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Help shape future services for LGBTQ+ young people in West Sussex this summer

The University of Chichester is inviting young people who identify as LGBTQ+ in West Sussex to take part in focus groups this summer, which aim to increase understanding of positive and negative impacts on mental health and wellbeing and what good support looks like. The research project with West Sussex County Council is seeking the views of both young people, and their parents and carers.

The focus groups will take place online or face-to-face and will offer young people aged 11-25 and their parents/carers a chance to share their experiences. All participants will receive a £15 gift card as a thank you for their time. 

Dr Moitree Banerjee, Reader in Clinical Psychology at the University of Chichester said: “We’d like to hear from LGBTQ+ young people in West Sussex about what mental health means to them and what good support looks like. Our research, which has been commissioned by West Sussex County Council, will help shape future services, so please get involved.”

Daniel MacIntyre, Consultant in Public Health at West Sussex County Council said: “This is an important piece of research into what makes LGBTQ+ young people in the county happy, the things that make them not so happy, and the best ways in which support can be provided.”

To take part people must: 

  • identify as LGBTQ+ and aged 18-25 OR be a parent, carer or educator of a LGBTQ+ young person
  • live in West Sussex 

To sign up, participants should visit:

Parents, Carers and Educators


LGBTQ+ Individuals aged 18-25


LGBTQ+ Individuals aged 11-18

Contact through schools or other organisations, such as AllSorts

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