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BA (Hons) Musical Theatre (Triple Threat)

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3 Years (1 Year - Top Up) Full Time

Top 30
UK University
happiest place to live in the UK
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1. The Guardian University Guide 2021 | 2. Office for National Statistics 2019 | 3. QS Stars University Rating 2019

Entry Requirements and Fees

2021/22 UK fee: £9,250

2021/22 International fee: £14,050

For further details about fees, please see our Tuition Fee page.

For further details about international scholarships, please see our Scholarships page.

Typical Offer (individual offers may vary):

Tariff points: 104 - 120

A Levels: BBC


International Baccalaureate: 28 points

Interview: Candidates will be required to demonstrate their ability in dance, acting and singing in a performance audition. Applicants with high levels of performance skills may be considered for a lower academic offer. For more information on this process see below - Audition Details and FAQs.

IELTS 6.0 overall with no element lower than 5.5

Student view

Tia Kenrick
It is overwhelming how much I have learnt from the whole process. I feel as if I have grown as an individual having worked with my tutors. It has been the most demanding yet worthwhile performing experience I have had to date.
Jordan Harrington

The most challenging and enjoyable three years of my life! I have been put through my paces at the university developing a variety of skills, from increasing my overall range in singing lessons to being pushed to the limit and beyond in dance classes. The cherry on the cake are the lecturers, their positive and encouraging attitudes towards students really give the drive to complete a challenging day of performing. An incredible university to study at. If I could I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Ophelia Mancini

I feel so proud that I had an influence in creating this amazing show and fulfil my artistic ideas for the final piece. I would never have imagined creating something like this three years ago, which gives me the confidence that you can do anything that you put your mind to. What an incredible opportunity to have had my training at Chichester.

Mark Ward
Director for a leading West End agency, Belfield & Ward

I have worked in the entertainment industry for 25 years.  First as a trained performer for 8 years and subsequently as an artist's agent for 17 years. It has been my pleasure to be aware of the Musical Theatre (Single Hons- Triple Threat) programme at The University of Chichester since it's inception in 2009.  I have closely followed the path of the course as it has steadfastly established itself as a degree course offering applicable training in the arts  for performers preparing for entry into the industry.  The course has expertly created a relevant faculty who have their finger on the pulse of what performers need in an ever changing world and how best to carve out a successful career with the right and appropriate skill sets. The training and especially the productions that I have seen over the years have been astonishing in how quickly they have raised the bar for themselves every year to meet the high standards already set by other training establishments.  Using their considerable experience in mounting these productions, I have been impressed at the constantly improving standards over the years, especially when comparing them with other training courses and their productions that I see throughout every year. We are an extremely exclusive agency and select artists based on a number of factors, but good, solid and extensive training is a common starting point and I am thrilled that we have so far signed two University of Chichester alumni to Belfield & Ward.  This course is now on our 'watchlist' as a place that we recognise that is providing the training needed for the level of actor we seek to represent. 

Course content

The University of Chichester Conservatoire has one of the largest and liveliest musical theatre departments in the UK with a community of over 400 student performers. You will get to showcase public performances with professional production teams for regional tours, major art festivals and to create and premiere new commissions.

One of the country’s leading and courses with strong industry links. Students can also audition for top-up entry into the third year through audition and a sufficient number of credits (240 as a guidance). 

The course is also unique in offering technical and producing routes to support students who develop the interest and have the capability to gain successful careers in stage management including sound, lighting and costume and arts management and producing. 

All students receive training in every aspect of Musical Theatre hence in acting, singing and dance and the focus is on developing technique and strength in all these areas equally. In the first year there is an end of year showcase presentation assessment and an informal audition in order to be placed into one of two companies in the second year of study. This leads up to public performances in The Alexandra Theatre, Bognor Regis. 

In the second year all students continue to have regular access to classes in acting, singing and dance and are also offered additional specialised modules in Stage Management/Technical Theatre and Arts Management/Producing.

At the end of the second year of study students are placed into one of three companies by audition:  Musical Theatre Tour, Musical Theatre Commission or Musical Theatre Festival.

Year 1


This class develops the students acting effectiveness within a performing group, under the direction of specialist acting tutors. Classes support the development of confidence in ensemble performance, how to sustain energy through text and how to interpret and analyise the narrative whether spoken or sung, to give an honest and meaningful performance. Training includes performance techniques in a variety of acting contexts including immersive theatre, narrative analysis, dialect coaching, vocal projection, improvisation, script work, acting for screen, Shakespeare, metre and audition technique.


In this module students assess their current repertoire, and begin an exploration of new work under the direction of individual vocal specialist teachers and in singing masterclass sessions. Each student has a teacher who will look after their technical voice development. Students will also have classes in vocal ensemble work and 1-2-1 repertoire. In addition there are a series of drop in repertoire sessions taking place throughout the week.


In these classes students are taught by professional dancers and choreographers and receive training in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, and Tap, with daily technique and body conditioning sessions. The classes are streamed according to level, so students will be placed in a class that reflects their ability. One of the course aims is to enable students to develop technical and expressive skills in performance and be able to develop skills in conveying narrative and the meaning of text, through Dance.

There are four contextual, theory-based modules over the first year worth 15 credits each. These include:

  • Introduction to Musical Theatre
  • Musical Grammar (in Semester 1 and 2)
  • Stage Management   

Year 2

Technical classes in acting, singing and dance continue as detailed in the first year of study. Students are now placed into two companies and over the course of the year will engage in a fully-staged Musical Theatre performance at The Alexandra Theatre, a professional 350-seater theatre venue in Bognor Regis, plus a Revue/Showcase-style work in the University’s own studio space, The Assembly Theatre.

Students can also start to specialise in either Stage Management or Arts Management in addition to their performance and class-based training in acting, singing and dance. Students undertake additional practical tasks as part of the chosen specialism and opt for complementary contextual / theoretical modules to support that work. Professional mentoring is provided in these specialisms, which enhances the students’ training and support and provides quality assurance for the work that goes into the public domain.

Contextual modules include:

  • Contemporary Musical Theatre
  • Musical Theatre Industry

Or for Stage Management:

  • Props and Costume
  • Production and Stage Management

Or for Arts Management :

  • Events Management
  • Marketing and Self-employment
  • Producing

Year 3

In the third year of study, students are placed in one of three companies:

  • Musical Theatre Tour
  • Musical Theatre Commission
  • Musical Theatre Festival

Technical classes in acting, singing and dance continue with the addition of a weekly specialist workshop programme, including stage combat, audition technique, Musical Theatre libretti writing, visiting West End choreographers, voice technique, body percussion, puppetry, food and nutrition and a chance to meet and interview alumni who are thriving in the industry .

The Stage and Arts Management routes continue into third year with affiliated contextual modules.

Contextual Modules include:

  • Asian Musical Theatre and Performance Practice
  • Musical Theatre in the Community
  • Personal Study

Or for Stage Management:

  • Managing Teams and Processes
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning

Or for Arts Management:

  • Business Project
  • Fundraising in the Arts

Students are also part of a Producing team, who meet weekly.

Our facilities

Over the past few years, we’ve redeveloped both of our campuses so that you have the best-ever facilities available for your degree. We pride ourselves on the quality of the learning environment we can offer our students which is as much about the quality of the tutors as it is about the spaces we work in.

There is an integrated approach to the provision of learning resources and support.  We offer a substantial collection of books, journals and other materials to help you further your research.

A range of study areas for group and quiet study includes Wi-Fi areas for laptop use or you can use our open access PC and Mac areas.  We use an electronic learning environment with an expanding portfolio of online library resources from anywhere at any time.

Tuition takes place in modern music facilities, which include computerised recording and media studios, well-equipped practice rooms with new grand pianos.

The Music department has access to several soundproofed practice rooms for rehearsals and lessons, as well as lecture and seminar rooms.

The Musical Theatre programme is primarily based on the Bognor Regis campus with a good number of dance and rehearsal studios equipped with Harlequin flooring.

The Assembly Theatre has been redeveloped into a multi-purpose rehearsal and theatre studio space, seating up to 80 audience. Students will also use the 350-seater Alexandra Theatre in Bognor Regis.

The Bognor Regis campus is seven miles from the Bishop Otter campus and is connected by frequent buses. Our students therefore have access to both an historic cathedral city and an iconic south-coast seaside resort!

The Learning Resource at both campuses is the hub of the learning environment.  It has two upper floors of library resources, with a comprehensive musical theatre collection, one for silent study and one for quiet study, both of which have recently been refurbished.

On the ground floor, you’ll find the Support and Information Zone, Media Hub, Otter Gallery, Costa Coffee and a variety of IT resources.

There are pleasant green spaces with good seating, landscaped gardens and lockable bike sheds. 

Where this can take you

The student will have the opportunity of developing a broad range of skills to enhance employability in a range of areas beyond University.

The Musical Theatre programme runs a lively Alumni page on Facebook so join up and you will see some of the impressive things that students go on to do!

Course progression has been very high, with a number of students going on to further study in MA in Musical Theatre in some of the most prestigious conservatoires in the country and in PGCE teacher training.

As performers, alumni have gone into:

  • West End productions
  • major touring productions throughout Europe
  • major cruise ships including Disney
  • UK and International small-scale touring theatre
  • ​Film and TV in both the UK and US
  • Edinburgh Festival
  • Cabaret
  • stage managers, arts managers and producers picking up contracts in the UK and around the world

Postgraduate Pathways

Postgraduate study options available at Chichester include: 

Work placements

We understand the importance of ensuring that you have the knowledge, skills and experience to compete successfully in today’s challenging jobs market. 

Our commitment is to make sure that students from all disciplines complete the necessary preparation to be able to apply for internships.

Our alumni are now working within some of the principal producing houses.

Events Management students on the Arts Management route have a further opportunity to develop a short project within a variety of workplaces which have included BBC local radio and a world-music agency. 

Indicative modules

Year 1

Dance Development

This module is based around the development of ensemble skills, with a balanced focus on the different performance styles of jazz, tap, contemporary and ballet. Training is in a range of styles which will develop versatility in performance to include specific knowledge of dynamics, use of space and the stage space and the relationship with other dancers.

Acting Development

This module is based around the development of fundamental skills in theatre performance, connection to and understanding of self, truthfulness and character. This will be achieved through acting exercises and techniques, for example, Stanislavski, Meisner, improvisation etc and through narrative and script work as an individual and ensemble performer. 

Vocal Development

This vocal development module is founded upon technical study where a variety of skills particular to the students’ individual voice will be explored with vocal teachers. The instrument is strengthened and nurtured to support stylistic and dramatic choices which are expressed in solo and ensemble repertoire.

Introduction to Musical Theatre

The module will introduce students to key skills in examining repertoire drawn from succeeding periods of musical theatre history, supporting an examination of musical structure with a parallel focus on developments in dance and drama within the genre. 

Musical Grammar

Designed to enable each student to work at their own pace, whilst moving towards a common level of achievement, the module will introduce, reintroduce and familiarise students with a range of aspects of musical structure and its notation.

External useful websites are Music Theory and 8 Notes 

Stage Management

This module will begin by setting out the basic requirements, skills and techniques applicable to stage management. Information will be detailed on the production planning process, the nature and function of the rehearsal environment, and the roles and function of the personnel required for running a range of productions.

Year 2

Production 1 and 2

This module allows students to enhance their contribution to ensemble performance and to develop their skills in solo work in the context of a large performance project.

Contemporary Musical Theatre

This module builds upon the level 4 Introduction to Musical Theatre by relating an historical overview of the development of the genre to an examination of current trends and practices in musical theatre both here and in the USA. 

Musical Theatre Industry

Students will develop their knowledge of a variety of professional roles both in the commercial musical theatre industry and in publicly funded performance contexts. 

Props and Costume

This module will begin by setting out the basic requirements, skills and techniques applicable to props and costume. Information will be detailed on the production planning process, and the nature and function of the rehearsal environment.

Production and Stage Management

This module will explore the skills and techniques required in production and stage management. The production planning process, logistics and transport and organisational planning will be considered alongside issues of Health and Safety, and students will develop a role in which they are in a position to inform other team members on the specific safety requirements for a practical project.

Events Management (MTL220)

This module is designed as an introduction to theatre, festival and events management, from the business administration skills involved in coordinating people, sites and facilities to the legal, budgetary and insurance requirements for professional event planning.

Self-Employment, Marketing and Promotion(MUL242)

This module will explore the local and national marketplace and will introduce students to a number of different models of successful positioning within it. A successful career as a film or music professional needs to be informed, alongside musical and communication skills, by an understanding of the nature of self employment in business. 

Year 3

Musical Theatre Tour

This module allows students to undertake more ambitious personal development in performance whilst working in different venues and under different performance conditions. There is an emphasis on the strengthening of vocal and dance techniques and exploring performance skills in narrative and script work.Tthe module will work towards, and culminate in, a staged production in semester 2 to off-campus venues across the region.

Musical Theatre Commission

This module allows students to undertake more ambitious personal development in performance whilst working as a member of a performing company. Repertoire building and the nature of the performance context are discussed, leading to a clearer view of the achievement outcomes that are possible for each individual beyond undergraduate study.The module will work towards, and culminate in, a stage production.

Musical Theatre Festival

This module allows students to undertake more ambitious personal development in performance across two venues and under different performance conditions. The module will work towards, and culminate in, a staged performance for the festival circuit .

Personal Study

To provide students with an opportunity to select an area of study of their choice, in an aspect of film acting, lecture presentation or written work, and to develop this over an extended period. For all students this provides an opportunity to develop an individual repertoire, and to present a longer and more challenging programme of research work.

Asian Musical Theatre and Performance Practices

Many courses focus on European and American traditions in Musical Theatre. However, there is a rich and abundant source of musical traditions in Asia where music and theatre traditionally play a fundamental part in society. This module explores different traditions of musical theatre focusing on the multi-billion dollar industry that is Bollywood.

Musical Theatre in the Community

This course will explore contemporary and recent examples of musical theatre, with a particular focus on transferring that knowledge into a practical community based project, culminating in the students working both on and off campus with children from local schools. 

Managing Teams and Processes

This modules is taken by the stage management students at level 6 and looks at specific areas of leadership and management. The module aims to develop competency in project planning and in developing leadership, co-ordination and management skills. Students will develop the imaginative use of physical and creative resources and be able to sustain the smooth progression of a production process.

Budget and Financial Planning

This module will focus on the realistic and accurate budget management of an identified performance project and students will explore a range of strategies designed to ensure successful delivery of the project and within identified budget constraints.

Business Project

This module is taken by Arts Management students. It aims to develop competency in business planning and to develop the imaginative use of physical and creative resources.

Introduction to Fundraising in the Arts

The module will consider the third-sector in relation to the other two sectors, the legal structures for nonprofit organisations and regional variations in regulation, alongside the charity model in at least one other country. 

International English Studies

Include International English Studies: 

Teaching and assessment

The mission is to provide the student with skills that will enable them to navigate the complexities of the musical theatre industry through the offer of a professional standard of training within a well-structured and ambitious timetable with considerable contact time with tutors.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the teaching given to our students. Innovation, enthusiasm and expertise combine to deliver the excellent standards that give our institution its high reputation in this field.

The tutors are professional practitioners, demonstrating leadership in the industry offering peer support to colleagues and are generous with their knowledge and expertise.  

You will be taught by a core team of experienced and highly-qualified tutors together with a wide-ranging team of more than 30 tutors and vocal teachers.

You will be assessed by a variety of methods, including essays/portfolios, examinations, performances and practical work, project work, presentations and seminar discussions.

Our course will include a mix, so that you will be assessed on different types of work.

Modules are assessed at every stage of the course, offering cumulative assessment of your progress.

You can monitor your own progress, allowing you the opportunity to discuss any issues with your lecturers throughout the course.

Special arrangements can often be made for students with an identified need.

Additional Costs

Include Additional Costs: 

Audition details and FAQs


In the first year of study all students will embark on a technical foundation year of acting, singing and dance classes and will then specialise in year two.

The dance classes are streamed according to ability, so it is essential that all audition candidates participate in the dance section of the audition

The single honours route has a triple threat focus and while candidates need to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in all three areas, the audition will also consider those with a stronger skill in one area as long as there is an acceptable level of ability in the other two.

The audition process will be the same for all candidates.

There will be three aspects to the audition;

Audition content

Dance: You will be taught some technical exercises in the centre and across the floor and also a musical theatre routine,(compulsory),  a short tap routine (optional ) and will need to demonstrate some ballet technique, (compulsory). Please bring appropriate clothing and jazz and tap shoes, (if you have them)

Singing: Please prepare two contrasting songs from the musical theatre canon. You will be asked to choose one to start with and if required you may be asked to sing some of the second. Please bring the music for the accompanist (no photocopies unless you have permission) and strictly no a capella or backing tracks

Acting:   The audition will include a short improvisation workshop. Please also prepare one short up-beat monologue that relates to you as an actor and that you feel appropriate to the Musical Theatre art form. It should last no more than 2 minutes.

For any further information or queries about the audition process please contact Karen Howard, Head of Musical Theatre on or download the Musical Theatre (Triple Threat) audition booklet.

Musical Theatre audition booklet


I can’t log in to ChiView. What do I do?

If you have never logged in to ChiView before you need to create your account. Go to and then click ‘New User/ Forgotten Password’. You will need to input your applicant number (be careful, this is not your enquirer number or UCAS number), your surname, and your birth date in the format DD/MM/YYYY including the slashes. ChiView will then send you a temporary password. Please check your junk folder as this email often gets filtered into there.

Will there soon be more dates available on ChiView?

Typically auditions and interviews run from December – March, although each subject can vary. Usually only two or three dates will be available to book on ChiView at a time, but as the first batch of dates close the page will refresh with new options. If you cannot see a date which suits you, the best course of action is usually to wait until the page refreshes. Dates are released two to three weeks in advance.

When/ how will I find out if I have been invited to attend?

You will receive an email either way. If you have been invited to attend an interview or audition your email will guide you to log on to your ChiView portal, find ‘My application’, and then click ‘Respond to interview invitation’. Here you will find the first batch of dates to choose from.

Where do I find documents relating to the interview/audition?

Once you have booked an audition or interview you will only then have access to the relevant documents. On your ChiView portal find ‘Events schedule’ and then click ‘View details’. Here you will be able to view, download, or print the documents which will tell you how to prepare and what to expect on the day.

I can't see the 'View details' button next to my interview/ audition details on ChiView, so can't access the relevant documents.

Sometimes if you are viewing your ChiView portal on a phone, the dimensions might not allow you to see all elements. Please try again on another devise.

You may need to clear your browser history. Advice about how to do this can be found here:

If you are still unable to see the ‘View details’ button, please check that you have successfully booked your audition/interview by clicking ‘respond to interview invitation’.

If all else fails, you are welcome to email Please have your applicant number ready. The Admissions team will be able to check whether your audition/ interview is booked and email you relevant documents.

How do I change my interview/audition date?

If you have booked an interview or audition and now you are unable to attend please visit your ChiView portal, find ‘Event schedule’, and then click ‘Cancel attendance’. You will need to inform the admissions team via so that we can issue you a new invitation.

Can I park on-site, and are there disabled parking available on both campuses?

Yes, you can park on-site if you buy a pay-and-display ticket. It is worth noting that demand for car park spaces exceeds the spaces available, particularly during term time. For this reason, parking controls and restrictions are implemented to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the University, equity of access and fairness.

There are clearly marked disabled parking bays available at both the Bognor and Chichester campuses. More information about travel can be found here:


Soho Showcase

Our Musical Theatre (Triple Threat) has gained national recognition for excellence for its unique guaranteed offer to students to present fully-scaled productions with professional production teams for regional tour, major arts festivals and to create and premiere new commissions. The Triple Threat course is the regional option to the London conservatoires. Competition is stiff, but the rewards are excellent.

'The Triple Threat course training and productions that I have seen over the years are astonishing and meet the high standards set by other training establishments.’ Mark Ward, Belfield and Ward Artists Agency.

The London Graduate Showcase brings together the three companies for a final presentation to the industry.

Working with both the Arts Theatre, Leicester Square and Soho Theatres, Chichester students have been introduced to a large number of agents and have gone on to succeed:

  • within the industry in West End and international Musical Theatre productions, from 'The Ladykillers' to 'The Bodyguard'
  • in film and television from 'Macbeth' to 'Red Dwarf'
  • in video, the gaming industry and animation including Lara Croft and Blue Planet
  • in major Cruises including Disney and the Royal Caribbean 'Harmony of the Seas'
  • at major international festivals including Edinburgh and Brighton
  • in small and mid-scale productions throughout Europe and Australia
  • in theatre in education including tours of Italy and Spain
  • in new business enterprises including new dance schools and costume design
  • in producing and arts management including ATG and Bill Kenwright
  • in secondary-school teaching throughout the country
  • in advanced education including MAs at Central, GSA, Mountview and Arts Ed

'The most challenging and enjoyable three years of my life!’ Tia Kenrick.

'The cherry on the cake are the lecturers’ positive and encouraging attitudes to students who give you the drive to complete a challenging day of performing. An incredible university to study at.’ Jordan Harrington.


Direction by Karen Howard and Miranda Kingsley
Music Direction by Stuart Hutchinson
Choreography by Damien Delaney, Wendy White and Drew Varley
Produced by Paul Ackerley and Sarah-Leanne Humphreys
Filmed and Edited by Sascha Tucker for Global Fire Creative

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