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Liam’s top tips on being a bigger, unfit person at a sporty university

First off, who cares?! Thankfully in my experience at University here in Chichester, nobody!

Only a few friends who care about my health, and my sport mates who want to help me get fitter. But we’re not at school anymore. The odd idiot may try and make a joke but we’re all old enough and mature enough to tell them to shut up and nobody laughs unless you find it funny.

Personally, I’ve always used laughing at myself as a way of dealing with my insecurity of being unfit, height is different because I didn’t choose that, but I often make the choice of chocolate over a run and it is therefore my problem. But that doesn’t mean help isn’t at hand. As I said before the only people who bring up my weight are those who want to help.

The University of Chichester is the perfect place to be, if like me, you want to shed a few pounds, as the large range of sports teams, from ultimate Frisbee, to trampolining, to my personal choice of swimming, is so vast that everyone can utilize them to their needs.

Although I may have been at University for two years and am not at the level of fitness I want to be, it has taken me two years to build up a brilliant support network that at the very least makes me feel confident about myself and the way I am!

I hope many other people at this University, and those who want to come here in the future, feel this way too.

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Date published

01 Feb 2020

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