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Re-elected SU president Moyin Ekundayo speaks about keeping University students safe from CORONAVIRUS

THE next president of the University of Chichester Students’ Union is a familiar face to many – with Moyin Ekundayo re-elected to the chief position following a successful year in office.

But despite securing an overwhelming majority of votes, Mo – as he is known to most – has put all celebrations on hold as he focuses on supporting students through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s great to be representing such a diverse and incredible body of students,” he said. “I’m pleased the work done this year has been well-received and that we keep the momentum going – thank you to all who voted, I promise to keep trying my best.”

Since election night, Mo and the SU have been working in collaboration with the University to make sure students and staff are kept up-to-date while teaching remains remote. This includes launching a new stay-connected service, with updates from both organisations, which has cooking and activity tips as well as conversation starters so that students stay engaged during lockdown.

“The collective work that the SU and University has done has been tremendous,” said Mo. “Our primary focus is to ensure that students are safe during this unprecedented time, and maintain communication with them with issues created by the pandemic.”

In many ways, Mo is grateful for having a year of experience in-office to overcome the challenges of the next few months. “We’ve been working closely with the University about assignments to ease stress,” he added, “as well as working with our accommodation team and others so that students stay calm. I’m also maintaining constant contact via social media.”

New vice-president Jamel Mcfarlane joins Mo in office

Mo is joined in-office by new vice-president Jamel Mcfarlane, (pictured above right), who won his campaign on pledging to increase communication between staff and the SU, and giving more opportunities for Chichester’s nearly 6,000-strong cohort of students to get involved in societies and sports.

“To be voted in as vice-president is an honour,” Jamel said. “I’m proud to be University of Chichester student and to have represented the SU and University as a student ambassador and SU trustee. I have passion and desire for making sure all students are getting the best experience, and am looking forward to working with you all next year.”

Although now operating remotely, both Mo and Jamel are urging students to continue speaking with the SU and supporting one-another until the University community returns to its campuses on Chichester and Bognor Regis.

Mo added: “We speak about being a tight-knit community here at the University and, during my time as a student and in office, I can testify that is right. I want everyone to continue communicating – even if we’re hundreds of miles away – until we can meet again when this is all over.”

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