry Requirements

Typical offers (individual offers may vary):

tariff points from A levels or combination with AS / EPQ / BTEC/ Cambridge Technical.
A Levels
BTEC/Cambridge Technical
4/C or better
in English language and mathematics.
Access to HE Diploma
with at least 15 credits at Merit.
T Level
Merit (with C in the Core)
in Accounting, Finance, or Management and Administration.
28 points
with no element lower than 5.5.


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