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Living in Halls of Residence

Living in Halls of Residence


Living in Halls on Residence is always a popular choice for first year students. We have a variety of university managed accommodation on and off campus, offering catered or self catered options. Read on to learn about living in catered halls on our Bognor Regis campus.


Barbara Smith Halls – Bognor Regis campus

Barbara Smith Halls of Residence details:

  • Catered
  • En suite Bathroom
  • 39 or 40 week contract
  • 6-8 people sharing kitchen
  • 160 rooms in total
  • Rent including catering allowance = £212.66 per week*
  • Food Allowance £9.10 weekdays, £4.50 weekends*


I lived in Barbara Smith Halls in my first year at university and had the best time being on Bognor Regis campus. The room was a good size, had a large window, and a practical desk.

From my first day living in Halls I met my flat mates but I had no idea that some of them would become life-long friends. There is a real community feel in Barbara Smith which was really reassuring, especially when I was missing home.  The campus always felt safe and secure and had a good mix of peace and quiet and socialising opportunities too.

Being in catered accommodation, meant it was always nice to have a meal ready for you in the canteen at the end of a long day. I have so many fond memories eating in the Otters restaurant with all my friends. However, if you have several dietary requirements, intolerances, allergies, or are just quite fussy with food, I would probably suggest going into self-catered accommodation so you have more options and freedom of choice.

Living in Bognor was great as it is a fairly small campus with a great library and outdoor spaces. It was also really convenient for me to live in Barbara Smith Halls as all my classes were based in the Tech Park which is situated just behind my accommodation.

Not having to commute to class made a real difference. Also, the intercampus bus service meant that I could still make the most of the Bishop Otter Campus in Chichester, attend SU events at the Zee Bar, and go to the Rowing Club training sessions at Tudor Hale after class.


Top Tips!

  • Make a cleaning rota with your flat mates
  • Pack an extra lamp for your desk
  • Print lots of photos and a calendar to personalize your pin-board
  • Bring storage bags to keep under your bed
  • Bring a clothes airer with you so you always have one available to use
  • Split washing loads with friends to make the most out of your money
  • Decide together who gets which cupboard and fridge/freezer space
  • Label foods which could get easily mixed-up
  • There’s a bicycle store next to Barbara Smith if you want to use it
  • Make sure you fill out your inventory on arrival and take photos of the room when you move in


Living in Barbara Smith gave me a great balance of study and socializing and I thoroughly enjoyed my time living there


*prices are correct as of March 2024

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15 Jan 2024

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