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4 reasons you should employ a degree apprentice

I’ve worked at the University for several years managing the Digital team within the wider Marketing, Recruitment, Communications and Admissions department. My teams looks after all videography, photography, website management and social media communications to applicants, students and staff. Our focus is mainly student recruitment and work closely with the Marketing Campaigns team. We are constantly shifting and changing our approach, keeping up with trends – no day is ever the same!

Having an apprentice has enabled me to grow my Digital team without the cost of a full time member of staff, and Siân is now in her second year of her degree. She is enthusiastic, career-minded and she has supported our team with website editing, social media, photography and videography. Additionally her age enables us to tap into her mindset set as a student, so we can use her opinions for printed and digital marketing materials. As a student at the same University she is working at, she has given us a true insight into the sentiment of her classmates and her ongoing experiences throughout a very eventful year. Siân has helped us cover the admin level work that was previously not being carried out properly, and helped to ease the pressure on the more senior level staff.  She has brought balance to our decision-making, a great sense of humour and an ‘always ready’ attitude.




1. Degree apprentices are only in university 1 day a week

Siân has one University day a week during her semester time, and the extra study days allocated for all University staff. We work flexibly when she is out of term time – she can either work full time and save the days up for when she has assessments due, or she uses them for her own research. When she has a lot of assessments due she usually takes time off to work on these, and I try to ensure her workload is eased so she feels less pressure. It’s a tricky balance sometimes between work and her studies, but communication is key – I hope she can ask for help and support if she needs it.

2. You have an employee continually developing over 4 years

Siân has undoubtedly grown in confidence and skill since beginning her degree. The modules benefit her work at the University, and equally her work helps her put her studies into context.

3. The modules your apprentice studies on their degree helps with their job… Ultimately helping you too! 

We are constantly utilising Siân’s knowledge from her modules into projects we are running, and we are able to adapt projects to mirror what she is currently learning to allow Siân to apply theory to practice with ease. For example, her coding module will come in handy for a website development project we are beginning this year.  As well as the academic skills, her personal skills such as time management, communication with others and writing have improved.

4. They bring fresh ideas and different opinions to help your campaigns become more successful

My advice for anyone who’s looking into employing a degree apprentice is absolutely do it! Siân has been a breath of fresh air for our team, bringing new opinions, and energy to the wider department.  She is motivated and loyal to the University, and it’s a pleasure to watch her grow and learn with each new project.


Find more information about Degree Apprenticeships at the University of Chichester.

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Date published

04 Feb 2021

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