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Dr Chris Hodgson

Senior Lecturer in Adventure Education | +44 (0) 1243 816112

I currently teach across all three levels of the undergraduate Outdoor and Adventure Education degree programme having been heavily involved in the delivery of the undergraduate course since 2001. I also fulfil the role of dissertation coordinator and year 4 year head. I teach in the areas of psychology, research methods coaching, and management. I play a fundamental role in the residential programme and contribute to residentials in each year of study. As an internationally recognised ski teacher (International Ski Instructor Association) and winter mountain leader (Mountain Training) I am the technical lead for the year 4 snowsports residential planning activities and supervising the delivery team.

I am involved in research and publication of textbooks (as author and editor) in the areas of outdoor education and Adventure sports coaching.

I am involved in the supervision of PhD candidates within the Institute of Sport within the areas of adventure education and sport psychology.

I contribute to the MSc within the Institute of Sport through involvement in the applied coaching module and dissertations.

My role as Adventure Education Assessments coordinator mean that I also fulfil the role of ‘trouble shooter’ for issues around regulations or students with more difficult profiles or circumstances.



  • 2007–2014      PhD University of Southampton
  • 2005–2006      Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education University of Chichester, West Sussex
  • 2002–2005      MSc Sport and Exercise Science – Psychology of Sport and Exercise University College Chichester, West Sussex     
  • 1995–1999      BA(Hons) Outdoor Education in the Community University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


  • AEL408 Introduction to Psychological issues in Outdoor and Adventurous Activities
  • AEL504 Research & Enquiry in Outdoor and Adventure Education
  • AEL505 Management Issues in Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning
  • AEL508 Applied Techniques for Performance Enhancement in the Adventure Environment
  • AEL510 Expeditioning and Journeying in the Outdoors
  • AEL550 A & B Adventure Education Experience (Placement)
  • AEL600 Dissertation
  • AEL601 Research Methods for Outdoor and Adventure Education
  • AEL603 Applied Coaching
  • MSCCS01 Applied Coaching Practice
  • MSSPH06


Additional responsibilities include:

  • Adventure Education Subject Examinations and Assessment officer;
  • Adventure Education Dissertation Coordinator (AEL600)
  • Year head for BA (Hons) Outdoor and Adventure Education year 4
  • (Previously Adventure Education Placement Coordinator)

University Committees/ Responsibilities:

  • Research & Innovation Committee
  • Previously Research Ethics Committee
  • Previously Placement Coordinators Forum

Professional activities, roles and memberships:

  • Society for Psychophysiological Research
  • International Rock Climbing Research Association
  • Higher Education Academy
  • British Association of Snow-sport Instructors
  • British Canoeing

External Examining, validation or approval roles:

  • 2014/15 University of Highlands and Islands - Advisor on scrutiny group BSc (Hons)
  • 2009-2012 University of Cumbria – Foundation Degree


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My research interests generally revolve around the topic of performance under stress. My own research is interdisciplinary in that it involves physiological measures, environmental stressors, and cognitive, emotional and behavioural outcomes. I have an interest in the interplay between somatic factors and psychological outcomes and this is reflected in my membership of the Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR). I have attended the SPR annual meeting twice and presented on both occasions.

I have an interest in ergogenic aids and my publication record includes Creatine supplementation and New Zealand Blackcurrant supplementation trials. Recently I have also become involved in examining the impact of coaching adventure sports on developing coaches’ belief systems and decision making.

I enjoy team research and often fulfil the role of data / statistical analyst.

Experience of research supervision:

  • PhD Supervisor training (2016)
  • Currently supervision team for three current PhD students
  • Specialist consultant for an MPhil/PhD supervised by Dr Mike Lauder
  • Shadowed Dr Nick Draper’s supervision of a successful MPhil candidature including standing in for Dr Draper during final viva examination

Research Examinations:

  • Research Degree Examiner Training (2014)
  • Completed scrutineer’s role for 1 upgrade candidate


  • Wiley-Blackwell Publishers – Academic book proposals in sports science and training
  • Reviewer for various sport science journals
  • British Canoeing – Sports coaching and Sport psychology consultant
  • British Freestyle Squad - Psychological Consultant - Delivered mental skills training workshops to team members during preparation for the Freestyle World Championships. Acted as mentor for team coaches (Autumn 2004).

Public engagement:

  • Keynote speaker at the BCU Coaching Conference 2013, Swindon.
  • Keynote speaker at the BCU Coaching Conference 2008, Nottingham.

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