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Binding and Dissertations




Binding a document is a great final touch that can make your work stand out.

Binding can add a professional look and makes documents more durable. Binding is also an excellent solution for documents which are too thick for stapling. Whatever the need, we have binding options to suit.

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Wire Binding

Wire binds are great for easy reading because they can be opened out fully (i.e. laid flat on a surface). These are ideal for workbooks, handbooks, music books, calendars and more. 

Comb Binding

Very similar to wire binding but with a plastic comb down the spine. These are also great for reading as they can be easily opened out fully. Ideal for workbooks, handbooks, music-books and more.

Thermal Binding

Sometimes called tape binding, thermal binding is more durable than comb binding and uses glue to hold pages together. These are read as a book and can’t be opened as fully as a comb bind. Thermal binds are ideal for formal documents or anything you want to last!

Binding Covers

We have a range of binding covers that we can use to make your work look even more professional. These include clear or translucent plastic; mock leather-grain and windowed covers. All of our binding comes with covers included in the price. 

Dissertation & Thesis Binding

We bind dissertations for students at the University of Chichester and other institutions.

We have several different soft-bound binding options available at both of our campuses and will be happy to help you in the final stage of your academic journey.

The Print and Imaging Service can either print and bind your work or can simply bind ready-printed copies which you bring to us. (Please note: our printing and binding service could take up to 2 working days at busy times).

Before bringing your work to us be sure of the exact specifications to which your project needs to be bound as there are many different ways and some courses/institutions can be very specific in their requirements. We will need to know details such as whether it’s single or double-sided; colour or black and white; and what colour covers or style of binding you’ll need.

Please note: we do not offer hard-back binding at this time.