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Implied in the study of Fine Art is a commitment to improving the quality of one’s own and others’ lives and cultural experiences.

You will be tested on your resourcefulness, self-management skills and the potential to establish new and innovative solutions. This means that Fine Art graduates can do more than just make art!

You can download our latest Fine Art Course Brochure here.

Our Product Design courses are designed to offer you real-world project experiences and access to business and enterprise units. This will give you the skills you need to stand out in a competitive industry and the know-how to set up your own practice.

Product designers combine functionality, beauty, desirability, usability and identity to generate effective and intuitive products that make life easier.

All of our programmes are uniquely designed to enable you to hit the ground running as a professional product designer. They are delivered using the highly acclaimed problem-based CDIO ( approach to provide a practical and engaging experience of Product Design.

You can download our latest Product Design Course Brochure here.