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Research Fellow - Occupational Performance Research Group

Kim Ashdown


Having obtained both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Chichester, Kimberly also completed her PhD here. Kimberly’s PhD considered the use of hypoxia combined with prescribed exercise for weight loss in obese humans. Since graduating, Kimberly has joined the Occupational Performance Research group at the University to aid in the development of Physical Employment Standards for Military Personnel.

Kimberly has conducted laboratory and field based studies in the UK and around the world at high altitude destinations, with the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society, including South America and the Italian and Swiss Alps. She is currently in preparation for the next research expedition to the Himalayas.



2014 – 2018 University of Chichester, PhD Exercise Physiology

2011 – 2012 University of Chichester, MSc Sport and Exercise Physiology

2008 – 2011 University of Chichester, BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science


Sport and Exercise in Extreme Environments (undergraduate)

Professional Practice in Sport and Exercise Physiology and Nutrition (postgraduate)

Key Publications


Journal articles

Joyce KE, Ashdown K, Lewis CT, Bradley C, Letchford A, Lucas RAI, Malein W, Thomas O, Bradwell AR and Lucas SJE. Overnight and early-morning peripheral oxygenation are not the same during ascent to altitude. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine High Altitude Medicine Biology 2022; 23:69–77

Lucas SJE, Malein WL, Thomas OD, Ashdown KM, Rue CA, Joyce KE, Newman C, Cadigan P, Johnson B, Myers SD, Myers FA, Wright AD, Delamere JP, Imray CHE, Bradwell AR and Edsell M. Effects of losartan on performance and physiological responses to exercise at high altitude 5035 m. BMJ Open Sport Exercise Medicine 2021 7: p. e000982-e000982

Joyce KE, Delamere JP, Bradley C, Ashdown K, Lucas RAI, Thomas O, Lock H, Malein W, Letchford A, Bradwell AR, Lucas SJE, and the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society. Nocturnal saturation variance is related to Lake Louise Scores during ascent to 4,800 m. High Altitude Medicine & Biology. 2021; 22(4): A2, pA-2. DOI: 10.1089/ham.2021.29024.abstracts

Joyce KE, Delamere J, Bradwell S, Myers SD, Ashdown K, Rue C, Lucas SJE, Thomas OD, Fountain A, Edsell M, Myers F, Malein W, Imray C, Clarke A, Lewis CT, Newman C, Johnson B, Cadigan P, Wright A and Bradwell AR. Hypoxia is not the primary mechanism contributing to exercise-induced proteinuria. BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine 2020; 6:e000662. Doi 0.1136/bmjsem-2019-000662

Lee, B., Hiles, A., Willems, M., Kuennen, M., Ashdown, K., Costello, R., Wheeler, L., Walker, E. & Flood, T. (2019) Dietary supplementation with New Zealand blackcurrant extract enhances fat oxidation during submaximal exercise in the heat. Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport [under review].

Bradwell, A., Ashdown, K., Gallagher, C., Delamere, J., Thomas, O., et al. (2016). Acetazolamide reduces exercise capacity at 4559m on Monte Rosa. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. bioRxiv, 105726.

Edsell, M.E., Wimalasena, Y.H., Malein, W.L., Ashdown, K.M., Gallagher, C.A., et al. (2014). High-intensity intermittent exercise increases pulmonary interstitial edema at altitude but not at simulated altitude. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, 25(4), 409-415.

Bradwell, AR. Myers, SD. Beazley, M. Ashdown, K. Harris, NG. Bradwell, SB. Goodhart, J. Imray, CHE. Wimalasena, Y. Edsell, M. Wright, AD. Harris, SJ. and the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society (2014). Adverse effect of acetazolamide on exercise at altitude (3,459m). Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. 35: 272-277.

Peer reviewed presentations (selected)

Lee, B. Flood, T. Hiles, A. Walker, E. Wheeler, L. Ashdown, K. Willems, M. Kuennen, M. (2019). New Zealand blackcurrant extract increases circulating HSP32 and HSP90α but doesn’t affect circulating HSP72. Abstract accepted for the Annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, Orlando, USA.

Lee, B. Flood, T. Hiles, A. Wheeler, L. Costello, R. Walker, E. Ashdown, K. Kuennen, M. Willems, M. (2018). New Zealand Blackcurrant extract enhances fat oxidation during submaximal exercise in the heat. International Sports Exercise and Nutrition Conference, Newcastle, UK.

Myers, SD, Lucas, S. Ashdown, K. Malein, W. Thomas, OD.4, Edsell M. Ladha, C. Bradwell, AR. Wright, A. Gallagher, C. (2017). Losartan Does Not Affect Maximal Exercise Performance at High Altitude (5000 m). Abstract accepted for the 64th Annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, Denver, USA

Gallagher, C. Ashdown, K. Lucas, S. Ladha, C. Wright, A. Edsell, M. Malein, W. Thomas O. Bradwell, A. Myers, S. (2016). Losartan does not affect exercise performance at altitude (5000m) Altitude Research Conference Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society, Birmingham, UK.

Lucas, S. Newman, C. Cadigan, P. Johnson, B. Wright, A. Edsell, M. Ashdown, K. Gallagher, C. Myers, S. Bradwell A. (2016). Effect of losartan on blood pressure during rest and exercise at 5000m. Altitude Research Conference Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society, Birmingham, UK.

Ashdown, K. Wright, A. Myers, SD. (2013). The tortoise & the hare hypothesis or is a slow steady plod better than rushing & resting. Altitude Research Conference Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society, Birmingham, UK.

Myers, SD. Ashdown, K. & Wright, A. (2011). Assessment of the efficiency of two high-altitude walking strategies in humans. The Physiological Society Annual meeting, Oxford, UK.

Ashdown, K. & Myers, SD. (2011) Assessment of the efficiency of two strategies for high-altitude trekking: Slow plod vs. rush and rest. The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Student Conference University of Chester.


Research Interests

Kimberly has research interests in the following areas:

  • Exercise in extreme environments
  • Exercise responses in hypoxia
  • Applied and Occupational Physiology
  • Obesity


Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society

Research Output


Edsell, M. R., Wimalasena, Y., Malein, W., Ashdown, K., Gallagher, C. A., Imray, C. H. E., Wright, A. D. and Myers, S. D. (2014) High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise Increases Pulmonary Interstitial Edema at Altitude but not at Simulated Altitude. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, 25 (4). pp. 409-415. ISSN 1080-6032 10.1016/j.wem.2014.06.016

Bradwell, A. R., Myers, S. D., Beazley, M., Ashdown, K., Harris, N. G., Bradwell, S. B., Goodhart, J., Imray, C. H., Wimalasena, Y., Edsell, M. R., Pattinson, K. T. S., Wright, A. D. and Harris, S. J. (2014) Exercise Limitation of Acetazolamide at Altitude (3459 m). Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, 25 (3). pp. 272-277. ISSN 1080-6032 10.1016/j.wem.2014.04.003

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