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Senior Leader Apprenticeship

Boost your career and combine academic learning with on-the-job training

Boost your career and combine academic learning with on-the-job training

2 Years Part Time
Bognor Regis Campus


This Senior Leadership Degree Apprenticeship course examines the practice of leadership management. The course is informed by an analysis of wider management theory in a changing organisational context. You will create a detailed Personal Development Plan as you study key areas of management and develop your ideas to drive organisational change.

During the course you will be employed full time or part time by an employer and attend the university part time during working hours. This course enables businesses to upskill and motivate existing employees and recruit high-quality, talented apprentices who are trained in business. The course is open to existing company employees and new staff.

This course is aimed at those in strategic leadership roles and you will decide how to apply your learning to your business during the course. You will study strategy, HR, finance, marketing and operations, and apply your new skills in work-based projects that will benefit you and your employer.

You will define and work towards your own career goals, and learn to practically apply the skills you develop on the course in your workplace. You will develop your leadership skills and take control of your personal development.

You will attend University for one day a month (except in July and August) in the Business School.

Become eligible for an MBA top-up programme

On completion of your apprenticeship, you will be able to apply to a top-up programme to gain an MBA as well as the Senior Leader Apprenticeship. This option is available at an additional cost that is eligible for apprenticeship funding. Please contact us at apprenticeships@chi.ac.uk to discuss this option.


“I’ve found this degree equal parts challenging, inspiring, and rewarding, as the course content has enabled me to gain a wider appreciation of myself and others. I was able to blend the learning from the course into work projects within my team, as well as improvement in my own coaching and mentoring skills. I approached the degree with some trepidation in the summer 2019, because I had not been involved with any formal education since for nearly 25 years, but I've now developed skills through the wider knowledge I’ve attained, that has helped me both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend considering using the apprenticeship scheme in your own personal development, I feel I’ve gained more than a qualification.”


Littlehampton Welding
“I will use the knowledge gained to benefit both the business and myself. To learn vocationally on the job gives an opportunity to integrate learning almost instantaneously.”


“The University of Chichester’s Senior Leader Programme has been one of the best decisions I made for my education and career, I have been really engaged in the course content and the delivery through practical learning. I am impressed with how relatable the material covered is and have been easily able to practice this through my role at Hilti. It has supported me to further develop my career and will continue to help me to progress.”

Teaching and Assessment

How you will learn

You will attend classes at the University to discuss the theoretical and practical applications of various leadership topics including strategy, HR, continuous improvement, and leadership. Typical class sizes are up to 20 people. You will apply and practice the ideas you discuss in your class group as you develop the confidence to use them in the workplace. These classes will be influenced by your needs as the course continues. 

You will also discuss relevant topical papers or books in these sessions to develop your confidence in engaging with scholarly material, and take part in group work to discuss practical applications of the material in the workplace.


You will complete a variety of assignments and projects during the course. We will encourage you to focus on a small clearly defined project to allow you to explore inter-connected themes such as strategy and leadership culture.

Successful projects have included:

  • The introduction of a new spreadsheet in a team to record invoicing
  • Working with a colleague in a different department on a small project to prove a concept
  • Investigating a new market for a product

You are encouraged to challenge yourself in your project work to support your own development and goals. For example, completing a project in in your existing team is unlikely to be adequately developmental if it is just ‘business as usual’, so we suggest working in a different team or site or stretching your application of knowledge within your current department.

Your final assessment is a live consultancy project. This assignment covers essential elements such as working with the client to develop a clear brief, understanding what is already known about the subject (for example a review of the professional and academic literature), and the methods and techniques that might be required to carry out the work. You will work with your client to agree a project brief and be allocated a supervisor to support your project.

End Point Assessment

At the end of this apprenticeship you are required to undertake two forms of assessment as part of the End Point Assessment:

  • A project showcase: This demonstrates the work that you have undertaken on your learning journey.
  • A professional discussion: This is based upon your portfolio of work.

The methods of assessment in this apprenticeship, often in the form of work based projects, contribute to the development of your project showcase.

The Course

What you will study

You will study a range of modules in each year.

This list is indicative and subject to change.

Year One

  • Organisational impact: an operational perspective
  • Developing people and teams: operational perspective
  • Understanding self and our wider impact: an operational perspective

Year Two

  • Organisational impact: a wider strategic perspective
  • Developing people and teams: strategic perspective
  • Understanding self and our wider impact: the strategic view


Use University resources, facilities, and study spaces

Course Costs

Your tuition fees will be paid by your employer and/or the Government so you will graduate without tuition fee debt.

As an employee you will receive your salary from your employer and be eligible for employee benefits while you study. You will not be eligible for a student loan.

To find out about any additional costs on this course, please see our Additional Costs page.

Entry Requirements

Degree apprentices are recruited directly by employers or are already employed by the company.

To be eligible for the course you will need any of the following:

Undergraduate Degree
or equivalent.
Graduate level professional qualification
Substantial experience in a management or leadership role


Frequently asked questions

How do I apply?

You need to apply directly to an employer for a degree apprenticeship, unlike traditional degree programmes.

You will be employed in a full time or part time role while studying in partnership with the University of Chichester.

Any other questions

If you have any other questions please contact apprenticeships@chi.ac.uk.

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