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This school led Initial Teacher Training programme is open to both existing employees and newly recruited staff in Primary and Secondary teaching.


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Prospective degree apprentices will be recruited directly by schools or be in employment

  • An undergraduate honours degree
  • GCSE Level 4 in English and Maths
  • Completion of the skills test
  • Suitability checks will also be required 

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Course content

On successful completion apprentices will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

This apprenticeship will expand your subject knowledge and your knowledge of the school environment, whilst supporting your development as a confident and competent teacher.

Apprentices will be employed full time and also attend university based academic sessions.

Apprentices integrate academic learning and on-the-job practical training to develop the skills and capabilities that employers need.

Degree apprenticeships enable apprentices to combine work and study.

They ensure that apprentices are equipped with the knowledge and experience required by employers, now and in the future, by providing them with a balance of academic learning and on-the-job practical training.

International English Studies

Include International English Studies: 

Additional Costs

Include Additional Costs: 

Key facts

  • Apprentices are employed by a partner school and will attend University part time during term time.
  • Apprentices are recruited directly by employers.
  • The programme enables schools to upskill and motivate existing employees and recruit high-quality, talented apprentices who are trained in the way businesses work.
  • Degree Apprenticeships will help schools to fill skills gaps and inject new approaches, research and ideas.

How does the money work?

  • If a school pays the Apprenticeship Levy, the apprentice's tuition fees are paid from their Digital Account.
  • If a school does not pay the Apprenticeship Levy, the apprentice's tuition fees will be joint funded by the school and the Education & Skills Funding Agency.
  • Additional professional accreditation charges may apply. 
  • The apprentice is eligible for employee benefits.
  • The apprentice is not eligible for a student loan.

Our degree apprenticeships are different

Unlike our traditional programmes, apprentices apply directly to an employer for a degree apprenticeship.

They are employed in a full time role while studying in partnership with the University of Chichester.