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Inbound Exchanges

…address course name course level current year exchange period Students must complete at least one year at their home institution before studying at University of Chichester. You must be nominated…

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Students outside LRC

International Loans

courses. Ineligible courses include courses that are less than half-time, are not degree-bearing and courses with online or distance learning elements. You are also not able to study on non-degree…

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Funding and Support

…your course and not a paid work placement. Wales: and search for study abroad. Means tested grants for students Northern Ireland: and search study abroad travel grant. Means…

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Student Contract

…by emailing for a letter confirming attainment. To another course within the University A student may be able to change to a different course however this will be dependent…

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…profession. Strong employment links Our courses offer work placement options and we have strong links with a number of national employers and services. Law courses Explore the inner workings of…

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