Making an impact and
creating real change


Making an impact and creating real change

REF 2021 results

Pioneering research recognised internationally

86% of the University of Chichester's outputs rated as internationally renowned
Over three-quarters of our research impact considerable, very considerable or outstanding in reach and significance
REF 2021 results reflect achievements in subject areas across the whole University

Internationally recognised research

Explore our research areas, discover our postgraduate opportunities and
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We have a diverse portfolio of approaches and practices to research. We recognise that success depends on the empowerment, support and contribution of staff and students within the community that they create.

We are consistently working to enhance and improve our support, guidance and infrastructure and facilitate the continuing development of our researchers.

Our Research Areas

Explore our research areas

Business Research

Explore the research across the Business School including the Centre for Workforce Development.

Education and Teaching Research

Browse our research as we explore how children learn times tables and promote inclusive practice.

Fine Art Research

Discover our engaged and skilled work across the range of contemporary fine art practices.

Humanities Research

Explore our research across topics including English, creative writing, history, politics, theology and more.

Performing Arts Research

Discover our music, dance and theatre research as we explore how performing benefits performers and more.

Psychology and Counselling Research

Browse our research labs and explore our projects as we research a range of psychology topics across demographics.

Sports Research

Our research across sports performance and health and wellbeing benefits athletes, coaches, institutions and officials.

Social Work and Social Practice Research

Explore our research, consultancy and CPD activity in the Department of Childhood, Social Work and Social Care.

Postgraduate Research Degrees

Continue your research journey with us

PhDs and MPhil Degrees

Choose your research specialism and complete your postgraduate research degree with us. Explore our research support and Pre-PhD Preparation programme, and find out how to apply.

Our Impact and Governance

Discover our research impact and standards

Research Excellence Framework

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) runs every seven years identifies who is producing the most excellent research in the UK.

Research Governance

Browse our research ethics and find out how our research is governed and monitored.

Research Repository

Discover our research outputs

Chiprints Repository

Visit our open access hub to browse our research outputs.

Research Office

Supporting our research

The Research Office champions our University Research Strategy and supports the development of our research environment and researchers.

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