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University’s green credentials one of the best in the country

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The University of Chichester has been named as a leader in sustainability according to the latest Uswitch Green Universities Report (2023). One of only a handful of UK universities to achieve Platinum Tier status, Chichester is 6th in the country, scoring higher than other leading higher education institutions including Oxford and Cambridge.

Kate Cathie, Environment and Sustainable Development Coordinator at the University of Chichester said: “Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at the University of Chichester and I’m delighted that the sustainability initiatives of our staff and students have been acknowledged. We will continue to work together to meet our overall aim of being net zero by 2045.”

Among the measures that help make the University more sustainable are:

  • Over £500,000 set aside for green initiatives in 2023/24
  • Renewable energy installations on campus
  • Renewable energy tariff for electricity
  • Holders of a Two Star Fairtrade Award since July 2023
  • All staff and students will be able to access carbon literacy training by 2025
  • Gold Hedgehog Friendly Campus accreditation since February 2023
  • Electric vehicles as part of the fleet

Ben Gallizzi, Uswitch.com energy expert, commented: “It’s great to see that some universities are going above and beyond in attempting to become green universities. The ways in which becoming greener and existing more sustainably can be achieved are numerous, and the steps that some of these establishments are taking are commendable.”

“Everything from producing their own energy via renewable installations on campus to having electric car fleets, and doing what they can to protect local wildlife, shows that they are leading by example in trying to achieve net zero carbon emissions. While not every university will have the capacity to implement all available sustainable tools, it’s good to see that almost all are willing to “go green” in some way or another, whether that’s choosing a renewable energy tariff with their supplier, or recycling their food waste.”

The Uswitch Green Universities Report is available to view on their website at https://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/green-energy/green-universities/

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