International Association for Dance Medicine & Science Awards University Lecturer Dance Educator of 2021

dance science student working with respiratory equipment

Out of 17 other nominees, Edel Quin’s dedication to dance and dance science was recognised by the IADMS Dance Educators’ Committee awarding her the prestigious Dance Educator of 2021. The award was presented by the cast of Riverdance during their 25th Anniversary UK tour.

With nearly two decades of experience as a dance educator, Edel has shown dedication to evolving and improving dance practices through the use of science. Her career as a dancer has seen her tour the world as a troupe and principle member of the Riverdance cast, performing to packed out theatres before continuing her training in contemporary dance and dance science.

On accepting the award, Edel said: “I’m truly honoured to receive this award from IADMS. I am passionate about research-informed dance education, so to be recognised in this way is very special.”

Her dedication to the ethos of research-informed dance education has led her to becoming the Programme Leader for the world-first BSc and MSci in Dance Science at the University. This enables Edel to combine her experience as a dancer and utilise scientific practices to measure and optimise dance performance and training, while reducing risk of injury.

She is also the co-author of Safe Dance Practice: An Applied Dance Science Perspective (2015) which provides guidelines and principles that maximise physical and mental well-being without compromising creativity and expression.

Edel is continuing to research safer dance practices and how to reduce risk of injury on a current research project with Riverdance. This project follows the company’s 25th Anniversary UK tour, monitoring the heart rate responses of the dancers. These high intensity performers push physical boundaries every show, while making it look effortless. The data gathered will give researchers an in-depth look into the cumulative effect of repeated performances on the dancers physiology.

Ms Quin commented: “It is vitally important that we understand the intense physiological demands of elite dance performance, not just for Riverdance but for the dance profession as a whole.”

For more information on the Riverdance tour go to, Riverdance: The Original… The Best

To learn more about the BSc/MSci in Dance Science at Chichester go to, Dance Science | University of Chichester

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