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Artworks Inspired by Festival 2015 on display at artOne Studios and the Minerva Theatre

Two artistic disciplines come together as Chichester Festival Theatre’s Emerging Artist in Residence, Sehila Craft, exhibits a collection of work inspired by Festival 2015.  Sehila Craft, an MA Fine Art student at the University of Chichester, was appointed as Emerging Artist in Residence in March. Over the course of the Festival, she has produced drawings of areas around the Theatre building as well as observing rehearsals for Way Upstream and The Rehearsal.

MA Fine Art Programme Co-ordinator, Shirley Chubb, said: ‘I have always been keen to develop inter-disciplinary opportunities for our students. The residency provides an exciting real-life opportunity for a student and the Theatre has been extremely supportive in allowing Sehila first-hand experience of such a vibrant and varied creative environment.’

The residency has given Sehila the opportunity to reflect on her own work and develop her style and method. She said: ‘Observing the London rehearsals made me think about the repetition that goes on during the rehearsal process. This is similar to my drawing method. I draw with charcoal, then rub back and an after-image remains. The traces of the ‘lost’ performance are evident in the new performance. Repetition has become a major consideration in my thinking and ongoing painting practice.’  Over the past few months Sehila has been developing her drawings and sketches into final pieces to display at her MA degree show, predominantly using oil on canvas to create figurative illustrations of the Theatre building and the activities that take place inside.

Chichester Festival Theatre’s Executive Director, Alan Finch, said: ‘It’s been wonderful for us to build our relationship with the University through this project and to welcome Sehila into the building to see our working processes. We look forward to seeing the finished pieces.’

Sehila’s works will be displayed across two exhibitions. The MA Fine Art degree show takes place at artOne Studios, 8 – 15 September. A further selection of paintings will be displayed in the Minerva Theatre, Chichester from 10 September – 14 November.


April Jackson (Graduated 2017)

Upon achieving my 1st Class BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree I have continued further education in London, studying for MA Fine Art at the University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art. My BA has enabled me to develop, refine and challenge my own personal practise and to establish a professional practise outside of the educational system, offering opportunities to exhibit, collaborate, curate and sell artwork. This course encourages free thinking and an inquisitive nature. As a result, I find my continuing practise always developing. My practise occupies contextual and theoretical strands which engage my fascination and aspirations to learn, explore and grow as an artist, characteristics which have been enhanced and matured throughout my time at Chichester.

Both academic and theoretical skills incorporated throughout the course have been stimulating and inspired a deeper, inquisitive thirst for knowledge and the pursuit of higher education.

During and since my BA I have been fortunate to be involved in several Artist residencies. Incorporated into the course is the integration of art into the local community. This offers opportunities and experiences to work in local galleries like Pallant House, collaborating and exhibiting work and working within children. My artist residency has deepened my aspirations of teaching and working as an artist within the community.

The course overall has supplied me with the confidence, artistic training and experience to engage with the art world. Developing interpersonal, intellectual and creative skills equipping me for London’s art scene and my future artistic and vocational ambitions.


Megan Priestly (Graduated 2017)

Since completing my degree in 2017 I have moved to Bournemouth to start an MA in Fine art at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). Studying at Chichester has moved my practice forward to an area I’d never thought would become my style of working, as I’ve always stuck to animal portraits. This is where I felt comfortable and from week one at Chichester I was encouraged to paint with an abstract approach, which I continued with throughout my degree which has been a very enjoyable journey. Finishing with my degree show I created the largest piece of work I’ve ever done, which i don’t want to stop doing, I’ve realised I much prefer painting on a large scale as I can be expressive and become part of the painting process.

Alongside the MA at AUB I’m also completing a short course in pattern and fabric printing. I’ve always been interested in sewing and making my own garments, studying at Chichester gave me the opportunity to continue my love for sewing, having access to a fully functional textile workshop. During the summer I got my paintings printed on tester fabrics, some day I’d like to print a whole painting to turn into garments. I hope this short course will give me the skills to do this. I’d also like to continue painting on a large scale thinking more about site specific work and sites where my paintings could inhabit. I’ve been approached during the summer from galleries to possibly exhibit work, which were unsuccessful however this has given me the confidence that people out there are interested in my work.

After my MA I’m not certain where I’ll be heading off to but I’ll continue my practice in some way working part time in a creative job whilst building up to becoming a professional artist.


Matt Lindsay (Graduated 2016 – Communications + placemaking)

Having travelled across South America prior to starting the (BA) Hons Fine Art course, provided me with a wealth of ideas which went on to spark interests in Public Art, Urban sustainability and contemporary Sculpture.

However, it was my 3-years in Chichester that allowed me to draw from my experiences and further develop my personal ideas, realising these ideas in my chosen mediums of drawing, collage and sculpture. The fantastic facilities at the University combined with the collaborative environment of artOne instilled a new lease of confidence and self-assurance, not only into my work as a practicing artist, but also into my future business endeavours.

After graduating in 2016 and having been awarded the Maureen French Travel grant, I have undertaken a 6-month internship with nearby Cass Sculpture Foundation, worked alongside a Property Developer to now working as a Marketing + Communications Coordinator for Wiley Global. Running parallel with my career in Communications, I still maintain my own creative studio, inventing temporary works for exhibitions across the UK.

Studying on the (BA) Fine Art course at Chichester gave me more than a basic knowledge of the industry, it has enabled me to gain numerous transferable skills and a rigid determination to succeed, both in my Communications and artistic careers.


Matt Baron (Graduated 2016 – MA student)

I have learned so much at the University and gained so much more confidence than I ever imaged possible when I first joined in 2012. The studio space, the one-to-one tutorials and the group critiques made available throughout the (BA) Fine Art enabled me to learn what it is to make art in a supportive and challenging environment. Starting as an uncertain painter and being encouraged to engage in art without limits enabled me to develop in paint, and other disciplines, much farther than expected. I now enjoy doing portraits in a mixture of oils and acrylic, attempting to capture people in humorous but engaging circumstances. Throughout trials in mental and physical illnesses the University staff have been amazing; in particular the staff of artOne have been incredibly kind. This was just one reason for me to continue my studies at the University of Chichester by doing an MA. The other major factor was that, having been taught how study many aspects of fine art and use it in my practice, I am keen to explore my art to its full potential. I am certain there is more to learn, and Chichester is one of the best places to do that.


Turk Demir (Graduated 2016 – MA student)

Since I've left my Ba Honours Degree, I decided to go into further study and I'm currently studying an MFA in fine art a two year course full time at Sheffield Hallam University. I also own a little business in the evenings and I'm also a Kit developer twice a week for a company that makes art materials in Sheffield (Loxley Arts). I have continued in a similar manner with my art, exhibiting in 2 smaller galleries in Sheffield.  For future plans, you never know where life may take you but I'm hoping to go into teacher training and end up abroad somewhere with art in mind. The University of Chichester has definitely given me confidence to pursue my practice and I wouldn't be where I am without all the great quality in lecturers/staff


Consuelo Simpson (Graduated 2016 –Artist) 

Completing a Fine Art degree at the University of Chichester transformed my work.  I was encouraged to work on a much larger scale which was liberating in ways I could not have imagined.  Thanks to the guidance of the committed tutors in ArtOne, I developed the skills to enable me to take my work in an unexpected direction while at the same time becoming more aware of the context of the wider art world.  I was invited to exhibit my degree show work at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth as part of Platform 2016, which was both a thrill and a useful experience in dealing with a gallery.  It was also an excellent opportunity to network and make contacts.  I now have the confidence to call myself an artist and to apply for opportunities to exhibit my work.   Public speaking has become much easier and this helps me market myself and I also enjoy giving talks about my work.  As well as developing new work I am currently busy co-curating an exhibition of work involving 50 artists at a gallery in Birmingham in May and in Hoxton, London in the autumn.  I have applied for a place on a MA in Fine Art where I look forward to developing my practice even further.

Charlotte Kimber (Graduated 2015 – Art Design and Technology teacher)

Since completing my degree in 2015 I have trained as a Design and Technology teacher, specialising in Textiles, and currently work in an ‘Outstanding’ Secondary School based in Surrey. Throughout my degree, I found Chichester University was so supportive and nurturing that I decided to complete my PGCE through them. As a result, Chichester University have supported and assisted me in achieving my dream job. Being a teacher has allowed me to share my passion for Textiles and keep young minds inquisitive and inspired. Alongside passionately teaching my subject, I have recently become a head of year. Although new to the role, I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge. It is only now, looking back on my degree, I realise the amount resilience needed in order to succeeded. Had I not completed my degree and built up the ability to become very resilient, I know, I would not still be in my job. Chichester University were so accommodating during my degree and PGCE, they have taught me, everyone has the right and ability to access higher education regardless of their social background or educational needs which is something I hope to pass onto my students.


Alice Samways (Graduated 2015 – artist and administrator)

Studying at the University of Chichester has opened up a lot of doors for me. Since leaving uni I have done some temporary work in art galleries, worked as an art technician at a school, and done a lot of travelling which has helped inspire me creatively. I am currently working in an office while I continue to create and sell art on a freelance basis. I am currently saving up to travel again, and in the future I want to return to education to study an MA. Studying Fine Art at Chichester definitely helped me find myself as an artist, develop my practise, and gain important skills in discipline which motivates me to work on my art work in my spare time. I am able to self-critique my work and have a better understanding of how my work fits into the contemporary art scene. I also would not have got my current job without my degree, as they wanted a graduate for the role.



Oz Bhatti (Graduated 2014 – Artist [Painter] and Teacher of Art and Design: Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Communication)

Undertaking my Fine Art (BA) at the University of Chichester has equipped me with so many life-long learning experiences that I still think of, explore and use regularly in my own artistic practice and professional career as a teacher.  Prior to my degree I would have never considered myself a painter; it was through working alongside like-minded individuals and supportive tutors that this journey unfolded. My experience of Chichester and specifically the Fine Art degree saw my own confidence in my abilities soar, my engagement with the critical and contextual side of the art world evolve to true appreciation and understanding and I was nurtured to question and explore, rather than accept: a skill I later learned to be fundamental to my practice as an artist.

The degree itself aided me to develop an exciting body of non-representational paintings embedded in textiles and the sculptural third dimension. Through unanticipated tacit exploration I soon realised I was interested and inspired by walking the line of what is a painting and what is not: the cross-over, collaboration and contradiction between artistic discipline and media. Very quickly my passion for a hybrid painterly practice was born. The degree show and subsequent collaborative shows I was a part of allowed me to raise my profile as an artist and led to me becoming an Artist-In-Residence in a London School where I worked closely with a group of students to help them question their own perceptions of artistic disciplines and the art world itself. I later trained as a teacher of Art and Design at the Institute of Education, UCL, and will be returning once again to complete my Master’s degree in Art and Design Education. In my teaching career I have worked to engage students through my presence as an artist and not just as the teacher; thus, I still maintain my artistic practice alongside teaching where I participate in a number of exhibitions each year. A true love of learning and art was created in me whilst at Chichester and I still wish to further question and develop my artistic practice.


Dean Rossiter (Graduated 2014 – artist and teacher)

It’s safe to say that my time spent studying at Chichester were the best and most important four years of my life. Both the BA and MA have had a profound effect on my life and my artistic practice. The quality of teaching and the constructive guidance supplied by the tutors unlocked a passion and love for art I never knew existed. My progression from the BA to the MA at Chichester saw a complete overhaul of my artistic practice, one which was nurtured throughout the MA by the tutor’s unique ability to unlock the potential in every students work. Since graduating I have gone on to pursue a career as an artist which has led me to become represented by galleries and museums in London, New York, Miami, Hong Kong and Shanghai. None of this would have been possible without the four years spent learning from the tutors at Chichester, for whom I am eternally grateful to have met. My time studying at Chichester has enabled me to follow my dreams and has transformed me from a student to an Artist.


Tom Savage (Graduated 2014 – Designer)

After finishing my degree I immediately got a job as a technician for two prominent artist, Andrew Sabin and Laura ford. I was introduced to them at the university during my degree show and used my art on display as an example of the skill I had to offer and the techniques I had learnt during my time at university. It was great being able to work with professional artists and getting to help create some amazing artwork which then toured the country and been in prominent art galleries. After Working as an art technician (and doing a few less interesting jobs I) saw a job application posted on facebook by my old tutor Tim Sandys-Renton. The application was for a graphic designer at a children's playground manufacturing company. I applied using my university portfolio as an example of my drawing ability and have now been working here for nearly two years. In that time I have progressed with the company and now design all the bespoke products being installed all over the UK including one coming to Chichester in the summer. My time at the University of Chichester prepared me for many aspects of my job such as giving presentations, putting together proposals and developing my 3D design skills. I hope to continue to develop with the company and improve my 3D computer modelling skills and to create large exciting play spaces across the uk.        


Michelle Spencer (Graduated 2014, MA 2015 – PhD student)

I completed my BA Fine Art degree at Chichester University in 2014; this provided me with an excellent framework of practical skills and theoretical knowledge to develop as a painter. In 2016 I finished an MA Fine Art degree at Chichester, which advanced my practice even further. Studying at Chichester not only meant that I learnt new skills and gained knowledge, but it led to a number of interesting opportunities and experiences. In 2015 I was a performer in The Place at the Table at Pallant House, Chichester. In 2015 I was part of The Inventive Factory curated by Yinka Shonibare MBE, held at the Novium in Chichester, which was part of the Museums at Night festival. Since leaving the BA I have had three paintings short listed for the National Open Art competition. These opportunities have provided an insight into what it means to be a contemporary artist and shows that it does not necessarily mean constantly working in a studio.  At the moment I am currently undertaking a Pre- PhD at the University of Chichester in the expectation of doing a practice-led PhD. My aspiration for the future is to teach and be a practicing artist.


Pippa Tucker (Graduated 2014 – graphic design and marketing)

The BA Fine Art Degree was one of the biggest learning curves of my life and I’m so thankful for it. My time on the course helped me develop my artistic style and learn more than I thought possible. I was thrilled to sell all my work at the degree show (apart from one piece which I have kept for myself!), and this gave me the confidence to keep making work and feel like a ‘real artist’. I have continued to make and sell work in my spare time, and really value the intensity of learning that I experienced at University as a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I do miss now.

I work in graphic design and marketing, and although I’m not painting for a living (I can dream), there are skills that I learnt on the course that are invaluable to me in a professional context; presentation skills, researching for inspiration, public speaking, pitching ideas and not being afraid to go through the creative process of failure informing success.

My future plans are to keep making work, and invest more time in the next stage of artistic development that I know needs to happen for my work to stay fresh. At some point I would like painting to become my full-time occupation, but for now I am happy to steal any opportunity to create work alongside a normal working life.

I am thankful for my time at Chichester University, for the creative freedom, the time and effort invested in me from great teachers and the time to keep creating and developing with no ‘normal life’ distractions!


Andrea Vassallo (Graduated 2014 – BA Fine Art – and 2016 – MA Fine Art – Art technician)

After many years of work in major museums and galleries such as Venice Doge’s Palace, Roman Coliseum, Archaeological Museum of Naples and London National Gallery, I joined University of Chichester in 2011 when I started my degree in BA (Hons) in Fine Art. I used this opportunity to focus and develop my love for something, normally considered as hobby, into a career path. I graduated and joined the MA course, which I concluded in 2016.

These intense five years allowed me to explore and experiment, discover new things, challenge myself and find my personal way of working. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, always supported by outstanding quality of teaching and indispensable technical support. These two qualities, alongside my focus, led me to great achievements not only within the department but also outside of the University in the professional contexts of collaborations and exhibiting work.

In 2016 I became the Artist in Residence at Chichester Festival Theatre. This was an inspiring and deeply rewarding time, a journey of eight months behind the scenes of national treasure of the theatre. It gave me confidence and enabled me to bring all of my skills to into play. It was this experience that was crucial in being offered a post by the University as an art technician and to support the next wave of undergraduates.

I embarked on a voyage of discovery 5 years ago and now, I am travelling further into new territory because, thanks to the BA and MA I have gained the foundation for my application to a PhD, to research further into my art practice.


Brad Kenny (Graduated 2014 - BA Fine Art Student)

The (BA) Fine Art degree has given me the biggest development I thought possible in skills and understanding of art, and in my practice as a painter, (my preferred medium is oil paint on canvas). When I arrived at Chichester I was confident in my abilities with a realism style of painting. By the end of the degree I have a totally different style and techniques with abstractly expressive representation. I felt confident with my practice, and where I am in the art world and to call myself an artist. However, remaining at Chichester for my MA, I'm beginning to learn that there is still a lot of development ahead of me. With the support and guidance of the fantastic tutors here, and in the first class artOne studio, I feel that my practice is progressing further, sometimes in a way I had not thought possible. My comprehension of contextual and theoretical art is constantly being questioned, even requiring some unlearning in order to learn. There is a demand for commitment, consistency, discipline and self-study. I am continuing to develop at Chichester and even in my personal life, in this short time, I feel much more confident. It is only now I am beginning to understand the importance and responsibility the role of artist has to represent the modern age, and how vital it is for my career to develop through my MA and beyond. Like any artist, I’m not certain where I am heading off to, there are no certainties, but I know that the University of Chichester continues to push me to master my craft.

Holly Rozier (Graduated 2013 – MA Fine Art student):

In 2013 I left the University of Chichester feeling more inspired and driven to continue with my artwork than ever. Following my BA Fine Art, I enjoyed a year placement as the Artist in Residence at St Georges Independent Girls School in Ascot. This placement was a fantastic opportunity to work with young art students and create my own artwork pretty much full time. Following that, I moved to Brighton where I continued creating artwork alongside working as a Visual Arts Technician at Worthing College for 3 years. During this time my sculptures were exhibited around the south coast and London, highlights being my first solo show ‘Unheimlich’ at Corridor Gallery Brighton (2016) and (C)overt Corporeality, a feminist exhibition at the Art Exchange in Colchester (2017).

After moving down south in 2010, I have recently returned home to the midlands to undertake an MA Art and Design course part time at Loughborough University. Alongside I have enjoyed a placement as the Artist in Residence at Derby College, through which my sculptures are currently on show at Sudbury Hall in Derbyshire, as part of the National Trust’s ‘Women and Power’ event (March-October 2018).

With one more year to go on my MA I am very excited about how much my work is developing, and I have to thank staff at the University of Chichester for that. They always encouraged experimentation, and always pushed you to develop your work by thinking outside of the box. That has really stuck with me. Also, some of the crits that I left feeling the most disheartened by are the ones that really help me still to this day. I would not have changed anything about my time at the University of Chichester and my years in the Art One building!


Gemma Green (Graduated 2013 – MA Fine Art student)

After graduating from the Fine Art BA degree in 2013, I continued my studies and was delighted to graduate with a Distinction in Master of Arts Fine Art in 2015. I was fortunate to have a number of opportunities during both degree courses in which developed my professional practice. For example, from September to December 2014, I participated in a pilot collaborative project between Pallant House Gallery and the University of Chichester. Through the project, I was partnered with an artist from Outside In and we spent four months creating art together. It was a wonderful experience and inspirational to me and my art practice. Furthermore, alongside creating art, the degree courses equip you with numerable transferable skills.

Throughout my educational studies, I worked part-time in a number of different roles and, most recently, since graduating from the MA degree, I have been working in an administrative role to gain experience and develop abilities in administration, organisation and customer service. The knowledge and skills I have gained in managing a small business are invaluable, and will support me as I establish myself more as a freelance artist. Through my love of art, I continually produce work and am focusing on building a portfolio. I have participated in a number of small exhibitions, and look for opportunities to share my art with others. I have submitted works to competitions and will soon be approaching publishers and designers, with a view to gaining commissions. Through my experience and qualifications in teaching in lifelong learning, I am also in the process of planning workshops to share my passion for drawing and encourage others in their practice.


Livi Kattenhorn (Graduated 2013 – Artist)

Since completing my BA in 2012 I have travelled to many amazing countries and my work has been carved from the visual experiences. I work in a secondary school which have recently offered many training opportunities into qualifying as an Art teacher. Alongside this i branched out into starting my own business selling my landscape and seascape paintingsand. I have also been commissioned to paint large murals for corporate companies, supermarkets and care homes. Without the BA and advice from my lecturers to believe in myself, all this wouldn't have been possible.


Maria Caldaralo  (Graduated 2013 – Artist with aspirations to be a yoga teacher)

After graduating in 2013, I moved to the south west of France.  I have been working odd jobs and trying to improve my French, which has left plenty of time for me to continue my art practice.  I have been crocheting with recycled fabric, as craft supplies (and money!) are a bit thin on the ground. I have also been teaching myself to cross-stitch. My plan for the next year is to get some money together and train to be a yoga teacher.

Although art has not stayed as big a part of my life as it was at Uni, the experience was worth the hard work. Being part of a group of like-minded people, in an inspirational working environment is something I really miss. If I could do it again I would, for all the right reasons!


Sarah Watson (Graduated 2012 – Lead teacher of Art at a secondary school)

“I was so excited when I joined The University of Chichester in 2012, where I joined as an enthusiastic young mind, but not sure of the direction I was travelling in. The professors here are amazing, they have all really opened my eyes to new materials, processes and possibilities. They are always willing to lend a hand or advice whenever you need it. I remember being taught how to create my first successful etching print by Chris, which I now use to inspire my own students as the Lead Teacher of Art at a secondary school near London. I remember Vicki teaching me how to Felt, which led me to contribute to the Alice Kettle flower collaboration which was exhibited in The Queens House in Greenwich in 2014 and led me onto exhibiting a painting at the Ox Market Gallery in Chichester in 2015. Being at The University of Chichester really unleashed my inner self and brought out a whole new level of confidence in my work. I know now, 3 years on, that I am a Painting and Textiles based artist and I found that through being in Chichester. In the near future, I would love to exhibit more with like minded artists, build on my photography skills and become a Lead Practitioner in my areas of expertise.”


Emil Thompson (Graduated 2012 – Artist)

Studying Fine Art at the University of Chichester provided me with a fantastic springboard from which to launch my career in the arts. Many of the interpersonal skills I learned there - especially the ability to articulate ideas about my work in front of other people have enabled me to carry my practice forward into new and exciting areas. After leaving the university I returned to Scotland where I embarked on an MFA at Dundee's prestigious Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and from which I graduated with a distinction. At the moment I am very excited to be commencing a fully funded PhD in Music at Newcastle University. When I began the Fine Art undergraduate course at Chichester I would never have imagined that I would be able to pursue my academic ambitions to the level which I have now achieved but in retrospect I can clearly see how the unstinting encouragement and support I received during my time there were instrumental in fomenting an underlying confidence in my own work and abilities that I had not previously possessed. The enthusiasm and attentiveness of the tutors at Chichester really helped to bolster my self-confidence and direct me towards pursuing my academic ambitions far beyond what I had ever previously imagined possible.


Steph Hobbs (Graduated 2011 – artist)

Since completing my degree in 2011, I have focused my work on wildlife. Most of my work comes from private commissions and selling pieces of work at Art fairs and exhibitions. Alongside this, I run my own art workshops, something that I really enjoy. Not only has it been valuable to my own practice, but it is incredibly rewarding to see others becoming confident artists in their own right. In the last few years I’ve been constantly experimenting and pushing my work and I have found myself moving towards illustration. I’m now working towards writing and illustrating my own children’s books.  Doing the fine art degree gave me so many valuable skills. Not only did it improve my practical skills but gave me the confidence to put myself out there as a working artist.  


Katie Martin (Graduated 2011 - Cass Foundation coordinator)

Since finishing my degree in May 2011 I carried out an internship at Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood. The internship was a real eye opener into the art world, how the commissioning process works, how a successful organization manages large scale projects; I learnt all the things you don't find in a textbook but are essential for working in the art world. Through completing the internship the foundation recognized my skills and offered me a job; I have been working as the foundation coordinator since July 2011.

Through studying fine art at University of Chichester I gained a number of skills that have helped me in my career path. I have become a confident public speaker which is a skill I often use in my job and is a skill that I learnt from doing presentations at uni. My confidence also grew whilst on the course and this has been really essential; not only in my job but in marketing myself as an independent sculptor. Through completing my degree I have been given the skills I need to carry out a hopefully long and successful career in the art world, it was definitely a worthwhile journey.


Sarah Ridley (Graduated 2011 - Artist)

Since leaving Uni I have completed commission for a bench in Oaklands Park for the Disctrict Council. I used the money from selling the large figure carving at my Uni degree show to buy materials and made a 16ft yurt from scratch; I plan to rent out yurts to campers. I have begun a blacksmithing course which I am thoroughly enjoying and did a one-day course at the Weald and Downland on Pole-Lathe turning (where I am also now volunteering). I have now built my own lathe, bought my own set of lathe chisels and I hope to make a supplementary living by selling what I make, whether it is Art or craft. Despite appearances, I don't want to diversify too much so that I can get very good at a few things, rather than spreading myself too thinly. I am putting myself forward for commissions; for a new hotel in Connecticut USA, and others. I am under no illusions that it will go anywhere but it's good practice. I'm also designing a collection of furniture and objets d'Art. I had work shown in an exhibition at Chichester Cathedral, Bishops Palace Gardens, in July ’11, for “Love Parks” week.


Sarah Ozanne (Graduated 2011 - artist and passenger service agent)

During the last couple of months of my studies I worked as an intern at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, which gave me a better understanding on how an art foundation is run. My artist knowledge improved as well as learning the processes that the artists have to go through to get to that end result. After finishing my course I had to go back home to Guernsey. I applied for scholarships and bursaries so that I could take a MA, but unfortunately I had to defer my entry. For a year I worked as a passenger service agent at Guernsey Airport and volunteering at the Guernsey SPCA to earn some money. Whilst working I have been working on private art commission’s and projects and I decided that a MA wasn’t the right choice. I have seen bought a small kiln, share a pottery wheel and an art space with a friend to keep practicing and producing pieces.  Currently I am an animal care assistant at the GSPCA which I love and I have lots of beautiful subjects for inspiration to paint and sculpt.


Hannah Hopkins (Graduated 2010 - artist)

Since leaving in 2010 I was selected as one of the 10 finalists out of 300, for the signature art awards in London. I didn’t win, however one of the prizes was to be signed up by the gallery. After the exhibition the gallery approached me and signed me up anyway. So I was chuffed with that. I got into the Stride Open Art, and I’ve also just had 2 paintings excepted in another open exhibition in Runnymede. Also I’ve just been selected to exhibit my work in Pall Mall London at the Parallax art fair in the summer, which will be followed by my own little solo exhibition at the Oxmarket at the end of August. So I’m busy trying to produce enough paintings! Here’s my website if you want to have a peak at what I’ve been up to.


Lucy Greenfield (Graduated 2010 - Art project worker with Pallant House Gallery)

During my time at Uni I applied for the MA course to carry on my studies, however on leaving in 2010 I decided to defer my place on the course as I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go. In September 2010 I started interning at Pallant House Gallery with Outside In, a project that supports marginalised artists. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time with the Outside In team giving me a fantastic opportunity to grow within their organisation and be part of the innovative Learning and Community team at the gallery. In January I was offered part time work within the organisation; my role as a project worker for involves supporting artists, updating the website, creating the monthly newsletter and in the last few months I have been given responsibility for the Outside In Gallery in Wellington House Day Centre in Brighton.

The University of Chichester helped me confirm the importance of art in my own life, it taught me great drive and focus. It gave me confidence in my creative practice and this is something that I find important when working with other artists, to pass on that belief in your work. The end of year degree show at the university gave me a diverse range of skills, from curating an exhibition in a small space to practical skills in putting on a show that I am using now in my career.


Eileen Maspero and Chris Whittington (Graduated  2010 - Artists and freelance Art teachers)

"We are both self employed artists, running our own business Decima Designs. We started this venture in Oct 2009 so that we had something to go straight into when we left UoC. We are still going strong 2 years later running our own part time classes in Fused Glass, Leaded Glass and Ceramics. We have a steady stream of learners through these classes, some returning time after time on a new course. We make work to sell through The Oxmarket in Chichester, The Spring Gallery in Havant, and other local outlets. We are in the process of making stock to sell next year at Firle Place and Stanstead House Garden Shows, as well as other venues. We are renting an artist's studio in Drayton, Hants, which we share with a wildlife artist, and here we have enough space to run our classes from as well as carry out our own work. We are at the moment self-supporting as this is our full time jobs.

The Donald Wilson House project, which we undertook and subsequently won the commission for, in our second year at UoC, gave us the confidence and a little cash to carry forward plans that we were making for our future after Uni. Those plans have become reality and hopefully will continue for years to come.


Mat Stanton (Graduated 2009 - MA student)

I'm currently halfway through my MA course at Bath and I am still creating paintings based around a club theme. To say it's hard work is a bit of an understatement but I'm finding the course very enjoyable.


Toff Rigert (Graduated 2009 – Photographer)

After leaving Uni I showed work in the Joy Gallery and the Joy Festival, all of which I sold. I am now living in Switzerland where I manage a custom ski boot shop in Verbier. I am skiing and training to compete in Free-ride competitions. I will follow this up by going to New Zealand and carrying on with my free skiing and working to get rid of my debts. I have made a new web site The running of the shop here in Switzerland obviously takes up a lot of my time and during my rest period I hope to get back to taking some pictures for future works. University of Chichester helped me to realise what I wish to do in life, and gave me the confidence and skills to research how to make it work. It has also given me the ability to be self-directed and productive.


Alice Corby (Graduated 2009 – Artist and freelance art teacher)

Since finishing University I have been involved in Hampshire open studios where I sold numerous pieces of work, and did some work at a specialist arts school for students aged 11-16. When this finished I applied to volunteer out in India with Raleigh international. I have been out here since January 2011. I have been working in very poor communities building toilets and digging elephant trenches etc..... and I am now travelling in India for a couple more weeks and will be back at the start of May 2011. Myself and 7 Uni friends did an exhibition last August; we have a website called and we are planning to keep going with that.


Vikki Leedham (Graduated 2009 – Assistant Curator)

Since graduating in 2009 I have worked for various galleries across the South East and London. In January 2016 I took over as gallery manager and co-curator of the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden in Surrey ( - exhibiting over 200 sculptures for seven months a year in a stunning and unique environment. I started at the sculpture garden just after graduating, and have taken on more and more as owner Hannah Peschar slowly retired. After Hannah fully retired in 2015, I now work in partnership with the co-owner Anthony Paul - who is a world renowned landscape designer. I source the artists and run the gallery, and then Anthony and I curate the exhibition together. During my first few months at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, I realised that we were exhibiting and selling sculpture by Mike Savage - who had taught me sculpture in my first semester at the University of Chichester!) I have also worked for various other galleries, including assisting in the set up and establishment of a new sculpture gallery in Islington. I lecture at schools and design colleges about the Sculpture Garden itself, the relationship between art and nature, and as a sculpture specialist.

In summer 2017 I will be on the award panel for the Richard Seager Bursary ( - a bursary scheme for art and design graduates from University of Brighton.

Alongside all of this, I also started my own company designing and baking cakes; from birthdays and Christenings to huge wedding cakes - although this has taken somewhat of a backseat as the Sculpture Garden has needed more of my time. I have continued to create my own work, and I have been commissioned to design and paint several murals; including a huge sensory room (all walls and ceiling) in a large private house. I don’t think anyone would have imagined me in this position during my degree, but I think the freedom of being able to explore materials and processes in artOne gave me the confidence to try something new. Every time I stand up to give a lecture or talk, I remember our third year presentations - and I am so grateful for the ‘professional practice’ module. I have now built up quite a name for myself, but it’s still quite humbling when people know who I am.


Katie Parfey (Graduated 2009 – Artist)

Since completing my Degree, I have set up a studio with another graduate and am currently researching for new work with which to approach galleries. Shortly after the degree show, I was made redundant from my job and took this as a sign to commit completely to life as a struggling artist! The degree developed my organizational abilities, my personal discipline and my problem-solving resources and also my self-belief. I have every intention of continuing to push myself and question life through art and will hopefully show in London in future.


Rosina Godwin (Graduated 2009 – Artist)

Since leaving university in 2009, I have organised a solo show, titled DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES at the West End Centre, Aldershot, and in 2010 exhibited with Jane Askew in THE UNCANNY:- EXPLORING AN UNCERTAIN REALITY, at the Harvey Gallery, Guildford. I have volunteered for a variety of organisations, including working as a Marketing Analyst at Fishbourne Roman Palace, Recruitment Co-ordinator at the Citizen Advice Bureau, general volunteering at Aspex Gallery and as a Front of House Assistant at Camden Arts Centre; where I have recently completed an in-house art handling training course. In 2010, I completed the C&G PTLLS teaching qualification; I am currently studying for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Certificate and C&G Level 1 Book-keeping, both of which I hope to complete in December2011. During 2011 I have participated in several London art exhibitions, including the 10 GALES PRIZE, 10 Gales Gallery, Bethnal Green, PARALLAX AF at La Galleria, Pall Mall (where an image of my work was used for the poster) and the BRENT SALON DES ARTS, at Willesden Green Gallery. I am currently learning to write funding raising bids, and working with Unity Arts Trust at the VCACD (Voluntary and Community Action), Chichester.


Vicki Isted (Graduated 2008 – Photographer & Digital Artist)

After graduating from my Fine Art degree, I was unsure of how to progress and decided to take a further course and study a diploma in Photography. During this time I was contacted by several companies to design logos and spent several months creating images for an online bespoke kitchen design application. However, I caught the photography bug and was asked by a local events photographer ( to assist and edit photographs; I have since been approached by another larger photography company and now assist at a greater range of events and weddings, along with the admin side of things! All in all, it has so far been a great experience where I've met so many people and been to some amazing events!

I am now building up my portfolio of work on my fresh new website ( where I sell photographic prints and t-shirt designs. I have also had work exhibited during the Arundel Festival and photographs printed in Portsmouth's 'The News' and published on Portsmouth City Council's website and have recently had my first private request to photograph a wedding.

Without my degree behind me, and more specifically my first two years studying a minor in Design for Digital Media I wouldn't have the skills and knowledge I gained with Adobe and my understanding of design, print and screen and the ability to work independently with my own ideas.


Robyn Allen (Graduated 2008 – Trainee teacher)

Doing a PGCE at the university of Bedfordshire. University of Chichester and course helped me with my confidence in sharing ideas and talking to groups of people. Also started me off on my journey of reflective thinking which is handy for the PGCE.


Katie Davis (Graduated 2008 – Artist and Art Therapy MA student)

Things are going well for me. I am still very much an artist, loving every minute I can spend with paintbrush or ink-quill in hand. I am currently studying an MA in Art Therapy at the University of Hertfordshire and expect to be finishing May 2013. My time at Chichester University allowed me time and space to explore my creativity.

During the third year I began to think about my future, knowing that I wanted to keep my artistic side alive. In one of the art tutorials I revisited the world of 'Outsider Art' and wondered what it would be like to help change others' perspectives using art, which led me to where I am now. I am hoping to qualify as an art therapist and continue with my practice as an artist. I still hold a great sense of affection and respect for the tutors at University of Chichester, since you all have helped me to believe in my 'artist' self.


Dan Hasker (Graduated 2008 – art teacher)

After leaving University of Chichester I worked as a teaching assistant. This was a good experience, having benefited from learning support myself while at Uni; it was a good chance to give something back. After working there for a year I then went on to study at Reading University for my PGCE in secondary art, and I'm now in the process of looking for an art teaching job. Needless to say my experience at Chichester Uni was a great benefit to me and will be something I will draw on throughout my life.


Edward Neville (Graduated 2007 - Designer)

Since graduating from the University of Chichester I have been doing my best to climb the creative commercial ladder. Shortly after my graduation I secured a creative position working for the Merlin Entertainments Group. I worked in an unusual role unique to the theme park and leisure industry; spanning initial design concepts, artwork, placement recommendation and installation as well as management of idea creation for projects out sourced to specialist suppliers. After three years in this position I decided to develop my skills further by moving to project manage a creative agency where I could work with some amazing established brands. I manage commercial creative solutions on-brand and on-budget by combining traditional design methodologies, with exciting new technology to produce creative solutions that embrace both digital and printed visuals.


Helen Higgins (Graduated 2007 - artist and aspiring curator).

After graduating I worked as Artist in Residence at Christ’s Hospital School, a charitable boarding school in West Sussex. This was a fantastic opportunity to develop my printmaking and teaching skills. As part of the Community Action project I took a group of sixth form students to Romania running arts workshops for children with special/social needs and spent the following summer teaching English in a school in rural Nepal.

During my residency I was selected to take part in Visual biographies: object, art and archaeological practice (Southampton University). I curated two solo exhibitions, exhibited at the London Art Fair, AAF, ran workshops in Amsterdam and featured in several group shows across the UK.

Since 2009 I have worked part-time as Museum Assistant and Archivist at C.H Museum whilst completing public art commissions and photographic projects for a number of Museums and Galleries. Worthing Museum and Art Gallery commissioned a solo show in January 2011 in which I explored and reinterpreted works from their archaeological collection.

In May 2011 I completed an internship at the Hayward Gallery, primarily working on British Art Show 7. ( This furthered my interest in Curating and I am now studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in the History of Art (The Courtauld Institute of Art). I aim to complete an MA the following year.

My BA degree equipped me with a vast range of applicable skills vital to the progression of my career so far. The Fine Art tutors have continued to be incredibly supportive since I graduated in 2007.


Kay Mawer (Graduated 2007 – Entrepreneur and business woman)

The years since graduating from have whizzed by in a blur!  I had set about purchasing a dormant company, Clothkits while still studying at Chichester University.  I had been exploring what commercial opportunities there might be for me after graduating. I knew that it was an absolute must for me to be working within a creative environment. I needed to be immersed within it and to share time with like-minded souls. 

Maybe it was zeitgeist but a couple of unrelated things led me to research the history of 1968 established 'Clothkits' whilst still a student. I loved the simplicity of the designs, and the fantastic nostalgia that I associated with the brand.  The process of negotiation took about 18 months - the then owner of Clothkits (a large global organisation that owned Freemans Catalogue) were never going to use the brand again, but equally there was not a great deal of incentive for them to sell it either.  Eventually with some tenacity and luck contacts were signed almost at the same time I finished my studies at Chi Uni.   I was then able to set about putting the company back together again. In practise this was from absolute scratch, as in essence what I had purchased was a sheet of paper - so I purchased all rights to Clothkits and it's Intellectual Property - but there was no physical stock, no premises, no actual 'stuff'.

So now ten years on I have had the most wonderful journey.  Gone are the times of printing sample kits on the kitchen floor (with the marvellous out of hours help of a Chi Uni Fine Art Technician!), or persuading my toddlers to pose for the camera, or the newness or and packing up orders while the children slept  - but these were in many ways some of the very best bits. I discovered that there is something so wonderfully satisfying about creating something, and it does not stop at art.  Making a business has the same feeling.

As a company we have grown from a small corner in the kitchen into our very own premises and permanent home for Clothkits - in what was a disused pub.  A warm and friendly building, it has room for our copious kits, fabrics and yarns (it's a proper haberdasher's!) and also a large sewing workroom to run our many courses.  We have space for our e-commerce activities and also studios for other creatives to work in.

And then we had the disused beer garden and pub car park... what to do with it??!!  My partner had the idea of filling it with sheds... and we now have a village of them (  These are all now all let on flexible and low cost terms to a start up businesses, predominately creative ones.  This newish venture for me (2016) also stems from work that I had done whilst at Chichester University.  Senior Art Lecturer Tim Sandys Renton worked passionately for art studio provision to be written into the local plan for Chichester District Council's Planning Department as part of the Graylingwell redevelopment.  All evidence points to how little support there is out there in this area for fledgling creative and artistic businesses.  We still have a long way to go to fulfil the true need, but it is a start.

What can I say? I am so lucky!  So lucky to have had such great and supportive tuition at Chichester. So lucky to be working in a fab industry.  And so lucky to have met and worked with such great people along the way.


Jo Wilbraham (Graduated 2007 – Artist)

During my years at university I fell in love with painting portraits. Thanks to guidance from tutors and inspiration from friends and other students, I eventually found a painting technique that both scared and excited me. Pushed by tutors to take bigger risks in painting, I learnt the most and produced what I consider better paintings. Without being encouraged to be analytical of my own work, and to examine my own agendas before painting, I would not have progressed to make paintings I felt I could be proud of. Since leaving University, one of my larger canvases was accepted for the Chichester Open Art exhibition. I was 'highly commended' by the judges, received the 'visitors prize' and sold the work. This has convinced me to push my career forward as a painter. Currently I'm in India working in an orphanage, and I'm looking forward to starting my next body of work based on the children I've worked with. My paintings intend to draw attention to that which remains unseen or unnoticed. This theme related to images of women, and eventually myself whilst at University. I now hope to relate the concept to my experience in India, and to the children I have met here. I also want to continue experimenting with paint and push myself to take more risks to develop my technique and skill. I was told by a tutor in my 2nd year, to stop trying to paint like everyone else and to 'paint like Jo' and this has been the most releasing advice I have had!


Phoebe Allman (Graduated 2007– Arts management intern)

It's been an interesting couple of years since finishing my degree. I successfully completed my MSc Business and Management course at Portsmouth and then lived in London for a year. I now work with Southampton University as the administrator/project assistant for the Technology Enhanced Learning Task Group (for the Faculty of Health Sciences). It's an interesting role in the front line of incorporating new technologies and tools into teaching methods, which hopes to fully engage younger students who are particularly savvy when it comes to these new-fangled things. It's all a bit new and I am being asked to do a variety of work from admin and correspondence to website management and the creation of teaching resources. It is very enjoyable and I am looking forward to a wealth of training on new software. I am on a fixed-term contract until April 2012 by which time I will have built up an excellent knowledge base which I will no doubt use to continue my career within the educational sector, as I find it more compatible to my nature than cut-throat business.


Hannah Rodmell (Graduated 2007 - artist and art teacher)

"Since leaving The University of Chichester I exhibited a few of my paintings in the 2007 Joy exhibition which was great fun! After our degree show I was approached by the online website New Blood Art where I successfully sold work from my series of New York paintings. I then went on to work at a Guildford House Gallery but decided to move to London after a year to push myself as an Artist, open up more opportunities and further my passion to be an Art teacher.

London was definitely a good move as I am constantly surrounded by amazing art and love visiting all the galleries which are on my door step! I managed to get a job in a gallery based in Wimbledon called AGallery where I worked as a gallery assistant and enjoyed working at exhibitions in the heart of London's Pall Mall.

At the end of 2008 after lots of hard work I managed to get a job as an Art teacher giving private tuition to all ages around the Kensington and Chelsea area which I absolutely love! I also do an after school Art club at a lovely school in Chelsea called Cameron House.

Recently I have been offered a place as an Artist in Residence in Wimbledon over the summer months where I have been creating workshops based around my own art work as well as exhibiting which has proven to be very exciting and fulfilling.

I am now lucky enough to have my own art studio where I can paint and continue to develop my ideas as well as having my dream job!

The University of Chichester helped me to really push myself as an artist and to keep trying! None of it has come easy and it is all very hard work, but I have learnt that you can achieve what you want if you really put your mind to can't sit back just waiting for things to happen!


David Pratt (Graduated 2006 – Artist)

Since leaving Chichester university in May 2006 I have been developing some further projects involving drawn imagery in a three dimensional setting. Through this graphic/ found object mix I am experimenting with narratives and the way that the 'vehicle' affects, heightens or transforms them. In this way I am attempting to find a new vocabulary, tweaking and biasing meaning like a cook with herbs. This curious free range blend of genres is doubtless a direct result of my time spent at Chichester where we were never constrained by a single area of study but encouraged to form a dialogue across disciplines. I think what was special about the course was the way it accepted, what you brought to it and encouraged you to think in new contexts. I really enjoyed the three years I spent on this infinitely flexible course. In September I am starting a year at the Prince’s Drawing School in London. David also has work at the Cass Sculpture Foundation:


Suzi Smith (Graduated 2006 – Website Producer and Graphic Designer)

After working as a gallery assistant for a year or so, I decided that I desperately needed to be creating art again. I am currently Website Producer and Graphic Designer at a commercial radio station in Guildford, 96.4 Eagle Radio (, part of the UKRD Group which also runs Spirit FM in Chichester. I am making art in my spare time; frustrating at times and very busy but great fun!


Ashley Weller (Graduated 2006 – Artist, planning to do an MA)

Since leaving the University of Chichester in summer of 2006 I have worked within a number of fields from carpentry through to administration while continuing to develop my own Art in my spare time. Now I have financially found my feet I am able to look forward to starting my own small business. Alongside this I am hoping to do an MA in Arts Management. My time at Chichester gave me the skill and confidence to produce work with a much greater psychological depth, offered many opportunities to display my work within the University and other galleries around Chichester, and gave me experience in organizing and setting up exhibitions and events.


Sam McGann (Graduated 2006 – Artist and support worker)

I work as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties at the moment. I graduated 2006 thinking I would become a teacher and ended up getting teaching experience in a special needs school. This experience gained at the school, coupled with skills learnt on my degree course, landed me my my current job, ‘Group support worker in digital media and creative activities’. In this role I work for the Aldingbourne Trust, a charity which helps adults with learning difficulties learn and develop skills which may eventually lead to paid work. I work in a shared role in the digital media computer studio where we produce documentaries and films with clients teaching them skills with digital cameras and to use editing software to make the films. We also run photography groups and encourage clients to take all the pictures for our magazines and all published material, we also encourage entry of films and photography into competitions. I do some one to one support with clients. I still do artwork, and have exhibited and sold work through the Joy Gallery in Chichester. I share a studio space with some other young artists in town and spend a great deal of spare time painting etc.


Louise Green (Graduated 2005 – Community Artist)

During my degree I did a vocational project where I worked at HMP Ford art classes for three months and I implemented my own visual diary project. Working there made me realise the immense talent that the criminal mind can have and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working with people within this realm. As soon as I finished Uni I started work at West Sussex Youth Offending team, doing community based art projects with youth offenders aged from 11-18, such as painting murals in children's playgrounds, decorating nurseries with wooden animals and numbers and making greeting cards for charity. I thoroughly enjoy it, even though it can be so challenging it can be so rewarding. I also help out at an after-school art group for younger kids and am also about to start working with mental health patients, helping them paint murals and taking them out to art galleries.


Bekkie Gadd (Graduated 2005 - Art Teacher)

I am Head of Art at a Testwood Sports College in Totton, Southampton - I went into teaching after doing my dissertation about Art in secondary school, went for the shorter option as I don’t like writing! - I did PGCE at Bath Spa Uni. I don’t get much time to do my own work - (hardly get any time off as a teacher!) - I do stuff in the holidays. I have been to the degree shows every year at chi to see the work - you don’t realise how lucky you are to be able to do your own work full time when at Uni. Future ambitions ... produce some world famous artists in my classroom! ... find enough time to carrry on with my own work ...


Louise Burston (Graduated 2004 – Artist and Curator)

In 2009 Louise Burston collaborated with artist and writer Gerry King to form a company 'Zero Lubin' in order to brand their artwork. Together they published a book Lubin Tales, and a range of twelve greetings cards combining Gerry's esoteric writing with Louise's graphics. Later this year they are exhibiting at Macclesfield Silk Museum (August - October). The exhibition is entitled 'I want to make memories with you' and showcases their collection of commemorative and souvenir handkerchiefs, embroidered with text inspired by historical events, social history and references to popular culture. Lubin Tales 2 is currently in production. Louise also lectures at Swansea University and runs 'The Redland Art Group', in Bristol. For more information see


Stephen Williams (Graduated 2004 – Art Technician)

Currently I am working as an Art and Design Technician at South Downs College providing technical help to teaching staff and students with their course and project work. I have also been developing my own art practice. During 2006 I have exhibited work at the Gosport Gallery Open Art Show, and at the Havant Arts Network’s Out of the Box exhibition. I also took part in the May Days Arts Trail, open studio event organised by Havant Arts Centre. Studying on the Fine Art Degree programme at Chichester University provided me with solid background knowledge of both the contemporary art world and the requirements of working in an educational setting. This has given me the confidence to follow my own creative direction and to develop a career in the art world.


Jo Tonner (Graduated 2003 – Arts Co-ordinator and Artist)

Fine Art at Chichester offered me a broad approach to the arts enabling me to develop skills in painting, 3D, drawing and media. The degree allowed me to express my ideas and to be flexible in using different materials, increased my creativity and ideas, and made me more passionate towards developing my own art work. This enabled me to further my education by doing an MA in Fine Art painting at Winchester School of Art. Here created very large paintings based on advertising and consumption at Winchester which was bore out of the contextual strand of the modular course at Chichester. The MA lead me straight into doing my PGCE at Brighton Uni teaching Art and Design to secondary pupils, which disciplined my ideas and art practice. Since then I realised my talents could be put to better use elsewhere, like the Cass Sculpture Foundation at Goodwood, where I am now the Foundation Co-ordinator,  which involves using many of the creative skills gained from my degree, and also a lot of the general organisational skills gained from teaching. Now, four years on, I feel part of the furniture at the Cass Sculpture Foundation. I spend time photoshopping areas along Exhibition Road, London with potential commissions for the 2012 Olympics to designing booklets for our Visitor Gallery exhibitions. I work closely with Goodwood, co-ordinating events such as Car Launches (recently: Audi, and coming soon: Porsche), Corporate Team Building (for companies such as Fat Face and Nikon) hosted in our Foundation Centre. A couple times a year I work a few days with designer Mervyn Kurlansky on new ideas for our corporate identity and future publications.


James Brown (Graduated 2003 – Graphic Designer)

After a couple of knee-knocking, gut-wrenching years wondering through life trying to work out just why I kept getting turned down for graduate jobs, estate agents, NASA scientist etc, I finally stumbled into a terrible temp job, where my manager slowly wore me down into accepting a full time role… ah! Then I contacted an old company I’d done a bit of work experience in the past – got a job, worked in London for a bit – loved it! Then the company started to crumble (not solely my fault!) and I started to panic a bit, until I got a call from the Marketing Director of that previous ghastly temp place. He’d seen some small designs I’d done there, liked it and wondered if I’d like to come back on a short 3 month contract to help him rolling out some new brand initiatives (with influences from my little designs). Nearly two years on, I’m a Graphic Designer, a permanent member of the Marketing team in a company with 28,000 staff and an annual turnover of £1.81 billion. When I joined the company they out sourced all design to external agencies, now I’m working on projects that we role out across Europe. These range wildly from brand management, the update of our corporate website and the creation of mini sites for eight separate countries, to corporate folders, flash presentations and developing characters for internal guides.


Jeni Johnson (Graduated 2003 – Artist)

I work out of a live/work studio in an established artist’s community in South East London. I am producing lots of work, which has been exhibited in Cyprus, Spain, and throughout the UK since leaving university in 2003. I recently made the big decision to be self-employed, allowing myself to concentrate on my painting as much as possible. I look back at my time at university as being my first steps along the path to becoming an artist. I knew that when I graduated I was far from ready to be a professional artist, but my degree had given me direction, and had opened the door to the possibility of a post-graduate course. Most importantly, over the course of my three years at Chichester, I had come to know for certain that I wanted to make a career out of my art. For more information, and to see images of my recent work, visit


Marie Smith (graduated 2003 – Artist and arts administrator)

At present I am working at Tate Gallery in London, I'm part of an collective called 4Walls, exhibiting work and I start my MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths in September 2011.


Wendy Middleditch (graduated in 2003 – Artist, Designer)

My degree show was chosen by aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, for an exhibition at their gallery. From this I started working as an artist-educator for aspex and The Childrens' University - Portsmouth.  I've been working for aspex since 2003, on a part-time basis, and I love my job! I work with school children from the Portsmouth and Gosport area. I also get to meet lots of other artists / educators / curators etc. I am  working on projects such as: START : The Princes Foundation for Children and the Arts. Enquire : Creative Evaluation Methods within a Gallery. I've also been designing for, creating designs relating to my degree show work, which is influenced by Japanese origami patterns mixed with images such as break dancers. These designs are being sampled, and will be launched in Summer 2009. I have been lucky enough to get work experience at a Graphic Design Studio, creating illustrations for promo-brochures for West Stoke House . I'm currently working on some contemporary wedding invitations and setting up a design company to sell these on the internet. I still love painting!


Matthew (Roz) Hall (Graduated, Fine Art/Related Arts Joint, 2003 - Video Producer and Media specialist)

After graduating in 2003 I started up a digital video company, Compulsive Productions LTD, which worked mainly with community Arts groups across Hampshire and West Sussex, including work with Arts Council, Big Draw, UK Film Council and Creative Partnerships. I left Compulsive in 2009 to work at the University of Chichester as Media and ELearning Specialist to promote teaching with technology. I still produce digital films, working with local actors/writers on personal projects and producing music videos for D-list celebrities.

My video projects have won various national and international film awards including two UK Film Council First Light Best Movie Awards. Our short film Dark Me5h was voted into the final 10 Best Films in the Trigger Street International Film Festival in Hollywood. I continue painting, mostly using the iPad, and have had work exhibited in Texas for the SXSW Interactive Festival, and in San Francisco as part of the AutoDesk Sketchbook Exhibition. I am a member of iAMDA (International association of mobile digital artists) and live in Arundel, West Sussex. More information can be found at


Marylin Rathbone (Graduated 2002 – Artist)

When I left Chichester, I was selected to join the 62 Group (of Textile Artists) and each year my work has been selected for 62 Group Shows across the country. Locally, I regularly take part in Worthing Open Houses. Also, over the years, my work has been selected for other local, national and international Group and Joint Exhibitions. The most notable of these are: Art Textiles 2 – the second major survey of British artists working with textiles (a touring exhibition organised by Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery); and, in 2008, two international exhibitions, “Mirror for the 21st Century”, Beca Gallery, New Orleans; and the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize Exhibition, South Australian Museum, Adelaide. My first Solo Show was in the Otter Gallery, Chichester, in 2003. Prior to joining the 62 Group, I considered myself to be an artist who only sometimes uses textiles in her work. Defining myself as a textile artist concentrated my thoughts towards textile practice. Since joining, I have revisited two techniques that I have used from time to time in box making: inkle weaving (straps) and braid making (lid stays). Another collection is developing – one of narrow wares and, in 2009, I was invited to join the Braid Society ( I don't champion a single theme or cause but rather offer the viewer a glimpse of my pre-occupations. There are, however, recurring elements that run through my work, for example: collections; a fascination with the ordinary; an experimental, obsessional, painstaking and subtle delivery; use of textile elements; craftsmanship; elements of humour; and use of boxes. My current project (having just completed four weeks of pre-training) is to chart my progress, over the next year, while I attempt to realise my dream, “My dream is to complete a hundred metres dash. With a lot of hard work, and if I braid as well as I can, in 2012 I hope to achieve that dream.”


John Miles (Graduated 2002 – Artist and Art Technician)

About 6 months after finishing my degree I found the perfect job in an art centre in Finsbury park, North London. The company I work for are called John Jones ArtSauce. I started out just as a shop floor assistant helping artists with their enquiries on art materials. I have been there over three years now and I am now a full Art technician, which means I go to artist studios and stretch canvases and give them advice on material and techniques etc. some of our clients are big names such as Hockney, Opie, Caulfield (before he died) and Tracy Emin. Because I still paint myself it has become the perfect job as I get discount on materials and surfaces and meet lots of interesting people. Plus everyone I work with is an artist, which makes for a great working community. If it hadn’t been for my time at University of Chichester I would not have had the knowledge or ability to go straight into this kind of job. I left my degree feeling excited and confident about my painting, and this was entirely due to the excellent guidance and attention I got from my tutors. Plus Chichester is such a beautiful town to study in. I do hope to go back one day. Here is a link to some of my paintings.


Jeff Bellingham (Graduated 2002 – Designer)

I work in heritage interpretation design. In April 2005 I joined the design department at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM), in Exeter. The Museum is embarking upon a £20 million redevelopment project. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have designed work for many famous museums & art galleries including: Imperial War Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum and the Royal Collection to name a few. In 2006 I designed 10 Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, an exhibition to celebrate the 80th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. The exhibition came from the Royal Collection, and working with Leonardo da Vinci drawings was great experience. I now spend my time by working partly at RAMM, and partly running Scribble and Nonsense with my wife. We are a heritage interpretation design and editorial consultancy with 14 museums and galleries on our books, and still growing! Finally, I have recently completed a MA in Design: Exhibitions and Museums, at Lincoln School of Architecture. Work I produced for my MA is being published by AVA books on Exhibition Design, and the work I did for St Nicholas Priory in Exeter contributed to the Priory being short-listed in the top 5 family-friendly museums in the country by The Guardian newspaper in 2010. For more info on my work please visit


Zoe Capstick (Graduated 2001 – Picture Editor)

I'm not working as an artist but am currently working as picture editor on NME (New Musical Express).


Tamsin Xerxes (Graduated 2001 – trainee Barrister )

I always knew I wouldn’t be a professional artist, but when I graduated from University in 2001 I thought my options were limited. I started off working as the Exhibition and Events Co-ordinator for the Arundel Wetlands Centre. I had contacts there through previous part-time work. Within three years I established a commercial Wildlife Art Gallery with a programme of artists’ workshops, events and activities. I learnt everything from organisational structure to marketing and my duties included head hunting new artists to exhibit, doing live radio interviews, managing budgets and designing publicity material. From there I wanted to be an Arts Development Officer and spent 3 months on a voluntary work placement at West Sussex County Council’s Arts Service in Chichester. This was brilliant and really opened my eyes to what was out there in the arts world. As a result, worked for the different departments (Youth Music, Arts in Education, Youth Dance and Rural Arts) on a freelance basis, on and off for 3 years. I then did a part time certificate in Arts & Cultural Management, followed by some more freelance work as an Admin support for an organisation in Brighton. This led me to an organisation called Carnival Collective who I helped during the Brighton Festival before doing a work placement with them. I continued to work for WSCC as Arts Project Co-ordinator and worked for various small organisations as a facilitator, administrator, and arts development assistant – you name it! I was surprised at how many jobs were out there that were not ‘pigeon holed’. I moved into community working and spent two years as Festival Co-ordinator for The WIRE Project in Littlehampton. Here I worked mainly with young people and used the arts as a learning and developmental tool to raise the profile of an otherwise deprived area of Wick. This developed into teaching art at secondary level in the quest to find a career which combined my interests with financial security and good future prospects, from where I shifted sideways to work within the private sector, focusing more on marketing, business development and specialist project management. As my knowledge and skills base have broadened considerably over the years through experience, I have decided to move into Law, taking advantage of this current fiscal environment to study as a Criminal Lawyer. I strongly believe that my varied path has been a natural, inquisitive developmental progression to the point I now find myself at. The experiences of my past occupations have certainly inspired my future decision and whilst the practical element of the arts remains an important aspect of my personal interest, it is the intellectual, social and emotional learning associated with the arts which have become the most vital foundations.


Jess Loseby (Graduated 2000 – net artist, lecturer)

Since leaving college (BA, 2000, MA 2004) I have been working as a digital artist, specialising in interactive installations, mobile media and In the last 12 months I have had exhibitions in London, Spain, Canada, Brazil, the US and Scunthorpe! I am currently one of a group of artists co-authoring a book on Flash to be released next year. I also co-run an accessible website-design company and spend 1 day away turning current fine art students to the dark (digital) side.


David Beech (Graduated 2000 – Artist and Visiting Lecturer)

I have undertaken a few private and some commercial sculpture commissions and exhibited my work on the south coast and recently here in the north east. I moved to Newcastle after two years of graduating from my degree and subsequently have obtained a masters degree in sculpture. I am currently employed by the University of Sunderland as a visiting lecturer. It would be quite hard to try and sum up my time at Chichester in one sentence as it gave me far more than I could have expected. I think from the liberal ethos of the related arts subject and its interdisciplinary methods I attained a sense of fearlessness; or at least I'm never scared to try a new way ... also, the very focused and open-minded tutors helped me immensely. I couldn't say what has had a direct impact on where I am today, but I do know for a fact that I certainly wouldn't be here without it.


Rashida Khatun-Uddin (Graduated 2000 – Project Worker working with severely disadvantaged young people)

My work is far removed from the idealistic world of art. I'm a Project Worker with London East Connexions brokering activities for young people including arts based projects, and I serve as a committee member for a women’s refuge. I have had many short, but sweet careers previous to this (i.e. freelance artist, Administration Officer and Advocate for the Asian Deaf Women’s Association, teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages at a college in London, tutoring secondary school pupils within a South Asian community centre). I did my degree because I enjoyed the subject and had some rudimentary talent for it and it was an important goal post for me in many ways. I don’t think there’s anything I’d change, even in hindsight because I’d not be who I am today, otherwise. I still write and though I think my scribbles of weird creatures are unexceptional, I know of people who rummage through bins to retrieve them!


Janet Scott (Graduated 2000 – Artist)

Since graduating from the University of Chichester I have worked really hard to get my art out there so to speak. In the first 2 years I did many exhibitions here in the South East. Unfortunately, although I won a few prizes, I felt it was a huge amount of work for very little return. I stopped doing so many exhibitions and concentrated on more local venues. I have now worked to commission for several Companies and other private clients. It is not, by any means, plain sailing and I cannot say I earn a decent living but I love what I do and it is still very exciting and challenging.  A bonus is that these clients have now become close friends. I have just gained a studio space in my local Arts Centre, The Phoenix at Bordon, and am moving in there as I write so here's to the next stage!


Leon Cullinane (Graduated 1998 – Artist & curator)

I returned to full time education at Chichester University at the age of 27. Without a formal background but a keen interest in the arts Chichester showed a great deal of support in accepting me to their fine art course. Their policy of blending of the different artistic practices such as music, art, and performance allowed me a lot of freedom to experiment. It was to be instrumental in developing the event based works that I present today under the name C6. Recent works such as 'Stories in motion', a collaboration between myself, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk and Phil Hartnoll of Orbital owe a lot to those early experiments. The broad range of arts taught at the university has enabled me to remain adaptable between conventional mediums, allowing me a wider view of artistic presentation. Chichester hosted the first art workshop I participated in and has opened up a European wide network of artists and collaborators that I still work with. I am currently touring interactive works around Europe and America. I have a three year curatorial position with the Nuart festival in Stavanger which culminates with the celebrations for the European capital of culture 2008. A directory of works can be viewed at

Olivia Stevens (graduated 1997 - Curator & Gallery Administrator)

Since graduating I have been involved in a number of curatorial projects across the South East, including the first group show I curated entitled Strange Fruit, which took place in and around the grounds of Chichester University. Studying at Chichester University afforded me the opportunity to engage with and explore many artistic mediums, and the graduate bursary I was awarded to help fund my initial research into staging Strange Fruit could be seen as the little fiscal acorn from which all of my current endeavours have sprang from. I worked as a Gallery Administrator for The Queen Street Gallery in Emsworth as well as writing freelance for an arts site called My Cultural Life prior to undertaking an MA in Gallery Management. I am currently working as a freelance project manager on behalf of WSCC, overseeing the funding and commissioning of two arts projects at Chichester Canal Basin. This is due for completion in 2009. I am also working as a research assistant on behalf of Outside In, an initiative being run out of Pallant House Gallery in Chichester aimed at providing exhibitory and participatory activities for 'outsider' and marginalised artists. I co-run the Athena Writers Group in Chichester and am a volunteer editor working on the launch issue of the iamjoy magazine in Chichester. I recently had an article published in the peer reviewed City E-journal at City University, London. I am working on a number of curatorial projects for 2009 and 2010 including a series of live art commissions as part of the 2009 iamjoy youth arts festival, and I am currently in discussion with The Otter Gallery, Chichester University in relation to a curatorial project with the working title 'Collections in Conversation.'


Dawn Badland (Graduated 1996 – Artist)

Now based in Tunbridge Wells, Dawn held her first solo exhibition ‘Pangaea’ at Sevenoaks Library Gallery in 2001. Since then she has gone on to produce ‘Track Changes’ an ambitious project based around her experience as an artist in residence at the Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Acu, a conserved area of rainforest in southeast Brazil. ‘Track Changes’ toured to Kent, Nottingham and The Otter Gallery, West Sussex. She recently worked at Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury, on a national scheme for artists and produced Hybrid an exhibition which include new prints based on research at Cambridge Zoological Museum. Dawn also works various public arts projects and is the Director of an arts organisation for rural communities.


Chris May (Graduated 1993 – Artist)

When I left Chichester I went on to do/complete a PGCE in Art (and Drama) at Exeter. Initially I worked full time as a painter, slowly building up a modest reputation in Chichester, thanks mainly to L'Artichaut Gallery.  I began to teach at a college in Gosport, part time - and continue to work there now – teaching about 14 hours a week - the remaining time spent painting (or trying to paint.) I continue to exhibit, and have been taken up by a number of galleries in the past years - more importantly Victor Felix gallery in London where I've showed in London (mostly art fairs like AAF and London Art fair) and earlier this year, showed successfully in San Francisco earlier this year, alongside artists such as John Kirby and Ray Richardson.  More shows lined up with the gallery in San Fran, London and (apparently) New York ...?  My next (one man) show is at West Stoke House (art space) from 10th December - 1st October 2006. It’s pretentiously entitled "Aristophenes' Cloud" (invites on the way!) and it is the first time I've dared to show any landscape type paintings/drawings - bit nervous really.


Jason Ellis (Graduated 1986 - Sculptor)

Way back in the 1980's I completed the BA (Hons) in Related Arts, which no longer exists. The course was very broad and exposed me to a massive amount of fine art, music, literature and dance. I specialised in sculpture and learned a lot from my tutors, Alan Saunders and Carol Naylor, that still resonates 23 years later. I went on to train in sculpture conservation in London for 8 years and then set up in private practise as a conservator in Dublin, Ireland, in 1994. I worked in the conservation profession for 20 years, whilst carving stone on the side, but finally became a full-time sculptor in 2006. Since then I have completed five public commissions in Ireland through open competition and invitation in the last four years and recently I represented Ireland at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale as part of the International Show with dePaor Architects. Website: