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Christopher Vine

PhD Student – Occupational Performance Research Group | +44 (0) 1243 816231

Christopher Vine is a doctoral student with the Occupational Performance Research Group at the University of Chichester.  His research principally relates to the physical and cognitive demands of military load carriage. Prior to starting his PhD studies, he was a research assistant with the Occupational Performance Research Group. Christopher mainly worked on the development and implementation of new physical employment standards for the Ground Close Combat roles within the British Military. Christopher has a Masters degree in Sports Performance from the University of Portsmouth and a Bachelors degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath. Along with Occupational research, Christopher has also conducted research in the areas of environmental physiology and V̇O2 kinetics during swimming.


2011 – 2015  - BSc - Hons Sport and Exercise Science with Industrial Placement, University of Bath

2015 – 2016 -  MSc - Sports Performance, University of Portsmouth

2018 – Current - PhD - Development of a Novel Military Load Carriage Protocol to Examine Physical and Cognitive Performance, University of Chichester



The Physiological Society


Journal articles

Vine, C. A., Coakley, S. L., Blacker, S. D., Doherty, J., Hale, B. J., Walker, E. F., ... & Jackson, S. (2020). Accuracy of Metabolic Cost Predictive Equations During Military Load Carriage. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Lomax, M., Mayger, B., Saynor, Z. L., Vine, C., & Massey, H. C. (2019). Practical considerations for assessing pulmonary gas exchange and ventilation during flume swimming using the metaswim metabolic cart. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 33(7), 1941-1953.

Lee, B., Mohd Sukri, N., Ogden, H., Vine, C., Thake, D., Turner, J. and Bilzon, J., (2015). A comparison of two commercially available ELISA methods for the quantification of human plasma heat shock protein 70 during rest and exercise stress. Cell Stress Chaperones, 20 (6) 917 – 926.


Christopher has research interests in the following areas:

  • Occupational Physiology
  • Environmental Physiology