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Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology

Andy West


Andy is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology whose research interests focus on energy provision during exercise and how this adapts in response to training, inactivity and ageing.

Andy graduated from UWIC (now Cardiff Metropolitan University) with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Science. Following this, he completed an MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology before moving on to complete a PhD exploring the area of energy system development in well-trained junior middle distance runners. Andy has previously held positions at the University of Chichester as a Physiology Laboratory Technician and an Association Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology and Research Methods.

In addition to his academic duties, Andy also oversees the daily management and delivery of the SPRU physiological consultancy services. Within this role Andy has worked closely with national and international level endurance athletes as well as helping to prepare athletes for events in extreme environments including the Marathon Des Sables, Comrades Marathon, the North Pole Marathon and many more. Andy also works closely with other academic staff on applied consultancy projects.

Away from work, Andy enjoys spending time cycling, skiing and walking.


British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES)




  • 2008, B.Sc. (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • 2011, MSc Sport and Exercise Physiology, University of Chichester
  • 2018, PhD Sport and Exercise Physiology, University of Chichester


SPL133 Physiology of the Exercising Human

The module examines the structures and functions of the skeletal, neuromuscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive and thermoregulatory systems with a strong focus on their direct or indirect influence on the processes of energy metabolism. In covering these topics, a focus on integrated control will be maintained. Work will be placed within the context of the exercising human across the breadth of the energy spectrum.

SPL203 Physiological Limitations to Performance

The module examines the ‘challenge of exercise’ with respect to the systems of the human introduced during the Level 4 module. ‘Sprint’ and ‘endurance’ will be evaluated in light of the application of biochemical and physiological knowledge with a focus on limitations to performance. Topics covered will include: genetics; regulation of energy metabolism; central and peripheral fatigue; acid-base status, energetic and fluid balance and pacing.

MSCPH01 Theoretical and Practical aspects of Oxygen Uptake Kinetics in Sport and Exercise

The module provides an overview of the current state of knowledge within the field of oxygen uptake kinetics. Understanding the principal determinants of oxygen uptake kinetics is fundamental to improving both human performance in sport and quality of life in disease states. Topics covered include: introduction to oxygen uptake kinetics and historical development of the discipline; measurement and analysis of oxygen uptake kinetics; control of and limitations to oxygen uptake kinetics; applications of oxygen uptake kinetics in human populations.


  • Programme Coordinator for BSc Sport Science and Coaching
  • International Exchange Coordinator

University Committees/ Responsibilities:

  • SPRU Exercise Physiologist

Professional activities, roles and memberships:

  • British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences – Probationary Sport and Exercise Scientist
  • British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences – Professional Member

Key Publications

West, A.T., Northcott, S., Wilkinson, D.M. & Smith, M.S. (2016). Comparison of the energy system contribution during an exhaustive run at peak treadmill speed in junior and senior middle distance athletes. Paper presented at the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Annual Conference, November 2016, Nottingham, UK.

Blacker, S.D., West, A.T., Cordell, N. & Wilkinson, D.M. (2016). Development of an aerobic fitness standard for telecommunication mast climbers. Paper presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference, May 2016, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Blacker, S.D., Myers, S.D., West, A.T. & Wilkinson, D.M. (2015). A comparison of performance on incremental shuttle running tests with and without carrying a 15 kg load and their relationships with load carriage performance. Paper presented at the Second International Conference on Physical Employment Standards, August 2015, Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Technical Reports

Downie, V., Rosenblatt, B., Holmes, R. & West, A.T. (2015). English Institute of Sport and Great Britain Hockey Heat Acclimation Strategy Report. V1 08 June 2015.

Blacker, S.D., Wilkinson, D.M. & West, A.T. (2015). Developing an Aerobic Fitness Standard for Arqiva Climbers. V1, 04 November 2015.


My research interests focus primarily on energy provision during exercise across the energy demand spectrum and how this adapts in response to training, inactivity and ageing. Furthermore, I am interested in examining the validity and reliability of methodological approaches to quantify energy expenditure during whole body exercise.

Experience of research supervision:

  • Paul Wallis – Assessment and Application of Maximal Aerobic Speed in Hockey Players. Anticipated completion in 2026.


  • 2020 University of Chichester – Investigating the psychophysiology of the stress response in eSports athletes. £ 3,686.58
  • 2015 A Corporate Health – Developing an aerobic fitness standard for Arqiva telecommunications mast climbers. £14,000.
  • 2015 English Institute of Sport – Hockey Heat Acclimation Strategy. £1,500.
  • 2015 College of Policing – Alternative Police Fitness Standard. £1000.

Research Output


Bray, P. W., Blacker, S. D., West, A. T. and Flood, T. R. (2023) No effect of a commercial carbohydrate-menthol drink on thermal perceptual measures or 15-minute time trial performance compared to commercial carbohydrate drink in hot humid conditions. European Journal of Sports Sciences. pp. 1-24. ISSN 1746-1391 (In Press)

Spooner, T., West, A. T. and Willems, M. E. T. (2023) Effect of Substitution Time on Physical, Technical and Cognitive Performance in Sub-Elite Male Field Hockey Players. International journal of exercise science, 16 (6). pp. 497-512. ISSN 1939-795X ijes-16-6-497

Spannagl, B. J., Willems, M. E. T. and West, A. T. (2023) Effects Of A Head-Cooling Cap On 5-Km Running Performance In The Heat. International journal of exercise science, 16 (6). pp. 193-204. ISSN 1939-795X ijes-16-6-193

Green, R., West, A. T. and Willems, M. E. T. (2023) Notational Analysis and Physiological and Metabolic Responses of Male Junior Badminton Match Play. Sports (Basel, Switzerland), 11 (2). p. 35. ISSN 2075-4663 10.3390/sports11020035

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