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Dr Marcus Smith

Reader in Sport and Exercise Physiology | +44 (0) 1243 816307

Field Leader in Sport and Exercise Physiology
Principal Lecturer

Marcus first arrived at Chichester in September 1984 when the University was known as the West Sussex Institute of Higher Education.

After completing his first degree in 1987 he started working with the sport of amateur boxing via a grant received from the Sports Council Sports Science Support Programme.

Over the years his role developed from boxing project assistant to sports science manager.

During the period 1987-2004 he attended 2 Olympic Games, 2 Commonwealth Games and numerous World and European boxing Championships.

In parallel to his career as an applied sport scientist he became a Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology (1996); Field Leader in Exercise Physiology (1998); Principal Lecturer (2006) and Reader in Sport and Exercise Physiology (2014) at the University of Chichester.

He completed his PhD in 1998, titled: ‘Sport Specific Ergometry: Physiological demands of amateur boxing’ (Southampton University).

In 1999 he began work with Clem Burke (drummer with the rock/pop group ‘Blondie’). This collaboration resulted in the formation of the Clem Burke Drumming Project (2008).

It is known for its pioneering work investigating the physiological demands of drumming and the use of drumming as an intervention in research studies.



1987 BA (Commendation) Sports Studies. West Sussex Institute of Higher Education

1998 PhD University College Chichester (Southampton University)


For the coming academic year, Marcus will contribute to the following modules:


Issues in Sport and Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise in Extreme Environments

Physiological Monitoring of Training and Performance

Independent Project


Applied Techniques in Sport and Exercise Physiology

Support Placement

Research Project


Marcus holds a number of administrative roles within the University including:

  • Field Leader for Exercise Physiology
  • Chair, Laboratory Management Group

External Examining (Undergraduate programmes):

2013-2017       Nottingham Trent University (External Examiner)

External Examining (Research degrees)

  • PhD 4 (External Examiner):
  • 2015    Edward Thomson: ‘The development of an amateur boxing simulation protocol’. University of Chester.
  • 2013    Alastair Jordan: ‘The biomechanics and physiological responses during vertical treadmill training’. Sheffield Hallam University.
  • 2011    John Metcalfe: ‘The physiology and bioenergetics of ultraendurance mountain bike racing’. University of Central Lancashire.
  • 2009    Karen Reid: ‘The promotion of optimal hydration in elite athletes’. Roehampton University.

PhD 8 (Internal Examiner)

  • 2011    Kathleen Anne Shorter: ‘The pathomechanics of shoulder injuries in cricket bowlers’. University of Southampton.
  • 2010    Richard Buscombe: ‘Interpersonal Perception in Sport: An Examination of factors Influencing Expectancy Effects’. University of Southampton.
  • 2008    Simon Delves: ‘Physiological evaluation of operational military acclimatisation during deployment to a hot dry environment’. University of Southampton.
  • 2005    Paul Ray Worsfold: ‘Biomechanical assessment of the shoe-surface interface in golfing activity’. University of Southampton.
  • 2004    Peter Cunningham: ‘Physiological demands of single handed dingy sailing’. University of Southampton.
  • 2003    David Michael Wilkinson: ‘Physiological indices of acute fatigue during recovery from short-term training stress in distance runners’. University of Southampton.
  • 2002    Stephen Brian Draper: ‘V O2 kinetics in severe intensity running’. University of Southampton.
  • 2001    Richard Charles Thelwell: ‘Towards repeatable good performance in cricket’. University of Southampton.

Independent Chair (PhD):

2015    Marisa Zanotti: ‘Forth Disorder: Adapting Choreography to the Screen’. University of Southampton.

MRes 1 (External Examiner):

2014    Christopher Kirk: ‘Performance profile of mixed martial arts’. University of Central Lancashire.

MPhil 1 (External Examiner):

2007    Yvonne Hopkinson: ‘Examination of the relationship between aerobic fitness and the O2 response to VO2 constant intensity, short duration, exhaustive exercise in men and women’. University of Gloucestershire.

Director of Studies (PhD completions)

PhD: Iain Kendrick: ‘The effects of training and supplementation on carnosine metabolism in skeletal muscle’ (2011).

PhD: Glenys Jones ‘Imidazole dipeptides: Dietary sources and factors affecting uptake and muscle content’. (2011).

Director of Studies (PhD – ongoing, part-time)

PhD: Andrew West: Influence of chronological ageing on the bioenergetics of high speed running in well trained children and adolescents’ (2012-).



1994                  Fluid Balance in Weight Classified Sports', Coaching Focus, Spring

1993                  Making the ideal weight', Coaching Focus, Spring.

1991                  Amateur Boxing and Sports Science', Coaching Focus, Summer.

1988-2004         Physiological articles for England ABA Coaching Bulletin.


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Publications (Book):

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Publication (Peer Reviewed Journal):

Amad, Ali, Seidman, Jade, Draper, Stephen B., Bruchhage, Muriel M. K., Lowry, Ruth G., Wheeler, James, Robertson, Andrew, Williams, Steven C. R. and Smith, Marcus S. (2016). Motor Learning Induces Plasticity in the Resting Brain—Drumming Up a Connection. Cerebral Cortex. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhw048 First published online: March 3, 2016.

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Oral presentation:

2014    British Cardiovascular Society Annual Conference (Manchester, UK).

2013    European College of Sport Science (Barcelona, Spain)

2012    International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (Glasgow, UK).

2012    The British Psychological Society Annual Conference (London, UK).

2011    Wellbeing Conference. Birmingham City University (Birmingham, UK).

2010    6th Games for Health Annual Conference (Boston, USA).

2010    Biorhythm Live: Rhythm (Dublin, Ireland).

2009    Cheltenham Science Festival (Cheltenham, UK).

2009    London International Music Show (London, UK).

2008    11th Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Congress – 3 presentations (Tehran, Iran).

2008    Orthopaedics and Sports Injuries Conference (London, UK).

2008    British Paralympic Association (Loughborough, UK).

2008    European College of Sport Science (Estoril, Portugal).

Journal Editor

Co-Editor, Combat Sports, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.

Journal Reviewer

  • European Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.
  • Journal of Sport Sciences
  • International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.
  • Journal of Sports Science and Medicine


Marcus has research interests in the following areas:

  • Manipulation of body mass and its impact on sports performance
  • Physiology of Rock drumming
  • Drumming as an intervention in research/clinical trials.


Attendance at major International boxing tournaments as physiological advisor to England ABALtd and Great Britain ABA teams:

Olympic Games

1992 Barcelona (Spain)

1988 Seoul (South Korea)

Olympic Qualifying Tournaments

2004 Warsaw (Poland); 2004 Gothenburg (Sweden)

2000 Liverpool (England)

1999 Istanbul (Turkey)

Commonwealth Games

2002 Manchester (England)

1998 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

World Senior Championships

2001 Belfast (Northern Ireland)

1999 Texas (USA)

1993 Tampere (Finland)

1991 Sydney (Australia)

European Senior Championships

2004 Pula (Croatia, also acted as 2004 Olympic Qualifying Tournament)

1996 Veijle (Denmark, also acted as 1996 Olympic Qualifying Tournament)

1993 Bursa (Turkey)

1991 Gothenburg (Sweden)

World Junior Championships

1990 Lima (Peru).

European Junior Championships 1992 Edinburgh (Scotland).

Multi-nation Senior tournaments

1996, 1995 & 1994 Liverpool  (England);

1995 Tampere (Finland).

Dual Internationals

1987-2004 Physiological advisor to England boxing team at 30 dual Internationals.

International Training Camps (6)

2004 Great Britain Olympic Boxing Team ‘Acclimatisation Training Camp’, Paphos, Cyprus

2003 Great Britain Olympic Boxing Team ‘Warm-weather Training Camp’, Paphos, Cyprus

2002 England Commonwealth Games Boxing Team ‘Team Building Training Camp’, Lofer, Austria

1998 Great Britain Boxing Team ‘Warm-weather Training Camp’, Tallahassee, USA

1994, 1995 Great Britain Olympic Boxing Team ‘Acclimatisation Training Camp’, Tallahassee, USA

Boxing Commissions

1999-2004:  Member of European Amateur Boxing Association Science and Research Commission (Secretary).

1995-2004: Member of England ABALtd Coaching Commission.

International Boxing Consultant

2008 :Irish Amateur Boxing Association.

Sporting Clients:

  • Elite British amateur boxers
  • World professional boxing champion
  • Elite and club triathletes
  • Elite Table Tennis Players
  • Elite weightlifters
  • Elite wrestlers
  • Elite judo players
  • County level endurance athletes
  • Ultra-distance athletes
  • Non-sporting clients (musicians):
  • Clem Burke (Blondie)
  • Paul Carbonara (Guitar player, rock/pop band Blondie)
  • Darrin Mooney (drummer, rock/pop band Primal Scream)
  • Matthew Tong (drummer, rock/pop band Bloc Party)
  • Kevin Figueiredo (drummer, rock/pop band, Extreme)
  • Jeremy Hickey AKA RSAG (drummer, Rarely Seen Above Ground)
  • Mark Richardson (drummer, Skunk Anansie)
  • Jamie Oliver (drummer, UK SUBS)
  • Robin Guy (drummer, SHAM 69)

Clem Burke Drumming Project

2008 -   Co-founder with Draper, S and Burke, C.

Public engagement: (Television programmes):

2008 ‘Clem Burke Drumming Project’, BBC 1 News.

2002 ‘Real Boxing’, Discovery Channel, Wall to Wall Films.

1996 ‘Peak Performance - Boxing Clever’, ITV 1, Oxford Scientific Films.

1994 ‘The Contenders – The future’s in the fridge’, BBC 1, BBC Films.

Public engagement: (Radio Programmes):

2010    Biorhythm Live (Rhythm): stations in UK, Ireland, Germany and Canada.

2010    Beat it: The world of the modern drummer, BBC Radio 4, UK.

2008    Launch of the Clem Burke Drumming Project: stations in UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Australia.

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