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Cost of Living Support

With increases in energy bills, transport and food prices affecting the cost of living for everyone, you may have concerns about how this will impact your time at university.

At the University of Chichester we've put together some advice on how to manage the uncertainty and let you know what support is available to you.

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With support and funding available in different places, don’t let money worries get in your way of looking forward to starting on this new journey.

Worried about money at university?

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Studying at university is about learning and enjoying your time at Chichester, it shouldn't be worrying about money. However, for some, university may be the first time you will have to manage your own money across potential rent, bills, food shops or costs of commuting, as well as social events, which we understand is a worry for some people. However, we are here to tell you it is all manageable!

Your student loan will come in three instalments, so you can try to plan ahead and keep aside what you may need for each month as well as factoring in money to have fun with (you deserve it!)

It is also possible to work part time at university to earn some extra money alongside your studies, whether this is in the city or on campus as bar/shop staff or casual ambassador work

Joint flat dinners may be a fun cheap way to share cost of ingredients and drinks on themed nights, as well as make a nice excuse for a fun night in. Batch cooking and planning ahead could also help with food costs

The University of Chichester Student Money Advisors offer financial advice you can access at any point in the year, as well as different bursaries and funds that do not need to be paid back for specific circumstances.

If you want to find out more information, SFE have a Facebook page which is also full of information, for students to ask student funding-related questions.

With support and funding available in different places, don’t let money worries get in your way of looking forward to starting on this new journey.

Our support services

At Chichester we offer a wide range of student support and wellbeing services that can help with issues regarding the cost of living.

Our Student Money Team and Wellbeing Service are a vital network for students to turn to with their questions, and to ask for advice and support throughout their university experience.

The Wellbeing Service provide advice and guidance appointments, talking therapies, support groups, and much more, which students can access for free whilst at the university.

Additional support

If you are finding it hard to cope with the cost of living crisis, further support and advice is available:

Save the Student StepChange
UCAS Trussell Trust
Student Minds Citizens Advice

Worry can have a big impact on your wellbeing, try these ways to manage worry about money.

Hear from our students

For first hand advice on living, studying and budgeting at university, we have a range of student podcasts and blogs available on a variety of topics, to help you feel encouraged, informed and at ease.

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