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I sent my audition tape by DVD to get into University!

Jess Chitombo, Music Performance

Sadly, I couldn’t attend my audition day at the University because I live in Zimbabwe. However, Chichester gave me the option to send my audition on DVD with my audition pieces on it.  I didn’t get a campus tour before I arrived, but I got to watch the campus tour on their Instagram, so when I did arrive, I didn’t get lost because everything looked familiar from the videos and beautiful pictures I saw through their Instagram!

Even though I didn’t have to go the University for my audition, I was still very nervous as I took my audition videos because I knew how important it was, and I wanted to impress the lecturers that would be  watching the videos. After I’d recorded a take that I found good enough, I felt a sense of relief but also a sense of dread as I wanted to know what they thought and I knew it was going to be a long time before I heard a response.

Despite waiting for a response from my audition tape, the staff members I emailed were very friendly and helpful and responded quickly and efficiently to any questions I emailed them about.

I applied to other Universities, however, some of them either didn’t require an audition or didn’t give the option of sending an audition DVD for those who weren’t able to come for the audition.

Everyone here is so friendly and so welcoming at the University even with just a smile as you walk by. Staff and students are really helpful so don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything! Also, for any new international students, the University ensure that you aren’t left on your own and they hold an International Welcome Day for all of the other students in the same position as you – giving a tour to them all and hosting a party for everyone to get to know each other better!

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Date published

12 Nov 2019

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