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On-campus catered accommodation with shared bathroom facilities with options across both Bishop Otter and Bognor Regis campuses.

Top Features

Catered, safe, and secure on-campus accommodation

Catering package

Catering package

Campus bus service

Campus bus service

Accommodation features

What to expect

Bishop Otter campus: Springfield Hall 1-4, Hammond Hall 1 and 2

Bognor Regis campus: Longbrook Hall, Charlotte House

You will need a TV licence if you plan to watch TV.

  • Catered
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • 39-week contract (including Christmas and Easter holidays).
  • Extended contracts are available on the Bognor Regis campus.
  • Some larger rooms are available in Longbrook
  • Facilities between 6​ rooms
  • TV licence required if you plan to watch TV
  • A weekly catering package worth at least £49 a week
  • Wifi and Endsleigh personal contents insurance included in rent
  • Regular U7/U8 bus services between campuses
  • 2023/24 Price: £177.10 per week

Contact us

If you have any questions contact our Accommodation team on 01243 812120 or allocations@chi.ac.uk.

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