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Chichester artist’s iPad portraits in worldwide exhibition

A CHICHESTER artist has spoken of his delight after his iPad-created portraits were exhibited worldwide by retail giant Apple.

Digital painter Roz Hall produced the innovative pictures using a tablet device as part of a new campaign from the global firm.

The 34-year-old, who works at the University of Chichester, is among 15 artists to feature on the Apple website and in its flagship stores including London, New York, and Tokyo.

He said: “As an artist, it can be very difficult to find a platform on which to showcase your work, but digital art can be uploaded to the internet and seen by thousands in a day.

“I was contacted by Apple in November, who gave me a week to find the subjects and create the portraits using their new iPad Air Two.

“Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to work with some great people on some awesome projects, including this one, which aims to inspire people to create their own digital art.”

A recent Fine Art master’s graduate of the university, Roz was a traditional painter specialising in acrylic-based portraits before discovering a talent for creating unique paintings on tablet devices just four years ago.

The subjects in his recent portraiture include himself, middle, and his wife Emma, middle right, as well as students and business owners from Chichester.

Roz added: “I scoured the university and then the city centre in search of interesting people who had their own individual and unique styles.

“Since I began in 2010, my work has been well received, which is great, and was seen by Apple after it was published in a number of national newspapers.

“They commissioned five portraits using the Procreate app, which is great for people who have never painted before, because it combines ease of use with lots of different options.”

To find out more about Roz Hall and his digital artwork, including his recent iPad portraits, visit www.rozhall.com or www.apple.com.

Alternatively for more about studying for a master’s degree in Fine Art at the University of Chichester go to www.chi.ac.uk/fineart.

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12 Jan 2015

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