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Ian Perkins

Senior Lecturer | 01243 793512

After gaining a first class degree in BA (Hons) Physical Education and Teaching QTS here at the University of Chichester, Ian joined the department in the summer of 2012 as a senior lecturer in physiology.

In addition to working on the undergraduate physiology modules, Ian also helps to deliver research methods, track and field, and performance analysis modules on the BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sports Coaching, BA (Hons) Physical Education in the Primary Years, and BA (Hons) Physical Education in the Secondary Years undergraduate degrees.

Ian also delivers PGCE track and field, and teach on the PE and Sports Coaching 1 module which runs in the first year for all 3 PE degrees.

Ian has recently completed his MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology, during which he furthered his interest in sports supplementation by examining the effects of anthocyanins upon intermittent exercise. 

Journal publication

New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Improves High-intensity Intermittent Running. Ian Craig Perkins, Sarah Anne Vine, Sam David Blacker, Willems MET. International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism (in press).