Children’s’ book brings to life forgotten history of African Migrations and their Impact on the Modern World

Professor Hakim Adi’s newly updated children’s book, African Migrations, explores the history of African migration from forced migrations of slavery to the political and economic migrations of more recent times, it also includes migration within the African continent.

Targeted at those aged 11+ as essential reading, the book will educate a new generation, with case studies of children from both the 20th and 21st centuries bringing the history to life. The book is also suitable for anyone interested in learning about African Migrations.

Professor Hakim Adi said, “It helps children to understand why there are people of African heritage all over the world”.

As the UK’s first black professor of history, the trained historian is also one of the UK’s few academics to specialise in the history of Africa and African diaspora.

His work seeks to demonstrate not only the important links that were established between those of the African continent and its diaspora but also that Africans and those of African descent have played a significant, but often neglected role in the history of Britain. This commitment to the history has led to many speaking engagements and media appearances around the world.

The success of African Migrations being re-published has come after publicly fighting for the republication of another one of his children books, The History of African and Caribbean Communities in Britain. A petition was created in reaction and gained over 1050 signatures, resulting in both books being republished.

First published in 1995, the updated edition of The History of African and Caribbean communities in Britain dives into why people came to Britain, the problems they faced and the contributions these communities have made to the British society.

Professor Hakim Adi also teaches the University’s History of African and the African diaspora MRes degree, the only Masters programme of its kind in the world delivered completely online.

“The unique programme is designed to encourage people to become trained historians, we have students from all over the world including Rwanda, Canada, Jamaica and Barbados. Some of our former MREs students are now studying for PhDs and continuing their research in the area.”

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