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My Music audition experience

Elliot Cox, Music Performance student

When I first came to my audition, we met in the main reception by the head of department, Ben Hall. Ben auditions all the music students himself. He took us to a room where he told us more about the university as well as everyone getting to know each other and the plan for the audition. This gave us and our family members time to ask questions.

After this we went to the Chapel for the audition.We did the auditions in groups which meant we had time to warm up and get to meet the other auditionees a bit better. During the audition we would talk about the piece and how we could portray the music – which is very similar to a tutorial you would have as a university student. After the audition, we then had the opportunity to ask for a tour of the campus, ask any questions that we might have or were free to go.

I attended auditions at every institute I applied for and became less nervous at each audition as I played the same piece at each one. Other places I attended had more formal auditions with what to wear and how it done whereas at Chichester the auditions are in groups, this means that it is a more informal style of audition. It also means you can meet new people before you have even decided on where to go. These people may also end up going to other auditions you will be at as well. An example of this is I met someone who ended up being at three of my auditions!

My advice for anyone with auditions coming up is:

  • Don’t be nervous and give it your best shot – the audition panel are not against you and want you to do well. They are looking for the potential in you, not the finished product.
  • Make sure you are well prepared for the audition as you can be.
  • Look around the rest of the city as this is the place you could be spending the next chapter of your life in.

The community that is all the students and staff at the university is so fulfilling. Every person is such a friendly figure regardless of your course or your background. To be able to walk through the campus and just see how vibrant and busy it is, whilst bumping into and chatting to various numbers of people you know reminds me that I chose the right university to study at. In the end its not just the experience and skills you receive relating to your degree but it’s also about the memories and people you will meet that will stay with you throughout your life for you to look back on that is important!

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