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Implied in the study of Fine Art is a commitment to improving the quality of one’s own and others’ lives and cultural experiences.

The study of Fine Art provides the opportunity for experimental and skills based learning with a professionally focused outlet for creative thinking and making.

In a world that is becoming culturally more sophisticated the cognitive abilities and practical skills of artists are in increasing demand. The curriculum strategically combines practical skills, professional skills, critical research skills.

Students are tested on their resourcefulness, self-management skills and the potential to establish new and innovative solutions. This means is that Fine Art graduates can do more than just make art!

Graduates in the job-market are required to have a wide portfolio of key skills; creativity and problem solving, communication skills (visual, verbal, written and using IT), an ability to work independently (implying good time-management) and in a team are all things that are high up many employers’ list of needs and are skills that are implicit in everything we do here in Fine Art.

Fine Art students are good artists and good all-rounders.

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