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Study Abroad and Exchange

Broaden your horizons by studying abroad

Study Abroad and Exchange

Broaden your horizons by studying abroad

The Exchange Programme - broaden your horizons by studying abroad

Have the opportunity to see the world and gain valuable life experience

At the University of Chichester, we have exchange partnerships set-up with over 50 universities around the world. We are proud to offer our students the opportunity to study abroad for one semester or a full academic year at a partner university and their students the opportunity to study at the University of Chichester.  To be able to experience living and studying in another country, is an incredibly valuable opportunity.

The University of Chichester can offer our students living cost grants, such as the Turing Scheme grant and Erasmus programme grant, and there are travel grants that you can apply for to help support you while you study abroad.  We can also offer additional support for disadvantaged students and SEND students to ensure that they can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

When studying abroad, you will earn credits towards your degree while being supported by an academic exchange tutor and the study abroad office. When you study with one of our exchange partners, you will not pay their tuition fees and if you study abroad as an exchange student for a full academic year, you will only pay the University of Chichester approximately 15% of your tuition fees.

If you wish to find out more, please look at our exchange partners, who your exchange tutor is so you can check that your course offers study abroad and if you have any questions just email exchange@chi.ac.uk.

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