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Study & Work Abroad Exchange Programmes

Broaden your horizons by studying abroad

Study & Work Abroad Exchange Programmes

Broaden your horizons by studying abroad

The exchange programme: explore the world, expand your horizons

Embark on this exciting journey where the world is your classroom

At the University of Chichester, we believe in providing our students with the extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and gain invaluable life experiences. With partnerships established with over 50 universities worldwide, our students have the chance to embark on a life-changing experience by studying abroad for either a semester or a full academic year at one of our esteemed partner institutions.

Financial support for your global adventure

We understand that pursuing international experiences comes with its challenges. To ease the financial aspect, the University of Chichester is a beneficiary of The Turing Scheme (a grant enlarged by the UK Government to support the cost of living abroad.) This scheme is inclusive and provides an uplifted grant for disadvantaged students and those with SEND.

Earning credits, gaining perspectives

Studying abroad is an integral part of your studies. So, your credits abroad will be transferred to the University of Chichester at the end of your mobility.


The exchange programme is supported by the Study & Work Abroad Advisor, available to be contacted at exchange@chi.ac.uk. Not only that, but each department also has an exchange tutor, an academic who will supervise the learning element of the mobilities.

Ready to take the leap?

Discover more about our exchange partners, identify your exchange tutor, and confirm if your course offers a study abroad option.

E-mail us at exchange@chi.ac.uk

Visit us in The Careers Centre, Learning Resource Centre, Bishop Otter Campus.

Join us for a drop-in session to find out more.

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