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Our Degree Apprenticeships

Do you have career ideas but don't want to go to university? Or are you undecided about whether to go to university or out to work? Now you can do both with a degree apprenticeship. 

Degree apprenticeships can be for anyone, at any stage of their career. Whether you apply for a new job as an apprentice, or you start a course through your existing job role. 

We partner with businesses on a range of Degree Apprenticeships in areas including:

  • Business, Management and Digital Marketing
  • Digital 
  • Engineering 
  • Social Work
  • Teaching

What do you need to know?

  • You'll have a full or part time paid job AND study towards a degree
  • You will pay nothing for your Degree Apprenticeship as your employer covers the costs.
  • You’ll gain real-life work experience and essential life skills.
  • You’ll achieve the same qualification as those who take a traditional route and all of the same student support , find out more via our apprentice support infographic
  • Unlike our traditional programmes, apprentices apply directly to an employer for a degree apprenticeship. They are employed in a full or part time role while studying in partnership with the University of Chichester.

Our Degree Apprenticeships overview flyer offers more information about the courses we run.

For an introduction on Degree Apprenticeships, take a look at our Degree Apprenticeship Quick Guide.