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Meet our international students

At Chichester, we are happy to welcome international students from all around the world! We have a variety of courses with international English support and a dedicated international student support team to help you settle into your new home.



“Everyone here is so friendly and so welcoming at the University even with just a smile as you walk by. Staff and students are really helpful so don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything! Also, for any new international students, the University ensure that you aren’t left on your own and they hold an International Welcome Day for all of the other students in the same position as you – giving a tour to them all and hosting a party for everyone to get to know each other better!” Jessie Chitombo (Zimbabwe), BA (Hons) Music Performance


“I enjoy my course so much because of great tutors. They always support me, they are happy to share their knowledge and give any advice whenever I need it. The course group isn’t very big, so we all know it each other and that just makes it feel like one big family!” Ingrida Daugnoraite (Lithuania), BA (Hons) Fine Art


“I chose to study MSc International Business from the University of Chichester as the University provides study on more practical aspects with real-life business situations. They arrange opportunities for you to meet real-life business people and tackle real-life business problems. Chichester are ready to support you with any problem, academically or personally.

The University have a separate department for international students which look after the safety and wellbeing of any international students. The staff are extremely supportive in any situation and always have a solution to any potential problem. The Bognor Regis campus is beautiful and close the seaside.” Shaktikumar Patel (India), MSc International Business


“I participated in many summer camps and travelled in different countries and found that I liked the British environment the most, I’ve been in England since my A-Levels. The University of Chichester has the combined courses that I wanted to study that not many other universities had.

Chichester is a nice and quiet place, the people here are really friendly and transport is convenient. I love the teachers and students here, they are all willing to help others, they are nice to international students and everyone always wants to give extra help where they can.” Xinyue Deng (China) BA (Hons) Events Management and Accounting & Finance


“UK Universities have an impressive international reputation and are renowned for their excellence. I knew by studying in the UK I would be immersing myself in centuries of high-quality academic education.

I chose the University of Chichester because of their academic reputation and because the University is the best match for my degree. I like the fact that the classes are in small groups as it makes it easy for the students to engage during lectures and helps the lecturers have direct contact with every student. The library has both online and hardcopy books, and research materials. There are lots of activities at the University which helps students relieve stress and meet others, making Chichester the best place to study.

The best part of my course is the practical aspect of planning and execution of events. I like the challenge that comes with the course because I have been able to develop transferrable skills that will be useful in any working environment.

I love living in Chichester because it’s a quiet place that helps me focus on my coursework without too many distractions.” Uche Nebo (Nigeria), BA (Hons) Events Management


“For as long as I remember, I always wanted to study abroad. I chose the UK because here there are more opportunities in the career that I’ve chosen to study. It was really easy to choose the University of Chichester because it was the only University that offered a joint course that was my dream to study! Living in Chichester is lovely, everything is close so you don’t need to worry about getting a car and it’s safe and feels like home.” Marta Bagdziunaite (Lithuania), BA (Hons) Music Performance and Acting for Film

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