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See the world beyond the component parts of an organisation

Start date: September 2024
Applications now open

Graduate MBA: for undergraduates who have recently graduated or with limited work experience

1 year full-time
Bishop Otter Campus (Chichester)

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See the world beyond the component parts of an organisation

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an important milestone in the development of a senior manager or aspiring director, as it brings together the key skills, knowledge, and attributes of what it takes to lead people and deliver results.

Prepare for your next step

Our Master of Business of Administration (MBA) – Full Time course provides you with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to begin your next step towards securing a more senior or strategic role, start a business, or become a consultant.

You will learn to:

  • See the bigger strategic picture
  • Cultivate your own practical approach to leadership
  • Undertake business consultancy and research projects
  • Consider the factors that influence practical decision making
  • Communicate powerful ideas through pitches, business cases and conversation
  • Master a range of tools, creative processes, problem solving techniques, and sources

Reflect on your experiences to deepen your personal development

This course asks you to reflect on your own knowledge and experience and use in-depth research and consultancy insights on this programme to examine what is it you can do, how you can deal with obstacles, and what you can achieve.

Look beyond the organisation structures

Throughout this course, you will begin to see the world beyond the component parts of an organisation, such as HR, finance, strategy, and marketing etc, and into to the wider world and the opportunities that it presents to us.

You will learn to appreciate the dynamic and holistic nature of life within the organisation, across its stakeholders, suppliers, and communities.

Consider the role of a globalised world

Throughout the course, you will examine the influence of a variety of global factors on the world of business and the role of leadership, such as:

  • Popularism
  • Climate change
  • Shifting geo-politics
  • Western philosophies
  • International relations
  • Cultural implications for business

Learn to build the relationships of the future

How we build effective relationships within and beyond organisations will become increasingly important as the world faces new challenges and opportunities ranging from climate change to artificial intelligence.

Throughout the course, you will consider how fresh thinking and adaptive entrepreneurial solutions will affect the relationships of the future across all areas of business.

Gain vital employability skills such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Presenting skills to groups
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing with an audience in mind
  • Teamwork
  • Digital skills
  • Leadership

On this course you will:

  • Appreciate the importance of innovation and creativity
  • Evaluate whether past solutions will be fit for tomorrow
  • Understand the ethical choices at play and their consequences
  • Work to select and deploy appropriate tools, methods, and resources
  • Learn to apply your knowledge and experience to a focused problem or opportunity
  • Develop the practice of reflection from feedback of faculty, peers, and one’s own experience

The Course

Learn the intricacies and skills of effective leadership

See the world differently

The ethos of this MBA is to see the world beyond the component parts of an organisation, to appreciate the dynamic and holistic nature of life within the organisation, across its stakeholders, suppliers, and communities.

It is only when we start to fully appreciate this can we grasp our own agency – what is it we can do and achieve as well as what constrains us. And of course, the choices we make come with responsibility for those around us, the environment and for future generations.

Develop your overarching inquiry of personal development

Early in the course you will be encouraged to develop an idea of an inquiry that you will work on throughout the MBA,

This could be:

  • A business idea for the future
  • A career that they might want to move into
  • An experience or inspiration you wish to explore further

Our Graduate MBA is ideal if you have just graduated with an undergraduate degree or equivalent and/or a professional qualification at graduate level in a relevant field, or after a year or two in your first post.

We also offer an Executive MBA programme designed for those with at least two years of managerial experience.

Three phases

The MBA is split into three equal phases, each with a different but overlapping emphasis that builds the participants knowledge, practice, and skills.

Phase One

The first phase focuses on the essential elements of studying an MBA, understanding self and our impact on others, strategy development and implementation, accountancy and finance.

Phase Two

The second phase builds upon the foundations you will have developed during the first, with an additional focus on growth and opportunity, as you study adapting to the future: leadership, change and creativity, operations and information systems, and strategic marketing and sales.

Phase Three

Phase three shifts your learning towards 1-to-1 tutorial supervision and peer-to-peer action learning of your Management Consultancy or Business Research Project.

Teaching and Assessment

Feel the support of our expert and experienced staff

Close learning community

This course’s focus on group learning provides a strong platform for you to share your experiences with others and learn from your peers in a comfortable and close-knit environment.

Interactive face-to-face learning sessions

Our in-person workshops take place on our historic Bishop Otter campus in the heart of Chichester and are run in the spirit of conversation and exploration, with expert input and guidance from University faculty and guest speakers.

Building on your own knowledge

You will be encouraged to learn how to confidently navigate the fast-moving knowledge terrain to create actionable, timely and reliable insight. Clearly books and academic journals have their place, but social media, blogs, AI are having increasingly important for how we and others see the world.

Across the programme you will work individually and in groups to gather, make sense, curate insights that enable effective decision making for a sustainable future.

Meet Professor Rob Warwick

Professor Rob Warwick

Professor in Management and Organisational Learning

Dr Rob Warwick is Professor of Management and Organisational Learning at the University of Chichester. Rob switched to academia from a career in organisational change and development. He has a doctorate in healthcare policy, focusing on the interaction between policy and frontline practice.

This was gained whilst working as Head of Strategic Change for a large NHS organisation where he worked on a national healthcare initiative.

Discover assessment methods that reflect the professional world

Our approach to assessment reflects the organisational world that you will encounter in professional environments, with a move away from traditional, academic-focused formats and towards methods that support your developments as senior leaders and managers.


Discover a close student community within a supportive and collaborative environment


Where this can take you

This course upon your existing knowledge and experience to enable you to see what you want to achieve, as well as the steps and confidence needed to get there. Personal goals might include moving into a senior strategic role in an organisation, starting a business or becoming a consultant.

You will be able to:

  • See the bigger strategic picture and its real-world implications to influence practical decision making
  • Generate knowledge and insight through business consultancy
  • Research through a range of tools, creativity, problem solving and sources
  • Communicate powerful ideas to drive commitment, for example pitching ideas, writing business cases and conversation

The programme also aims to develop your more ‘rounded’ softer skills such as problem solving, presenting, critical thinking, writing with an audience in mind and digital skills.

Course Costs

Course Fees 2024/25

Tuition fee
Fee for whole course.

For further details about fees, please see our Tuition Fee page.

For further details about international scholarships, please see our Scholarships page.

University of Chichester alumni who have completed a full undergraduate degree at the University will receive a 15% discount on their postgraduate fees.

To find out about any additional costs on this course, please see our Additional Costs page.

Entry Requirements

  • An Honours degree (minimum 2:2) in a relevant field.

An important part of the admission process is a conversation with a member of the faculty. This is an opportunity for the participant to gauge if the programme is suitable for them. The conversation is likely to cover academic track record, previous leadership experience and ambitions for the programme and beyond.

You should be aware that the University of Chichester actively promotes equality and diversity and positively welcomes applicants regardless of race, gender, disability, sexuality, age, religion or social class.


As above.


In addition to the above, applicants need to meet the minimum English language requirement of an IELTS score of 6.5 overall with no component below 6.0, or an equivalent recognised test. English medium of instructions is not accepted as an alternative. Visit our English Language Requirements page for more information.

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