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Criminology and Sociology Staff

Co-Director - Institute of Education, Health and Social Sciences
Head of Psychology Programmes
Dr Antonina Pereira
Co-Director - Institute of Education, Health and Social Sciences/Reader in Psychology (Research Methods, Cognition and Neuroscience)
Reader in Developmental Psychology (Lifespan Development)
Dr. Rachel King
Lecturer in Biological Psychology
Senior Lecturer in Psychology (Applied Social and Health Psychology)
Senior Lecturer
Reader in Social Policy and Social Work
Senior Lecturer in Psychology (Cultural and Individual Differences Psychology)
Senior Lecturer in Psychology (Cognitive & Behavioural Psychology)
Lecturer in Psychology
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer
Professor of Social Care and Workforce Development
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer
Psychology Lab Technician & Associate Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology
Liaison Tutor
Programme Coordinator for BSc Criminology, Lecturer in Criminology and Forensic Psychology
Senior Lecturer